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Ah, finally! I found Sarah!! Saaaaaa-raaaaaaaah, you better have that third chapter up soon. Seriously, suspense is killing me! anyWHO, I got the third chap of my version, so drop by and R&R (read & review) when ya get the chance :)

Oh, for those of you who were thinking to yourselves, "Self, who the _insert cuss word_ is she writing about?" I'm talk- writing about TamaranianWarrior.


Ok, I'd just like to say... BOO-YA!! ... Ahem. Now that That's outta my system... The real news is that I'm starting a trilogy -possibly a about X-men: Evo. It's gonna star my oc... Summer Yerly!! Yeah, I'm pretty sure people on here don't like oc's (i read alot of stories that got flamed cuz of an oc) but I'm sure there are some who don't mind. Anywho...I'll put it up soon, but not before I finish at least 1 more chapter of Konoha High. Sorry to those who had a long wait, and thank you soo much for being patient with me.

Use Name

: Hmm... Oh! How about... Big V? lol, that's what Caleb and Preston call me at school. Yup, ya gotta luv those two
Real name: Nunya. Nunya bizness lol Ok ok, it's Victoria... Yup, still usin' it :D
Age: 15
Grade: 10th
Birthday: April 26 (born 1992)
Gender: female
Favorite sports: Basketball
Favorite activity: being annoying...
Hobbies: Reading, writing, driving my parents/friends batty ;)

Fav shows:
Code Lyoko
Codename KND
Ned's Declassified SSG
Ninja Turtles
Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Robot Monkey Team
Teen Titans
X-men Evo
Xiaolin Showdown

Fav movies:
All of Hayao Myazaki's masterpieces!

Edgar Allen Poe
Peter Pan
Robin Hood
Sherlock Holmes
Fantasy I love fantasy!
Teen Titans

Animal Crossing
Harvest Moon
Kingdom Hearts
Sly Cooper

Even though I'm clueless when it comes to my own love life(my friends have to literally shout that some guy's flirting with me...or he has to tell me...), but I can easily see love between other people and, in this case, characters from tv! Even if i don't like some...but I'm not putting the ones that I don't like...

Code Lyoko
Takuya/Zoe It's so obvious that it's sad...
InuYasha/Kagome Once again...soooooo obvious!!
Naruto/Hinata Have you seen how Hinata blushes whenever her Naruto-kun is near:D
Codename KND
Wally/Kuki(a.k.a. Numbuh's 4/3) How that boy blushes so much I'll never know...
Ned's Declassified SSG
Ned/Moze I've lost track of how many times they kissed on "accident"...
Ninja Turtles
Mikay/Serpiente I'm weird, aren't I? I'd take it as a complement, though...
Sonic the Hedgehog
Knuckles/Rouge Rouge has Knux wrapped around her, that sounds weird...
Super Robot Monkey Team
Sprx/Nova ...Ahh, monkey love...
Teen Titans
X-men Evo
Xiaolin Showdown

Those are my favs! Here's the ones I'm neutral over, the ones that have a possibility, but not really a chance to get together on the show, some are very possible, I just don't like 'em...

Haru/Toph that'd be somethin', huh?
Code Lyoko
Miroku/Sango It's already happened, huh?
Sasuke/Sakura ...just so long as Sakura's not with Naruto and Sasuke's not with Hinata...
Codename KND
Numbuh's 4&362
Ned's Declassified SSG
Cookie/what's-her-name is it Suzie?
Ninja Turtles
I think I already named 'em all...
Any-boy-except-Ash/any-girl-except-May & vice versa Vicky would be real impressed with me for usin' that word!
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic/Amy, Tails/Cosmo, Tails/Cream
Super Robot Monkey Team
I guess Otto/Nova...
Teen Titans
Robin/Starfire, Cyborg/Bumblebee/Jynx I love when he's caught in a triangle
X-Men Evo
Scott/Jean, Scott/Rogue
Xiaolin Showdown
Jack/Wuya, What's-his-name/Wuya

The main pairing I Won't write about EVER are gay ones. I don't have anything against homosexuals, and I will read gay pairings if someone asks, but I won't comment/rate/favorite them... I'll send a private message, but please, try not to ask me to read one. I won't let the gay pairing blind me from the story, but I'd feel real uncomfortable about it...

There are alot of stories I/Vicky am/was working on, but my main one is Konoha High. I'm not that creative, am I...?

So far, my own characters are Haruka Haruna, Sakura Kanbara, and Hinata Yukino. Haruka is for Naruto, Sakura is for Pokemon, and Hinata is for Digimon. The coupling I'll have for 'em are as follows... wow, fancy, eh?

Naruto: Neji/Haruka, Naruto/Haruka, Gaara/Haruka, Kiba/Haruka, Sasuke/Haruka I paired Haruka with a bunch, huh? heehee...

Pokemon: Ash/Sakura

Digimon: Kouji/Hinata, Takuya/Hinata Only if Zoe's not around

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Milk tastes good. People call me crazy, but I'm just random! If you're random and proud of it, copy and paste this in your profile! (wooooo!)

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I have a lot of favorite pics of my fav characters. I didn't draw any of 'em, though...

Gaara - - - - - - - - -

Naruto - - - - - - - - - -

Neji - - - - - - - - - - -

Takuya - - - - - - - - - -

Kouji - - - - - - - - - - -

Ash - - - - - - - - -

Here's a couple of my favorite quotes/sayings/whatevers...

A friend is someone who will bail you outta jail, a best friend will be sitting with you in jail sayin', "That was awesome! Next time we won't be caught!"

"There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother" - from the Bible I can't find the reference for it, though...

My enemy's enemy is my friend. don't know if that's a quote, but...oh well

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