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Hey there! We are the Nobody twins! ...Ok actually we're not twins, we're two nobodies from the same person. Confused? Well, allow us to explain...

Nixarac: Lexi, why don't you start?

Alexien: Why thank you Nix, I'd be glad to... Y'see, our Somebody had split personality disorder and was gender confused. When they lost their heart, they split into two Nobodies... Us!

Nixarac: Quite right. The problem is, even we don't know our Somebody's original gender, we both have memories of being somebodies who were the genders we are now. I remember myself as a boy named Ciaran, and Lexi remembers herself as a girl named Elaine.

Both: Right so we just call ourselves the nobody twins, since it's easier to say. In case you couldn't tell, all or at least most of our stories will probably be KH ones. But don't worry, we won't do any self inserts unless someone asks. We do consider ourselves members of the Organization though, we share the spot of Number XIV. We have different titles though.

Nixarac: I'm The Dark Prophet.

Alexien: And I'm The Bright Storyteller! Our element is the power of words, and our weapons are nunchaku for me and spiked gauntlets for Nix!

Both: Sorry to waste your time with that, just wanted to give an explanation for ourselves

Our favorite characters from KH are: Saix, Xemnas, Xigbar, Vexen, and Marluxia! We like the other Organization members too, but those are our favs.

Our favorite pairings are: 1/7, 4/11, and 6/10! Yeah, we know that last one is crack, at least the others have a following... we like it anyway!

Expect: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Emo-ness, and maybe some Humor on the side if we feel like it. What? Whaddaya mean Emo-ness isn't a category? ...WELL IT SHOULD BE!


"I'm not quite sure what to s-HOLY HAMWATER!" "Wtf is hamwater?" -It's what happens when Lexi drops her backpack on Nix's foot midsentence.

"LIES! Except for the killing part..." - Axel, Ansem Retort

"If I thought I could accurately inform you of how angry I am without stuttering, I would." - Alexien

"WHY THE HELL DID YOU LET ME PUT THAT IN MY MOUTH!?" "...This tv show sucks." - Nix and Lexi... don't always get along.

"It takes 42 muscles to smile, so instead stick up your middle finger and say 'bite me' in a bitchy tone." - Anonymous

Remember Me reviews
Vexen is scared of being killed, he does not want to die. So long as someone remembers him though, Vexen thinks he could find peace if he were destroyed. OneShot, Vexen and Zexion have a conversation. No pairings.
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