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Hail and well met, fellow! I don't really like writing fics for the viewing public. In fact, I quite hate it. However, I believe I should post a few up here for educational purposes. I blame my friend and my brother for convincing me to do this. I warn you in advance that most of my fics will be yaoi/shounen-ai so if you are not into that... THEN LEAVE!! Although, I will write other things like regular romances and perhaps some comedy for you guys. I think I'll have a series of drabbles or something... Anyways, I have a FictionPress.Com account under the Pen Name Rain Misoa. That's where I write my original ideas, obviously. It a different kind of pace than what I do here and I think that's pretty cool. Stop by if you are interested. XP Oh, before I forget, I will be doing many fics in several languages for it is one of my many passions!


Here are the links to my other accounts that I mentioned.

DeviantART -

I reply to each and every one of my reviewers. I'm just friendly that way. :cheesy grin:

Name: Rain Misoa (a.k.a. Rain Strife)

Age: Old enough. XD

Gender: What do you think?

Education: I R STOOPID!

Sexual Orientation: Straight but I wouldn't mind doing fanservice for a few of you. XD

Languages: English, Spanish, French (Everyday), Japanese (Getting Better), and Italian (still not fluent). I also know some Sign Language! I love the many different tongues in this world. I need to get back to my studies. I'm even learning FFX's infamous language Al Bhed! XD

Favorite Color: GREEN BABY!!

Favorite Food: Donuts, Tacos, and Japanese Cuisine! Yum!

Favorite Character: Cloud Strife! I absolutly LOVE that man! Screw you Squeenix and messing with my baby's image! -_-" You make me sad! T_T

Favorite Manga: Too many to list. Death Note is one of them. So is Demon Diary. As well as Rurouni Kenshin and Hell Girl and Elfen Lied and... :continues on and on until the year 2074:

Favorite Anime: If I started listing all of the animes that I love, we'll never see our beds again. However, I will say Final Fantasy VII: Last Order is among them. As well as Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile: Episode Denzel :grins:

Favorite Video Game: Anything Final Fantasy VII wise. Yes, even the crappy sequels! I'm a true fan till the end! Crisis Core is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Dirge of Cerberus: Completely different story. :shivers from the haunting memories:

Favorite Movie: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete. I bet you didn't see that coming.

Favorite Book: Final Fantasy VII's On the Way to a Smile by Kazushige Nojima and Hoshi wo Meguru Otome (The Maiden who Travels the Planet) by Benny Matsuyama. Love them both. Too bad the latter never saw an American release. T_T

Favorite Singer/Band: Once again, we'll be here forever if I listed them all. Plus, I don't see what this has to do with FanFiction anyways. Gackt, if you MUST know.

Ok. That's all you get. Besides, I bet you all are just saying, "Shut up already and give us our porn!" You bunch of nasties.


Spopococ's Unconventional FFVII survey (Cause there’s too much KH and not enough FF)

1. Have you honestly ever thought of Cait Sith as a useful character?

No... I always thought he got in the way... However, I do like his Mog Dance ability! :)

2. In a fight out of Cloud and Vincent, who would kick the most ass?

I'm biased so I'll go for Cloud. I also think swords kick more ass than guns. >:3

3. Rather be stuck in a room with Barret, or Cid?

I really wouldn't mind either. However, Cid and I would have pretty interesteing conversations. Nothing but swear words. Fuck yeah!

4. Aerith or Tifa?

Aerith all the way!! Bimbo can go drown in a river. Oh wait... that won't work... I hear they float. -.-"

5. Yuffie or Elena?

I really like them both, too. But I'll go for Yuffie because she reminds me of myself... not a trait I'm too proud of but... OH WELL!

6. Cait Sith or Kunsel?

Kunsel because he's such a cutie and a sweetie and I loves him! :Fangirl mode:

7. Reeve or Rude?

Uh... this one is hard... Rude for his funny one-liners! XD

8. Did you ever manage to create more then one mastered all, simply to become a millionaire?

All the time! I just happen to like Materia and Gil. Money for ze win!

9. You all liked to find ways to kill a few hours, admit it. Was it mindlessly levelling every character or Gold Saucer trawling?

Both. I just love playing FFVII all the time that I would find anything to do on that game. If cross-dressing was a mini-game, I do that every two hours! XD

10. Explain your first experience with Ruby weapon.

Well, that was a fun time. It went like this, "What the fuck's that red thing in the sand?" :Crashes into it: "Holy Hell! WHAT IS THIS?" :Dies: "Crap... this is what I get for being curious... Doh!" :Angry face:

11. Standard question: favourite pairing?

Zack and Cloud. That pairing will forever be my favorite! :Heart:

12. How much would you have to be bribed to completely abandon the FFVII world?

Ha! There's not enough money in the world that could get me to leave home.

13. Honestly, did you like Advent Children Complete more, simply because there was more Zack?

There are many reasons I like ACC more and Zack is definitely one of them. XD

14. Did you cringe, or squeal with manic delight when Cloud got stabbed by Sephiroth in AC: Complete?

At first, I went, "Ouch! My poor baby! Is he okay?" Then, as soon as I saw how Cloud looked, I went, "Hello! Look at all that blood... :Drools: I like blood... Let me touch you, Cloudy." XD

15. Have you ever read a FFVII pairing that made you think “wtf?” and then ended up becoming one of your favourites?

Uh... yes. I read this one with Sephiroth and Cloud... and it involved rape... and I found myself liking it... That shows you how fucked up I am. XD

16. Is there anyone in the FFVII universe that you honestly thought didn’t belong there?

Um... not really. I think each of those characters belon-oh wait! Bimbo Tifa and Retard Lucrecia needs to go! They must DIE! :Rages:

17. Have you ever wondered how Bugenhagen was Red’s grandfather?

No. I knew from the start that Bugenhagen adopted Nanaki as his own.

18. Which character just blatantly pissed you off the most?

I shall list them off for you! Starting from least to most pissed off! 3. Hojo. He's such a prick and it's his fault that everything went to shit. 2. Lucrecia. She's such an idiot! Plus, she toyed with Vincent's feelings and that's just wrong. And finally 1. Tifa! WHAT KIND OF FUCKING MORON IS SHE!? YOU CAN'T JUST NOT SAY ANYTHING AND EXPECT EVERYTHING TO BE FINE! HOW DARE YOU IGNORE HIM AS A CHILD! YOU ARE SO FULL OF IT! YOU NEED TO GO CHOKE ON A DILDO AND LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE! YOU MUST- :Continues for all of time:

19. If you've played Crisis Core, how was your experience with VR Zack?

It was like this, "Stop kicking my ass, you bastard!!" XD

20. Did you ever 100 the missions?

Hell yeah! I rock that way! :D

21. How many times did Minerva kick your ass?

Well, let's see... One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, etc.

22. If you had to see Cloud have just one life long partner, would you pick Tifa or Aerith?

No way would I pick that fucking slut! Aerith is a nice choice but no. These choices suck so I'll stick to my Yaoi and go for Zack. They make a very cute couple! :Heart:

23. Did you get teary when Aerith got knifed, or secretly cheer to yourself?

Yes I did. She was such a wonderful character and to see her go so soon just broke my heart. However, now I came to accept it and it's not as sad as it once was.

24. Did you ever have the experience with Lucrecia in the mountainside?

Yeah. It was utter torture!! :Dies a little inside:

25. If you were to get a birthday present for Cloud, what would you give him?

I would buy him a Chocobo plushie because we all know how much he likes them. >:3 Either that or a dress. XD

26. Which WEAPON kicked your ass the most amount of times?

Emerald. Didn't know the more Materia you had on the more ass he could kick. -.-"

27. If Genesis were to meet Gackt in real life, what do you think would happen?

Gackt: "Hey there, good-looking. What say you and me meet out back under the stars?"

Genesis: "As the war sends the world hurtling towards destruction
The prisoner departs with his newfound love
And embarks on a new journey.

He is guided by hope that the gift will bring bliss
And the oath that he swore to his friends.

Though no oath is shared between the lovers,
In their hearts they know they will meet again

Gackt: "Um... what?"

Genesis: "...sure."

Gackt: "Score!"

28. Do you think Genesis and Angeal played dolly whilst growing up in the same town?

Yes! And I think they played dress-up, too! Along with Spin the Bottle. :Winks:

29. If you could pick one character to date, who would it be?

Cloud. Hands down. He'd be fun to pick on and get into arguments with! XD

30. Do you think that, behind the scenes, Tseng blows off steam by having bubble baths and playing with a rubber duckie?

I know for a FACT that he does. :Snickers quietly to self:

31. Do you think Red ever chases his tail?

Dude, how else do you think he spends his free time?

32. Which Yaoi pairing do you think is the most believable?

Cloud and Zack! What? Oh come on! Like you don't see it yourself. The signs are all there. You don't even have to squint your eyes to see it. XD

33. Which Yuri?

None. I just don't see any of that happening here.

34. Which het?

Uh... oh this one is difficult. I like Zack and Aerith because they play off each other so well and Elena and Tseng believe it or not. I think it's rather cute how those two work off each other. XD

35. Do you think Reno’s hair colour is natural, or he dyes it just to be pretty?

Dude, he dyes it! It's quite obvious. He went from brown to red and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT! They are just turning a blind eye. XD

36. Is it unfair that Cloud never made it to SOLDIER?

Actually, no. I think... he was spared from so much more pain because he wasn't in SOLDIER. I mean, he went through so much as it is. Imagine if he got into SOLDIER... :Shudders from just thinking about it:

37. If Sephiroth were to have his theme song changed from ‘One Winged Angel’, what should he have it as?

It should be "Evil Angel" by Breaking Benjamin. What? I can't help but think of him whenever that song comes out. XD

38. If Rude were to have a catch phrase other than “…”, what would it be?

"The power of the Shades."

39. Do you think Hojo or Vincent is Sephiroth’s Real father?

If you played through the game and are not a hopeless optimist, you'd know right away that prick of a Hojo is Seph's father.

40. Rufus Shinra or Papa Shinra?

Rufus all the way. At least the shit he does makes sense! His father's just a stupid dick.

41. If Zack was to have an AOL screen name, what would it be?

sexyluver0819 or cutepuppy0811 :Giggles:

42. If Genesis lost his copy of Loveless, do you think he’d go for Dr. Seuss?

XD Hell yeah! Especially since he likes all them rhyming crap. XD

43. Which book?

Green Eggs and Ham. Why? Well, Zack reminds me of Sam and Genesis is the other dude. XD

44. If Sephiroth, Genesis, Angeal, Zack and Cloud formed a band, what would they call themselves and what kind of music would they play?

They would be called "Molting Feathers" and they would be hard rock!

45. Who would play what?

Hmm... Sephiroth would play guitar, Genesis would play bass, Angeal would play the drums, Zack would play the keyboard and be backup vocals, and Cloudy would be lead singer and occasionally have the guitar! Unless you want it to be really silly and he plays the flute or cello! XD Take your pick! :Heart:

Credit goes to spopococ for this entertaining survey! XD


Secret Stardust - Co-Author Vix3.16 A Crack fic because I like them. XD

08/01/2011 - Uh... hello? Yeah... been way too long, ne? Nearly an entire year! Hey, it's not my fault! Vix and I have lives! Plus, it STILL loves kicking us in the ass. DX Anyway, like it matters now! As long as you now have chapter three that's all that matters, right? Anyway, enough with my rambles. Here's chapter three called Shopping with Mall Cops. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to check out both Vix and my First Impressions chapters! It's going to be yummy~ :Smirks:

First Impressions: Dart Feld - A fic about the inner workings of Cloud's mind. XD

08/01/2011 - Ah, yes~ Chapter Three of First Impressions. Isn't it lovely~? But of course it is! We have the Cloud thinking and talking and worrying... you know, like always! It's strange... he seems to be getting closer to a certain someone but refuses to get closer. He's going to make people want to pull their hair out... Oh, Cloud... why must you be a pain in the ass!? Bah! Well, I just hope Darty can smack this penis into shape! Oh crap... I worded that wrong... um... enjoy? Heh? :Sweat drop:

The Many Adventures of Cloud and Zack - Where I write my crack. X3

10/15/09 - Took me a few months but I am back! XD And so are the Feather Boys!! Yes, this time we are taken on an adventure to a karaoke bar! Oh joy! I wonder what kind of music is in store for us! XD This particular chapter is WAY different from my other ones. In fact, it started off as utter crack but then there's somewhat of a nice feeling towards the end. :Smiles: I hope I didn't just kill the whole point of having it as a crack fic. XP But still, there's still some parts in there that's cracky so I think it should pass as one. Anyway, enjoy this fic where the Feather Boys are actually more decent than retarded. XD

Winter Sleep - My more serious fic... shocking. Beta work being done by none other than Vix3.16! She is a fabulous writer herself and she's also an aspiring Beta for all things cool! XD Check out her page! http://www.fanfiction.net/u/833644/

5/08/10 - Hello guys! I am NOT dead! I was just gone for a very, very, VERY long time!!! XD Yes, I know. I AM lazy! X3 Well, I DID have some things going on which is why I couldn't write BUT!!! I actually updated this thing after so long. Yes... I suck. Oh well. It's not too long because... well... I didn't want it to be. XD Besides, I kept you guys waiting long enough so I was like, "What the hell!? Here! Have it!" I am not entirely sure when inspiration will strike me again for this fic. We'll just have to wait and see. At least there's a fouth chapter now! XP Here we see the plot slowly untwisting itself! I don't like letting it be known what the story is about right off the bat. We see some Zack sweetness here and Cloudy is cuuuute! XD Anyway! Enjoy yourselves for this long awaited fourth chapter!

Completed Works!!

Une Vie Décente - Couldn't have done this without KimiVII. I love you~!

A Decent Life - English version of Une Vie Décente

Down the Alley - Tragic fic from a girl who lost her friend. Live on, Buddy!

The Man in the Pipe - A retarded poem for a retarded character. XD

FFVII Poems - A series of Japanese poems for my love! :)

Never Fleeting - A three language poem with sentimental feelings of the seasons.

Shiroi Kurisumasu - First ever Christmas fic! Happy Holidays!

Our Liberty: Take Me - A poem that contains yummy parts! ;D


08/01/2011 - Yeah... I so fail at updating. I have plans but... I'm not sure when I'll get things done. I will try my best. I feel like writing so that's a plus, right? I'll let you know where this all goes soon enough.


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