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Hi. I am LA_Stone. I also go by CrimsonRage on deviantart and y!gallery and as MightyIronLungs on ficwad and youtube. I have just remembered that I even had an account here(again!). All the stories that I had here are now deleted and are no longer available on this site. I'm live on a remote island with my husband and our pets, Cougar and Pirate.

I've always enjoyed fanfiction and fanart. So much that I'd almost become obsessive about it. But I'm mostly a lurker at heart so don't expect my activity from me. Esp. when it comes to writing.

Currently I am working on a comic adaption of Mhalachai's Inevitable. You can see it at http:///fancomix4fanfix/ or http:///la_stone/ As well as other things.

Likes: Sleeping; the smell of books stores, comic stores, and libraries; children's literature; photo/grave runs; forensic science; rum; logography; baking; art-nouveau; mixed-media; collage; exploring; religious studies; decorating; event planning; FMA; National Geographic; DVD special features; Teen Titans; mandalas; marshmallows; drawing; Anita Blake; Gargoyles; magic realism; photography; animation; cuddling the husband; coloring books; independent films; Angel/Buffy; Gilmore Girls; Mirror Mask; bell peppers; eating; underground comics; juicy pear jelly bellies; letter writing; Pan's Labyrinth; musicals; gallery walks; playing dress-up; bumble bees; quote collecting; daisies; sunflowers; Digimon; finger painting; Avatar: The Last Airbender; ice cream; shadow boxes; construction jobs; Kingdom Hearts; punk covers of old songs; Pink Martini; Batman; the Tick; dreaming and make-believing..

Dislikes: loud noises while reading; washing dishes; overly negative people; waking up; being cut off when I'm trying to say something; black/green olives; mushrooms; being too cold; being too hot; thyroid problems; high places; spam; taking out the trash; talking on the phone..

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