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Author has written 3 stories for Harry Potter, Naruto, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

I'm a woman from Puerto Rico and as you can see I am a fan of Harry Potter.

However, I'm also into darker fiction, like the Anne Rice vampire novels, for example, which inspired me to write my fanfiction "Tainted: The Hero's Revenge". In this story I mix elements from the Harry Potter universe with vampires, but not the sissy vampires similar to those of twilight (yuck!), but actual blood sucking, badass vampires with a complex personality (similar to those of Anne Rice) and supernatural powers.

I don't really read a lot of fanfiction because of lack of time, but when I do, I really like well-written dark!Harry stories where:

-He DOESN'T become evil overnight

-He DOESN'T become evil for some stupid cliche reason

-He DOESN'T acquire a bunch of magical powers without doing anything!

-There's no SLASH! (Okay. If the plot is really good I can be tolerant with slash, but I don't like stories that center on Harry doing Draco or Severus or Voldemort and there's no point to it other than nastyness :p )

-There's no Harry/Ginny!! (I don't like most of the canon pairings. I'd rather see Ginny with Draco - now THAT would be interesting.)

-He DOESN'T become someone's servant, especially Voldemort (Hell no!)

On the other hand, in HP fanfiction some things I really like:

-Darkfics - VAMPIRES!! (Obviously lol), or other dark creatures incorporated into the story


-Trashing Ron (Don't like him...)

-Torture Bellatrix (YEAH that biatch deserves it!)

- Independent!Harry, Aristocrat!Harry... hmmm what more? Can't remember...

I also love the darker characters of the Harry Potter canon, like:

Draco Malfoy (An insufferable git but an interesting, complex character in my opinion...)

Lucius Malfoy (So nasty, yet sexy. Without a doubt, he's the hottest Death Eater ever! lol)

Severus Snape (The movie version of him is so utterly amazing...thanks Alan Rickman.)

These characters are precisely the ones presented more accurately on the movies. The actors that play them are awesome, the best ones from the cast. If I ever write another Harry Potter fanfiction it will be about the Malfoys!

I also adore the anime and Manga "Naruto"

Favorite characters:

Naruto Uzimaki

Itachi Uchiha

Kakashi Hatake

Guy and Rock Lee! (They are hilarious)

Characters I HATE!!!!:

Sakura Haruno!!!! (Could write a novel about why!)

Deidara (the anime version especially. It just annoys the hell out of me that he says "Hmmph" after every freaking sentence! lol)

Pairing I LOVE:

Naruto X Hinata for LIFE

(It's the only one I care about)


Naruto X Sakura (If they end up together, I will get extremely pissed at Kishimoto)

Another love of mine (since I was about 7 years old!) is the Sonic The Hedgehog video games, comics, anime, cartoons, etc. I am currently in love with the couple SHADOW AMY and I'm considering writing a sequel to my story "Amy's Best and Worst Day."

Favorite characters:

SHADOW! (My loooove...)

Sonic (You too, oh egomaniac one...)

Silver (His powers are BOSS!)

Bunnie (Archie) - representin' for the ladies! A strong kick ass fighter!

The ones I detest!!!

Antoine (Especially the SatAm version. Can I punch him?)

St. John (the freakin' skunk dude that hates Sonic...)

Ash Mongoose (I pretty much hate all the lame dudes that are mean to Sonic out of jealousy)

Snively (except his gay scream of terror makes me laugh so hard on SatAm lol)


Shadow X Amy for life!

Silver X Blaze

Tails X Cosmo

Sonic X numerous babes! (Can't visualize him tied down to one. It goes against his free-spirited nature, in my opinion.)

Knuckles X Julie-Su (They're just too perfect for each other. Sorry, Rouge!)

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