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Ok fine, I know I haven't kept my promise of updating!!! But you want the truth?? Well, here it is...first of all, this was the first time I've had exams this intense, actually it was the first time I ever had exams at all...then I did all my chapters on my labtop then...whoopdiedoo, it just had to die on me so we had to load XP on it again, and as you all know, allllllll the chapters went WHOOOOSH down into computer heaven. So I'm reeeallly sorry, I'll try to update soon!! I'm going on vacation for a month so I think I'll have about 2 chapters ready for each story by then!! I'll work hard!!! Mostly on the plane...I mean what else can you do on a 20-hour flight???

This is a poem that my friend Lisa made up!!It's not true though, she's just a bit messed up in life!!

There once was a guy named Lei
He was very very gay
He sat on some hay
And to himself did he say
"Why am I so gay"

Ok, so I lied!!!Sue me!!I'm sorry. I just don't have the time anymore to update but nobody reads my stories probaby so whatever but i'll try an update soon!!!
P.S. Vik Sahay is my idol. The guy who plays Kevin on Radio Active. He is totally the best!!!!!
August 22nd(already?): I'm so sorry that I haven't updated!!! I swear I will update soon. I'm almost done with chapter 2 on my Draco/Ginny fic. And I've finished the next two chapters for Not the way things seemed to be. Hidden love is probably going to be updated in a week or so

I am a big fan of anime. Anime rules. They rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Okay, whatever)Anywayz i can never write fanfics but i was inspired by reading a lot of good stories on the net. E-mail me at for any suggestions as to how i can improve my stories. Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really don't know what got me started in writing because I hate it. I'm usually the hyper kind of person but whatever.
My Faves

fav.anime: dbz, pokemon, yu-gi-oh, gundam wing, and cardcaptors(i also love harry potter even if it isn't anime)

fav.character(s): i love all the characters from dbz and pokemon, yugi, yami yugi, joey, heero,relina, and all of them from cardcaptors. In short i love 'em all!!!

fav.couples: bulma + vegeta, gohan + videl, ash + misty, heero + relina and sakura + syaoran. I also love harry + hermione

Least favourite anime char: Seto Kaiba (I swear he needs a new barber) and Marik(the guy is over 2 million years old, look at that white hair. I wonder if he has scalp problems)

For those of you who know me, i also lyke jeffmine, jasabi, stephabi and javafry. For the people who don't know me, ignore this!!!!These are kinda my fav. pairings in my skool and I know they'll kill me if they find out so, do me a favor and don't mention this to them if you know what i'm talking about.


Name: (me no tell)

Grade: Um...I don't wanna keep changing this every year so let's just stick with 10000!

Birthday: Same day as 20000 people...go ask them!

Where I live: Toronto!!!!!!!


Favourite Tv Show:...does Hockey count?


One extra note that anyone who associates with me should know, I'M OBSESSED WITH HARRY POTTER!!! Lol, my friends have gone through three annoying years of it in school so I bet they're all relaxing during the summer before school starts again! Cause that's when they'll here about my beloved Harry allllll over again!

Sorry Cocobeans, I don't think I've become any less obsessed over the summer!
Akuma, jk rowling is straight, that should put an end to your little dream world!!
Hime_no_ichigo, we are sooo going to be the first ones for the sixth book!!
DMSL/MDL, sooooo glad you've finally gotten over flab, now you can appreciate HP more!
Twinkies, I'll try getting the books for you!
Kaiba_luver, STOP WATCHING THE O.C!!!
Shout outs to all of you Highlanders!!! Love you all!!
(Yes 9-4, I'm capable of loving people!)


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