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Author has written 24 stories for Naruto, Harry Potter, Saddle Club, Tokyo Mew Mew, Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, Wolf's Rain, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Update: 08-12-2010


My name is Portia and by some stroke of luck (or misfortune) you've stumbled across my fanfiction profile page. So firstly welcome, secondly; this page has recently undergone a facelift. Several things are gone and several things are new. Somethings remain the same. I'm a female author from the great land down under (Australia), which means my spelling is often slightly different to yours. But oh well, what is life without diversity?

.My Life.

I enjoy: reading, writing, anime, cosplay, horse riding, spending time with friends, watching movies, listening to music, writing skits, making up dance routins, singing (even though I'm tone deaf), drawing, being silly, telling jokes, playing with words , talking and making new friends.

I dislike: narrow minded people, arragonce, rudeness, die hard fans of just about anything, people not being given a chance, being judged, dead lines, being forced into anything, screaming, arguments, and people without the ability to think outside the square.

I fail to understand: how Twilight became such a big hit, how wrist cutting became a fashion trend, why guys and girls have different standards, how people can be cruel and why my dream is never good enough unless it equals big bucks.

.My Prefernces.

Animes/Manga: Naruto, Vampire Knight, Wolfs' Rain, Tokyo Mew Mew, Ouran Host Club, Spirited Away, Full Metal Alchamist, Howls Moving Castle, Nightwalker, Tears to Tiaras, Ghost Hound, Paranoia Agent, Shugo Chara!

Anime/Manga I'm getting into: D.N Angel, Haruhi Suzamia, Shuffle, D. Gray man, Hellsing, Clover, Trinity Blood, Dengeki daisy, Barajou No Kiss, Black Bird, Bloody Kiss.

Fiction Books: Harry Potter, Rush of Wings, Rhiannons Ride, Lucifier, Clan of the Cave Bears, White Fang, Black Beauty, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Inheritence (Eragon), Supersition, Blood Mist.

Tv/Movies: Buffy, Top Gear, Rough Dimond.

If there is anything like the above you think I would like please message me, I'm always looking for something new.

.My Stories.

This page update came about when I sat down at my computer and decided to do some serious writing, so I re-read some of my stories and all I could think of is "Oh gods, I did not write that" sadly I did, blame it on a growing maturity but half my stories on here make me cringe, some of them I still love and like etc, others... not so much. So for a quick little run down on my stories.

Already Up:

Fallen Sakura Blossom: Naruto

Will eventually be finished. This story and I have hit a point were when ever I open it, we end up stairing at each other and nothing get's done.

Hunting Dark Angels: Naruto

This story I keep forgetting about. It kind of sits there and waits for me to remember it. Which doesn't happen often owing to me seeing nothing but mary sue the whole way through it and hatting myself for that.

My Little Flower: Naruto

Will most likely never be finish by me. If someone else wishes to continue this story let me know, I'm only to happy to give it to you if you ask first. But personally I cannot stand it. It was written when I had no understand of any of the characters of even the series and as such I despise it... Maybe someday I'll be game to try and finish it, however re-reading it now my writing style has changed drasticly and I fear I may never be able to write at that level again.

Kissing Boys and Aliens: Tokyo Mew Mew (Mew Mew Power)

I'm trying, and someday I will get there. I will not however put a date on it as that is just creating deadlines, which I don't work so well with.

Still on my computer:

having learnt from early mistakes, this stories will be finished before they are uploaded. There are also several scribbles that are nothing more then rough ideas, these will not be added to the list until it is certain they will evolve into a story.

Under The Skin: Naruto

(Kiba x Shino)

Kiba's words where as much a promise as they where a threat,

"you can't get me out of your mind, because I wont let you go"

Leaves In The Wind: Naruto

(Sakura Centric, Paring to be decided)

When the wind blows the leaves scatter, team 7 of leaf,

and like the name sake of our village when the wind blew we scattered.

Pepermint Chocolate: Naruto

(Deidara x Tobi)

It was almost like his art; so simple, so sudden and so beautiful.

Devils Play Ground: Naruto

(Shikamaru x Hidan, Not love)

It is said that when the gods play with mortal life, the dead will walk the mortal realm.

Shika wants a normal life, pity the dead don’t stay dead.

Ginger Snaps: InuYasha

(Sesshomaru x Kagome, Au)

He stalked her relentlessly, with the control of a demon who has seen many a century,

and though she ran, she knew eventually he would catch her.

.Thank You To My Wonderful Beta S3v3rusIsMin3.

Without her help this would all be a royal mess.

.If Your Intrested.

I'm also on Deviant Art: Shadow-Danzer

Live Journal: Shadow_Danzer

Youtube: ShadowDanzer92

Fictionpress: Shadow Danzer

and many other places with some variant of this name.

.Words Of Wisedom.

From a Forum:

"I can sleep when I'm dead"

Me on the subject of mother, an energy drink:

"Mother is the name of god on the hearts and lips of all children... and sleep deprived students."

S3v3rusIsmin3 on the subject of Hidan and Zetsu from Naruto:

"There so cute, and sweet. Can I have one?"

Mustang from FMA:

"All girls will wear, tiny mini skirts"

Me on adulthood:

"We're older more mature, if we wanted we could eat desert for dinner, but we don't because now we like dinner as much as we like dessert and OH MY GODS FAIRY BREAD!"

Me on the subject of depression:

"if I can walk the valley of the damned, and feel the flames of hell, and live. So can you"

Old Cowboy Proverb:

"it is said a prince learns no art truely save that of horsemanship, for the horse is no liar and will throw the prince as readily as the groom."

Little mermaid quote, well song lyric.

"Go on and kiss the girl, or you just might miss the girl."

One of my characters in a story that will possibly never be read.

"It isn't that she is a bitch, she is just a woman and she is hurting."

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thick black ink, written on the snow white canvas of his body, Kisame always wanted to read the words written on Itachi's light frame, could it be the heartless killer wears his heart on his body? A heart written in thick black ink *ItachixKisame*SLASH*
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