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I don't really have time to write much anymore, I am working full time and I'm studying 50% at university so... yeah... but sometimes a story or such will pop up! I'm not "over" the pairing at all... Sladin will always be my one and only fanfiction passion... ;)

I have changed the E-mail address that I get reviews and PM's to, to one I use daily, even for work, as I was soooo bad at checking the old mail, but that means that I would like to ask you two things:

I don't want my inbox to overflow, so:

1. Please do not review every chapter of old (completed) stories unless you REALLY want to/have something important to ask/add/point out. But PLEASE leave a review on the last chapter for the whole story! And new chapters of course! ;) I LOVE to hear what you think, that really helps motivate me, but I'm more invested in new stories than the old ones, after all... I think you can relate...

2. When I answer a review of yours (and I'm very bad at that lately. Sorry.) there's no need to write "thank you for your reply" or something like that back, (unless you have a follow up question or something of course!). It's very sweet and polite, but let's just pretend that I can feel it when you think it, kay? ;)

Now, that said, do NOT be afraid of PM-ing me and so on, you will NOT inconvenience me in any way! I'm just trying to avoid the 50 mails saying "thanks!" or "Great chapter!" (to every chapter of an 6 year old story) as, like I said, these mail will now come to the same mail I use at work... I'm doing this so that I will actually answer PM's FASTER, as I forgot to check my old mail for weeks at a time sometimes and people started thinking if I was ignoring them or something... ;)

So... yeah... that's it...

All the best!


What is Sladin?

The pairing Slade/Robin from Teen Titans, which is mostly what I write, but I also write other male pairings from that fandom… I ONLY write slash though, as the major couple, so if you’re not a fan, turn around now… ;)

Yeah… that started with a joke where I made Robin afraid of rubber ducks in a drabble… people picked up on that, for some reason, so I used it again… and then it became a ‘thing’ and then, somewhere along the way, I became known as “Mama Duck” and my most avid readers as “Ducklings”… if you feel the need to run now, do so…

Story cover credits:
Black Sheep 3: this is mine, can be found on my Deviant Art page.
Delightful drabbles: This one was made for me by Irina1492, thank you!
Christmas Drabbles 2010: This one was ALSO made for me by Irina1492, thank you! ;)
By Royal Command: This is mine, just made in paint because I needed a cover...
Black Sheep 4-ever: also a Paint-thing made by me.
Kitty Litter Christmas: The one with the pacifiers was made for me by Kezdaddy (on dA), and the one with the cats was made by Baruga, thank you both so much!

What I Write

I prefer writing somewhat lighthearted, humorous things. I don't consider most of my work "fluffy" because fluffy, to me, is when the characters make cooing noises at each other and declares their undying love all over the place, but yes, I write true love between the characters quite often. I don't think the love part necessarily means fluffy, though, but maybe that's just me. I also write some dark things, so heed the warnings in the top A/N's. I won't normally warn for specific things, because I think those kinds of warnings ruin a story, but it will give you a heads up if you are sensitive about dark themes.


I love reviews, every writer does, it's the only payment we get. I never EVER demand reviews, though, I find that rather low. I also don't bite so feel free to be honest. If a genre I've written just isn't your cup of tea, there's nothing I can do about it (if you hate m-preg, no m-preg story will seem good to you for example), but if you feel something in particular made a character OOC or a storyline doesn't make sense to you; tell me. I'm too close to my own work to see it for myself most of the time, after all… real authors have editors for that… ;)

Anonymous reviews are permitted, but if you ask a question/want my input, you have to log in. I TRY to answer all reviews, but during busy times I might resort to answering only those with questions or specific comments as opposed to those 'just' saying "great story!" which I hope you understand.

Please note that if a drabble is "crack-ish" the characters will be all over the place and extreme OOC-ness is to be expected. Also note that you might find something cliché like, say, Slade and Robin having sex on a beach, but before complaining, make sure it wasn't a prompt story and Slade and Robin having sex on a beach wasn't the actual prompt, because… you know… I kinda HAVE to put that into the story if that's the case. ;) Generally prompt stories are more OOC, because of the situation the prompt demands and the somewhat limited space I have… Many wishes for something that happens in an established relationship, after all, and I can't spend time slowly building their relationship in a drabble, I have to just jump in there. It is a special challenge in itself to write prompt-stories, but even though the deadline and the prompt can be challenging, I love writing FOR people, to give an individual something special.

Short guide to my stories (now in alphabetical order! But yeah, I put the stories starting with "the" under "T" because... reasons...):

2060/ 2061: I like to categorize this universe as a fun story in a dark setting, I'm very proud of this one. There is some angst in it, yes, but I think Robin gets to kick ass too… also some lighter master/pet stuff, which I am fond of. v2061 is not marked as finished, as I will put more drabbles there, but the main story is, in fact, finished.

Black Sheep-universe: Another of my favorites, following Slade and Robin's 'relationship' and the people around them during several adventures. Has some darker moments, but nothing worse than a average action TV-show would have, really… From December 2012 it will consist of four stories, which should be read in order, starting with "Black Sheep Wanted".

By Royal Command: An AU story about love, betrayal, kingdoms and... horses. A Sladin fic, but, as "Precious Gift" it IS completely AU, so if you have a problem with that, maybe read it as an original story, if that helps.

Christmas Drabbles 2010/2011: drabble collection written from prompts from readers, a mix of dark and light.

Delightful Drabbles: not actual drabbles, as the stories are about 4-30 pages long. Many belong to The Terms universe or other universes, but most, I think, is freestanding. Still, I would suggest reading my chaptered stories before the drabbles.

For Better or for Worse: This is a rather dark story rated M more for psychological abuse than anything else. It's a Red/Robin story, however, so that's a bit different. I am proud of this one too, but damn, it was a long time ago… ;)

Innocent Games: This takes place in a canon setting, but it's my take on a Robin who was greatly changed by experiences in his childhood, and has developed a need of sorts, which doesn't really match up to his outer front as a clean cut hero. I think it's interesting…

Is there a doctor in the house?: Just a crack one-shot I posted before I began my "Delightful Drabbles"… it has, kind of, follow up stories in the Drabbles. It might be a good place to start to see if our sense of humor is compatible.

Kitty Litter of a Different Kind: My FUN take on M-preg and nekos. Some may say that these themes are the worst in fan fiction, but then just don't read. I like them. For this story you have to read a few drabbles first, but those are listed in the first A/N. The birth scene has a slight warning, though… ;) This is not marked as "finished" as I intend to write more drabbles and post them there, but the story as such is done.

Kitty Litter Christmas: (Yes, alphabetically, it should come before "Kitty Litter of a Different Kind" but since it comes AFTER that chronologically... Oh well... THis is the Christmas story of 2013. It's not QUITE as crackish as "...different kind" was, and takes thigs atiny bit more seriously, but not THAT much. Humor, Romance, family life...

Precious Gift: A completely AU story, which, I think, is one of the most romantic I've ever written. It might help if you read it as an original fic which only borrows a few DC names, if that helps…

The Best Christmas Present Ever: This is a "frame" story which was posted in "real time" during December 2009, as a sort of Christmas Calendar-thing. It's very light and, though it has fans, it doesn't pretend to be epic, just a nice, Christmas love story, really… ;)

The General's New Bride: AU-story in a fake kinda Jane Austin-setting.

The Peace Contract: Wow, where to start. This is very dark and disturbing. It also would need major editing to make it flow better. What it is, is an experiment of mine, I wanted to see how dark I could go before I, frankly, began to lose readers. This is a story which has people hating it and people loving it, and I don't think you go "meh" when reading it, you kinda have to make up your mind. This is NOT for the faint of heart, I literally threw all the shit I could think of into it. I DID have some very legitimate reasons for writing it, though, apart from the "try to write dark" thing, but if I told you, it would ruin one of the twists in the story. You might very well find it a bit repetitive; as I said, it needs reworking, but, despite all the "stay away" warnings, I still think this story has some of the best scenes I've written. Dark ones that is.

Touch/Terms of Endearment: my first Sladin attempts. Will contain more spelling errors than later attempts, I'm sure. Continues in "Delightful Drabbles". SLIGHTLY murky theme that turns lighter and lighter with time.

In other fandoms:
How to write a Harry Potter story that will make me scream: my only story not within the Teen Titans fandom. This is a parody of some of the 'bad' ingredients in HP fan fiction, but it's written to make the writer THINK about their characters and how to treat them. Personally I don't believe you can write a slash fan fiction and keep the characters 100% in character because, well… they aren't gay in canon, after all, but I still think that, unless it's a crack/joke story, you should treat them with some sort of respect and just not heave attributes you think is cool on them… I've read some stories using a few of the things I mention which has still been really good, it's all about how the author approaches the subject, and, as I say in the bottom A/N: I have written a few of these things as well, or at least touched on them, but either if I do that as a joke or because of a prompt, I try to stay as true to the way I see the characters as possible.

No, I’m not crazy… let me explain… What if you read a story of mine and you think it is good, but only up to a point… Maybe you think the ending is really bad, or you like the situation but would go a different way with it… well… please do! I would like you to refer to my story and please leave me a note so I can read your version, but other than that: go nuts!



PS! I do NOT endorse fandom hate! I do not hate other fandoms/parings and I certainly don't hate people for liking what they like, so live and let live.

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