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An iCarly Survey

What’s your favorite episode?

iQuit iCarly

Have you put any of the episodes on your iPod?


Who introduced you to the show?

not sure exactly. saw a clip online somewhere and was intrigued!

Did you watch the sneak preview of the first episode when it came on TV?


What do you predict for the characters in the future?

That there will be no FINAL couple, I don't see the show ending with Seddie OR Creddie.

Who’s your favorite character?


Who’s your favorite girl?

Sam again!

Who’s your favorite guy?


What’s your favorite line from one of the episodes?

Carly: Can you improve your attitude?

Sam: Probably. With some kind of medication my mom can't afford.

What’s your favorite Seddie moment (other than the kiss)?

ehh...the slap in iCook.

What’s your favorite Spam moment?

erm...I can't think of any?

What about your favorite moment between Carly and Sam?

the whole window-washing platform/hugging scene.

What’s your favorite argument between any of the characters?

the little bickering spats between Sam and Freddie.

Which episode title is your favorite?

iGoNuclear (although I'm not a fan of the actual episode haha)

Is this one of your favorite shows?

yep, it seems to be!

Seddie or Creddie?

Cam? lol! Creddie I guess.

Season one or season two?

season 2

Spam or Sam/Jonah?

eh, Spam

Were you more excited for “iGo to Japan” or “iDate a Bad Boy”?

iGo to Japan

“iTwins” or “iMust Have Locker 239”?

iMust Have Locker 239

Who do you want to see Freddie with: Sam or Carly?

neither? if I HAVE to pick one, Carly.

Sam or Carly?


Carly or Freddie?


Sam or Spencer?


Spencer or Freddie?


Tureen or Wendy?


Sam or Freddie?


Granddad or Mrs. Benson?

Mrs Benson

Griffin or Jake?


Griffin or Freddie?


Carly or Spencer?


Ms. Briggs or Mr. Howard?

Mr. Howard

Nevel or Mandy?


Nevel or Tureen?

who is Tureen?! lmao.

Who’s the better guest star: Emmett the eating kid or Chuck the deliveryman with no personality?

...who? lol I have a bad memory I guess.

The girls on the show or the guys on the show?

The girls

How did you first hear about the movie events?


Are you excited for iFight Shelby Marx?

I guess this is outdated lol.

What do you think of the casting on the show?

LOVE the casting. they did a good job picking actors!

Do you watch it religiously?


Do any of your friends watch it?

Probably. I think alot of people I know secretly do.

Do you think it will run a long time?

Hope so!

What episode did you like Sam the best?

iKiss, iReunite with Missy, iOwe You

How about Freddie?

iFred (or whatever it was called...HATE Fred!), iReunite with Missy

And what about Carly’s?

iWas A Pageant Girl, iSpace Out

Which character would you meet in person?


Which actress would you meet in person?

Jennette McCurdy

Which actor would you meet in person?

Noah :D

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