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I've been reading fanfictin 4 about 2 years now and i've always got ideas for a great fanfic so as soon as i can my first fanfic will be a samurai champloo. i feel that this series amoung others are neglected way too much plus i love MugenxFuu plots. and if u guyz wanna argue about it but Fuu didn't love Jin she loves Mugen. I can prove it from watching the last episodes. So come and argue with me I'm just gonna make u cry when u hear the truth. Hey i'm a realist i don't sugarcoat anything. Anyways i have a few plots: plot one1) Fuu is 19 years old and attending college, her friends decide that they're going out and drag fuu along for the ride. She then meets Mugen at the club after some guy starts to bother her. Oh yah Mugen is fighter in this fic ( i haven't decided if he'll be an underground fighter or a pro u guyz can help to decide). anyways Jin is Fuu's older brother and Shino is his fiancee. And Jin is a lawyer who doesn't approve of mugen for fuu. Tell me what ya guyz think. Plot 2) Mugen is the leader of a group of theieves(or he rules a country that is at war with jin. im sorry to all you jin lovers but he's just soooooooooo lame and boring.) After a raid (or battle) Mugen captures fuu and she is his new slave. Oh but what is this she is also the sister of... You guessed it JIN!!! In these fics Mugen is not so much of a manwhore. And he is a bit out of character as well is fuu. but both stories will have...(drumroll)...lemons!!!!!. Another plot) Some how fuu has really made mugen mad. And now he has to teach her a lesson. What's the lesson? What will happen to lil Fuu? REad the DAMN story to find out . Sorry guys i'm having some problems with uploading my new one shot.

Living near the Ocean by Sony89 reviews
Fuugen and FuuJin friendship 5 years had passed since our heroes parted. Jin and Mugen met again a few weeks ago, and decide to look for Fuu. When they reach a small village along the ocean, they really find her, but she is not alone?
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Fuu is dragged out to the club with her friend, but somethings don't always go as they're planned. Some for the better and some for the wrost. But that's why life always has a little twist.
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New chapter! Read it! Review it! Just Do It! disclaimer on the last senence, I don't own Nike. Recently known as Untitled.
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Mugen is demon! he then finds Fuu what's little fuu to do! Hey that rhymes!YAY ME! Oh and did i mentionthere's a...............drumroll...............LEMON! I have major writer's block right now, so throw ideas or suggestions at me.PLEEEEEEZEEE
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I've made a few changes. It still has the lemon so don't worry, and i'm still working on the other fics.
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