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Author has written 22 stories for Teen Titans.

Hi! I'm XxNightfirexX, if you couldn't already tell. I'm in the ninth grade, and I have two younger sisters. I love making up humorous stories, and I'm a terrible shipper. And what I mean by that is, If I find two people who I want to be together, then I run straight to my computer, if I'm not already there, and write seven stories about them.

I guess I would have to say that the end came when Teen Titans stopped being good.

Hey guys...you're probably wondering where the hell I've been for these past...nine months...(Cue Saraephina: Dude, do you realize that in the amount of time between your last update and now you could've birthed a child??) Well, the answer is quite simple. I'm bored. (Le gasp!) And I don't mean the mindnumbing boredness you get when you're waiting at the doctor's office and they don't have a clock set up b/c they don't want you to know how long you've really been waiting so all you can do is sit and slowly drive yourself insane. What I mean, I regret to say, is that in all honesty I think I'm throwing in the towel. I can't write fanfiction anymore because, well, it just bores the hell out of me. I've matured enough now to contain my fantasies to myself, and to not get spazzed out about writing a new chapter and keeping it hidden from all who know me.

But I don't mean to say I regret the time I've spent here on this website. In the past two years, I've made friends, read some of the best-and some of the absolute worst-writing on Earth, and I gained practice as a writer. Just look at my first works...they suck! But as you read on, my writing gets better. I learned all sorts of techniques to get people to read on, and I enjoyed every second of it. I loved getting the reviews, the criticism, and the favoriting of my stories.

My only regret would be that I left unfinished business. Take for example, The Line. I never did finish that story. It's a bit ironic, in a way. When you think about it, it was my first story. I completed several stories after it, but i never completed that first one. Maybe it was a sign of what was to come. And I do regret never actually getting to the main character of "Lian's story." Kinda sucks, huh? If anyone would like to, feel free to PM me and take the stories. I'll tell you what was supposed to happen and you can add your own touch to it. In about a month or so, whatever stories aren't taken I'll just post the endings on my profile here.

I always imagined myself writing fanfiction when I was older and had children of my own. I would imagine my kids giving me weird looks when they found out, and telling all of their friends what a crack-job their mom was. There was also another fantasy where they were actually members of the site, writing their own fanfictions, and thinking that I was an awesome author, without actually knowing who I was. Then, one day, they would find out and be all weirded out by it, but in the end, it would be okay. And then there was the first fantasy I had, where I was showing my kids the Teen Titans discs I had from when I was in the fourth grade, and having them love it. I was so sure that that was going to come true, that I actually became possessive over those DVDs and their safety. (Waves2622, this is the part where you find out where my obsession over my manga and their safety comes from :))

I never thought to imagine that one day, nothing good would be on TV and, when I saw that Teen Titans was on for the first time in, what, weeks, that I would actually pick laundry or pacing around my house as a better way to waste my time. At least I could fantasize about Edward and Winry finally getting together, or how Alphonse Elric in human form is ten times hotter than Ed is. (Fullmetal Alchemist) I guess when I did think about what would happen if and when I lost interest in Teen Titans, I always thought it would go out with a bang, that something great, like a second movie or whatever, would come out and close all the loose ends. But that didn't happen. It just faded away until now, the only thoughts Teen titans brings is just of how obsessed I used to be over it, and how childish and simple it really was. (When you compare it to Anime, of course. Anime rules and has more...er...adult themes than "Space tofu is coming to steal our cows and blow up Earth!") Take FMA, for example. The whole theme is that no matter what life throws at you, no matter how bad it gets, no matter if you have no hope left, you've got to keep going, because there are people who are counting on you to look out for yourself and for them, because when you make the decision to live, you touch people in ways you can't even imagine. Sounds kinda dorky, but both Ed and Al are hot, and it is a really awesome story. (watch brotherhood or read the manga b/c the first fma sucks and makes no sense)

To prove I'm really done, in the times I spent writing this, I could've written a chapter or two.

I remember that one of the first stories I ever read on FF was by Julesfire, and I always wondered why she didn't write anymore. How could she just leave us hanging like that, and rob us of her talents? I figured out the reason. Sometimes you just have to walk away and never look back, because its all you can do to remember something the way it used be before its all gone.

I am now offically a member on FF for more than two years!

Check out my website! If you go to the fan fiction page, you will find spoilers, pictures, summaries, and more! 0.0

July 19th: Who wants to be a staff member for my C2: Future Shock? I'm having some trouble finding every story that could go into my C2, and I need staff members who can find a wider range of stories for it. Anyone interested yet? PM me if you are. :) -XxNightfirexX

When I first came to this website and got an account, I promised myself one story at a time. As you can all see, that didn't happen.


Favorite Color: Cerulean Blue

Name: Dallas (I AM a girl)

Hair Color: Blonde, and proud!

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 14

Favorite show: Teen Titans, no doubt!

Favorite Book Authors: Diana Wynne Jones

Favorite FF author (s): Skylar-A-Teloiv, Julesfire, RxS4lyfe, Saraephina, Harry Potter Fan 1994, and SuperJGirl5 (You guys rock!)

About the Avatar: (Yes, I did steal this idea from you, Anna) This is the cat from the chinese zodiac. i know what you're thinking; the cat ISN'T in the zodiac. Well, "Fruits Basket," or, as it is known in Japan, "Furuba," will prove you wrong. Very wrong.

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE STORY: Blue October by Skylar-A-Teloiv. There is a link, so you have no reason to NOT check it out!

Favorite couples (for Teen Titans):

Robin and Starfire

Beast Boy and Raven

Cyborg and Bee

KF and Jinx

Speedy and Cheshire

Argent and Jericho (It's a long story, PM me if you want to hear it)

Kole and Hotspot (Same story as above)

Fruits Basket Couples:

Kyo and Tohru

Kisa and Hiro

Couples I hate:

Robin and Raven (Alright, Saraephina, I don't hate them. It's more of an extreme dislike.)

Cyborg and Jinx

Beast Boy and Terra (no offense, but she's a rock)

Robin and Terra (Where did that come from?)

Aqualad and Speedy (Or any other gay couple)

Raven and Starfire (Or any other lesbian couple)

and practically any couple not seen above.

The FULL VERSION of the moose song:

If I were a moose, that'd be really cool! That'd be really cool, if I were a moose!

If I were a moose, that'd be so much fun! That'd be so much fun, if I were a moose!

If I were a moose, I would eat a lot, I would eat a lot, if i were a moose!

But I am not a moose, and I am really sad. I am really sad 'cuz I AM NOT A FREAKIN' MOOSE!!

Favorite instrument: Guitar, I play both electric and acoustic, and will someday learn bass hopefully :D


Have you ever spent a day looking up all the background information on a Teen Titan character, say, Robin, or Slade, or Speedy, or someone? Well, I did. And now my knowledge of it all makes my friends run in fear.


Alright...so I am probably the weridest person you will ever meet...and I have proof.

(Alright, so this was me and my friend Emma talking on the phone)


Me: What? I thought dyeing my hair blue and getting my ears peirced a second time would be awesome...


My friend Leah and me...(I had learned how to make shirts in Home Ec, so I made a Slade uniform)

Leah: Do I even WANT to know what you're doing?

Me:(looks down at Slade costume) Probably not.

...Alright, so that didn't really happen, but that's what she's going to say when I get around to making it...


Me and my neighbor Earl (he's 12 but was 9 at the time)

Earl: You know what I've noticed?

Me: What?

Earl: You are a lot like Robin.

Me: I am?

Earl: Yeah. You are competitive beyond most people's level, you can be paranoid about ANYTHING, and most importantly, observe.

Me: (looks around) Observe?

Earl: You would rather be on a date with that 'Brendan' guy from school than here.

Me: I do not have a crush on him!

Earl: I never said you did.

Me: (slaps myself) Well, you're a...a...banana head!

Earl: A banana head?

Me: Shut up.


Me an my best friend Cara, when the premeire of TT first came on in 2003

Cara: So...I am so bored. How about we check out that 'Teen Stupid' show.

Me: I don't know...we don't want to catch it's stupidness...

(After it was over.)

Both of us: (looks at each other) LET'S WATCH IT AGAIN!


Me and my friend Nikki, doing a project for the Social Studies fair. She didn't know about my obsession.

Me: I am so bored. I wish we could do work on Teen Titans instead.

Niki: On what?

Me: I said nothing.

Nikki: You said Teen Titans.


Nikki: You totally did!

Me: You need hearing aids!

Nikki: Whatever. Where's the glue?

Me: (Not really caring anymore) Oh, in the closet.

(3 Seconds later)

Me: WAIT! Don't go in the-too late.

Nikki: Dallas?

Me: Yes?

Nikki: Care to explain why your whole closet is covered with TT merchandise and drawings?

Me: Um...funny story about that...


Me and My friends Emma, Anna, Lane, and Brooke at lunch in the school cafeteria.

Me: Have you guys ever noticed that we are probably related to everyone?

Anna: Yeah, I think it's kind of cool!

Lane: I'm related to Bob Marley!

Me: Who's that?

Lane: I have no idea.

Brooke: I'm related to Abraham Lincoln!

Emma: (Looks around) Well...I'm related to...lettuce!

Me: What?

Emma: Lettuce!

Me: How are you...I mean...how did you...uh...

Emma: With a broom.

Everyone but Emma: Sick.


Later, talking about vegetables...

Brooke: What's your favorite vegetable, lane?

Lane: Um...is salad a vegetable?

Me: No. Lettuce is.

Emma: You're eating my children!

Lane: I'm not hungry.


(We were sitting in the gym waiting for school to start, when my friend starts singing, and...)

Lane: Person Man! Person Man! Nobody likes Person Man!

Me: What on Earth-oh, wait, you're an alien, I forgot-What in the universe are you singing?!

Lane: The Person Man song! (Continues singing the above over, and over, and over, and over,...)

Leah: I like Person Man!

Me: I like Person man, too!

Leah: I'm married to Person Man!

Me: I AM Person Man!

Leah: 0.o


So, my friends and I, as you've seen before, all joke around about being married to each other. 'Tis quite amusing. Anyway, during one of my classes, I wrote the words "I LOVE YOU!" on it. I showed it to my friend, but, what I didn't know was, I was also showing it to my crush...

Me: "3+x/4x7=a" Ugh, why am I even doing this? I'm not even in math right now!

My crush: So, I saw your note.

Me: What note?

My crush: points to love note on my desk "that one."

Me: 0.0 What?! But that wasn't for you!

My Crush: Of course it was! No one can resist me! (closes eyes and does heroic pose)

Me: (Shoves note into mouth) what note? (only it was all muffled, so it was actually "whghaghattt nnotoetee?")


This is my friends' favorite story that i tell...it's TRUE!!

(Me, my mom's friend, Leisl, (Who lives with us) and my Mom were all at a store. You know, the ones where they sell dreamcatchers, and rocks, and artifacts, and other expensive crap you don't need? Well, apparently they sell drums, too!)


Leisl: Wow, they have a lot of strange stuff here!

The drum lady (I have NO idea what her real name was, so bear w/me!): (Jumps out of NOWHERE!) You want buy drum?

Leisl: No thanks. I don't want one.

Drum lady: I have lots of drum!

Leisl: I don't-

Drum lady-Want to see them?

Leisl-No, I live with three kids, I don't need a drum.

Drum lady: Oh! I know what you mean.


Drum lady-You want buy TWO drum?

Leisl: (Thinks to herself) Yeah, because one drum will certainly cancel out the noise of the other one.

Leisl: Um, no...

(Drum lady opens a random door to reveal over 300 drums)

Lady Lady: I have lots of drum!

Leisl-I...see that...

Drum Lady-I have drum with dragon on it!

Leisl-I'm just gonna go now...bye...

Drum Lady-(as we're leaving) You want buy drum?!


My teacher, Mr. Gregory, meant to say 'What are the turkish famous for?' However, it came out like this:

Mr. Gregory: What are the turkey people famous for?

Me: For being turkey people?


Jeni and I were at Target, buying candy to sneak into the movie theatre.

Jeni: So, where is the candy aisle, exactly?

Me: It should be right over here. (I pionted to an aisle.)

Jeni: Are you sure? (I run up to it)

Me: Yes! Here we is! I mean are!

Jeni: Here we is?

Me: (Laughing) Shut up.


At the doctor's office on 9/12

Me: See, I keep having these breathing attacks. My mom's best friend has sleep apnea, and she needs to sleep with an oxygen mask. She lives with us, so whenever I have these attacks, I breathe into that.

Doctor: Let me check your records. Hmmm...it says here that you were tested for asthma and came up negative...wait a minute...those numbers are wrong...who did these? Fumbles around with employees

Me: Looks around room/Awkward silence

Doctor: Turns out that one of my nurses got this wrong. It turns out that you do have asthma. let me get you a prescription for an inhaler. I'll be right back. (Leaves room)

Me: Why do we go to this doctor again?



When Trouble in Tokyo came out, Earl and his two siblings (He only had two at the time) came over and we did all sorts of obsessed stuff. One thing we did was pretend to be the Titans and act out random scenes that I made up using improv. Earl took it WAY too seriously. Here is one scene that I remember clearly:

Earl (Robin): Guys, I feel as though we need a cat.

Evan (Beast Boy): All right, cats!

Me (Stuck with Cyborg, as always): No way man, I have enough of BB already! I don't want another smelly creature walking around!

Lili (Starfire): Friends, please, do not argue. Maybe we could reach an angreement?

India (Raven): Boys...

Evan: Yes to cat!

Me: No way! You wanna scoop litter boxes up all day?

Earl: Uh, guys?

India: Shut up.

Earl: Guys, I really think that-

Me: And what it it throws up?!

Earl: -it would be beneficial if-

Evan: You're an animal killer! Animal killer!

Lili: Please...

India: Err...

Me: Look, I don't want to-


(Stunned into silence)

Me: Guys, I think we're getting a cat.


In language Arts one day...


Ms. Wright: So, you see-

Ms. Tayler: (Walks in room) Am I interrupting anything?

Ms. Wright: Not really. Do you have the revised paper?

Ms. Taylor: Yeah, it's right here. (Turns to class) This is the revised contract for Model UN. See, even us teachers need to revise. I put the commas in, Ms. Wright takes them out. I put them back in, she takes them back out.

Ms. Wright: You don't need all of those commas.

Ms. Taylor: It makes it easier to read.

Ms: Wright: But you don't need them!



Language Arts, Part 2

The Next day...

Ms: Wright: Who can name the four sentence structures?

Nikki: Simple, compound, complex, and compound-comp-

Ms. Taylor: (From back of Room) COMMAS! IT NEEDS MORE COMMAS!


Language Arts, Part 3

The last day

Ms. Wright: Now, don't tell Ms. Taylor this, but I accidentally left a comma out on your worksheet.

(20 minutes later) (Ms. Taylor knocks on door)

Ms. Wright: Alex, go get that. (Alex stands up and opens the door)

Alex: She forgot a comma.

Ms. Taylor: You forgot a comma?! (Looks at Ms. Wright, then runs over to her board and adds a comma after every single word on the board)

Ms. Wright: See? This is why I never trust ya'll. I tell you not to tell her something, and the first thing you do when you see her is tell her!

Ms. Taylor: (Still adding commas) And one here, and one here, and one here...


In the car with my stepdad...

S-Dad: Do you want to go to Waffle House?

Me: Uh...sure...

S-Dad: Are you sure? It IS four in the afternoon...it's not really a time when most people eat waffles.

Me: You're joking, right? Everytime is a time for waffles.

S-Dad: Dallas, one day you will learn, there is a time for waffles, and a time for not waffles.

Me: ...YOU LIE!


Me and Lane at lunch discussing Fruits Basket...

Me: So Shishou is Kyo's master, right?

Lane: Yes, don't you pay attention?

Me: Yes! I was just wondering, you know, because Shishou's grandfather IS the cat, but the cat isn't allowed to have children, so how would he have a kid, let alone a grandkid?

Lane: ...(Looks down at book and begins yelling at it) WHAT KIND OF LIES DO YOU TELL?!


I'm allergic to perfume, so we were trying to figure out a type of perfume that I wasn't allergic to that would, as a bonus, be enviromentally safe...(LUNCHTIME)

Me: Did you know that you can rub orange peels on your skin, get that orange-ish smell all over you, and not get sticky? Plus, it helps your skin absorb vitamin C!

Lane: Really? (Rubs it all over skin) Mmmmmm...it smells great! I wonder if it tastes the same...? (Licks hand)

Me: Well?

Lane: It actually tastes really go-HOLY CRAP! (Begins to try to scrape taste off of skin, but to no avail...


In Mr. Buscko's class (B/c I never pay attention...)

Me: (Thinks ot self) I wonder if it really does taste bad...(Licks hand) I think Lane lied to me, it tastes...

Jenny: (Looks over and sees me spazzing out) I would ask, but I really don't want to know...


Fruits Basket:

Tohru: Wow, Ayame, did you make those dresses yourself? That's amazing!

Ayame: Well of course it's amazing, I'm an amazing person!


Yuki: So, does she know that you're posessed? ...Y'know?

Ayame: (Picks up a Mogeta doll with the word "Talisman" on it) Well, Yuki, although it seems that these words were here since the item's creation, it was actually placed here by me! Hahahahahaha! I'm glad you noticed!

Yuki: That was an unsubtle change of subjects!


"70 percent of everyone in the Hall of Fame is and aquarius. 70 percent of everyone in mental asylums are also aquariuses. Thus, for the aquarius soul, there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Your aquarius friends will often make you wonder which side of the line they're on." -Lane's gigantic book of horoscopes that she always caries around.

"Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?...or the next day?" -My personal slogan

"I call it my "No one Cares" bracelet. Catchy, huh?" -Me, when we were told that we would get Saturday School if we don't where our "iCare" bracelets everyday until school ends because it is now part of our crappy dress code at school.

"I had an idea once...but my brain died so I had to get a replacement brain." -me, again.

"Can vegans eat Jell-o?" -ME!

"VOTE KIRA FOR PRESIDENT - for a 100 reduction of crime!" ~How-To-Die-Swiftly from

One day my boyfriend will find this page. Dear God. XD (I meant that as a joke, no offense intended!! :) )

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