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here we's tru-girl!

right, heres the basics

firstly, i'm tru-girl (hi!), im 14 and a girl and live in scotland

i also have not been on for ages (heh heh...)

i like reading, writing, drawing, playing on my wii, playing with my gerbils :3 and other random stuff

one thing i really want to be when im older is a writer too (which explains why i joined this site :) )

i also am writing my own novels and hope that one day they'll get published (one day!)

one final thing, i have a VERY vivid imagination ;D

my fanfics

right these have had little love from me for ages...but i'll try and be nicer to them!

Remembrance Race - It's after the race of Oban but it's not the end for Eva's racing career. Soon another 'Remembrance Race' appears and she's dragged back to Oban. But there's more lying underneath. Who's Rose and the True One? What is Canaletto planning? And why are the dead coming back to life?

Not As Sweet - This is basically Eva's PAST. This is before she ran off to find her dad and goes way back to when she was 9 and her life at Stern Boarding School in all the years that her dad had abandoned her.

Chased And Used - Eva's only been back for a while and yet she's been chased after by the Crogs. Soon she is forced to give up her identity and become someone she'd not. She ends up joining a freedom group for her cause and finds out so much more. Can she really hide herself from her friends when she knows if she reveals herself, a traitor will turn her in?

Lost And Unloved - This is the sequel to Chased And Used. There's also a trailer for this :3 Anyway, Eva's stuck on a different world with little chance of escaping anytime soon. But it's not only that. It's the time of the great race of Oban and she's right in the middle of it. And when things are as mixed up as they are where she is, it has to be a dream. But then things start to change and then the most unexpected shall happen.

The Academy - Barely a few months have passed, yet Eva's as bored as ever. She hasn't seen anyone from the great race and she feels more than unhappy. So when she's offered the chance to go to Nurasia, she jumps. But it's a Crog school. And soon she realises that all is not what it seems.

Human Once More - Is being put back on after I deleted it. Jordan has been Avatar for only 2 years but he's not going to stay. He decides he wants to be human again and visit Molly on Earth. However, when he does he is put into more than he expected. He's soon on Nurasia with Molly's boyfriend and with the danger of where his powers are gone. But can he at least have some fun before he has to go back?


i have tons of these! anyway i'll put some down here with also what fanfic they are in. i'll add more soon.

Rose - Remembrance Race - Half nurasian and half human, this girl is anything but ordinary. Eva found her on Oban although Rose had somehow managed to get on the planet. However, they both become friends. Rose used to live in the Nurasian Palace in Daul until she was forced out. She was also friends with Aikka but felt betrayed when he did what the Crogs said.

Danny And Rue - Chased And Used, Lost And Unloved - Danny is a Nurasian and Rue is a Byrus but they're both best friends. They both were part of the FFMA as they are related to people serving within the group (Danny is Aikka's cousin ad Rue is Rush's nephew). They both love playing pranks and even help Eva with one and do a special shrine. They both are friends with her for her friendliness and attitude as well as her being kind to them.

thanks for any reviews, favourites or alerts anyone's ever given or had!

i'll update as much as possible but i may take a while, so be patient!

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