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Author has written 8 stories for Roswell, Harry Potter, Farscape, and Game of Thrones.

About Me (ie. stuff you don't actually care about, but is apparently mandatory for a bio):

After a LONG hiatus, Game of Thrones has dragged me back into the fanfic writing gig. Suffice it to say that I'm older, have two kids, and work full time so ... no promises. Anything that's older than 2017, it's a safe bet to assume has been abandoned. Sorry - I'm going to try and keep my future works to a scale that fits with my time constraints.

Stuff I Like:

Veronica Mars - A incredibly good show about a girl detective that sadly never found much of an audience. Don't be fooled by the premise. This isn't Nancy Drew, the remake. It's dark and funny and suspenseful all at once. Pick up the first season - you won't regret it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - She was tiny, she was blond, she kicked ass. Oh yeah, and there were monsters and stuff. It was good during the first season, mind-blowingly awesome for two, a lot of fun for one more season, and then things started to fall apart. But a musical in the middle of the sixth season pepped it right up. If you missed this show (ie. you were too young, sigh), go watch.

The X-Files - The creepiest show to ever air. Also some of the best UST ever seen. I love me some Fox Mulder. It fell apart during later seasons, but there are several years of goodness.

Farscape - I was introduced to this show recently and fell in love. Yes, it's frequently cheesy and has Muppets and the pseudo-science makes even less sense than is normal for sci-fi. But it's also hilarious and has the best character arcs that I've ever seen. This show takes risks in a way that few others are willing to. To top it off, it has the best romance in TV, period.

Current shows I'm a fan of: Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Sense8

There are way too many books to list them all. I'm a fantasy junkie though. Harry Potter ranks up there, as does Lord of the Rings. I highly recommend The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper and I love most of David Edding's stuff even if he does recycle characters and plots. Marion Zimmer Bradley is reliable (Mists of Avalon is a must and I really like her Ghostlight series). Mercedes Lackey gets a conditional recommendation; generally speaking, her earlier work is better. Dianna Wynne Jones is charming. Raymond Feist's work is good. Robert Asprin is hilarious. And I must mention Lloyd Alexander, who got me hooked on fantasy at the tender age of nine.

Fanfic Preferences:

Generally speaking, I prefer reading about canon couples. I'll read about a non-canon couple if it makes sense for the characters and it's well-written, but mostly no. I like humor, romance, and drama fic and tend to stay away from the angst, though that's not a hard and fast rule. I'm particularly a fan of fics that work with canon and don't go meandering off into their own world. Character continuity is a must. I like some AU, but it's not usually my favorite. If an OC is introduced, please, please, give him/her some sort of personality.

Anyway, beyond my canon-nazi tendencies, I'll read just about anything if it's well-written.

Guide to My Writing:

Not very surprisingly, I write stuff that I like to read. I used to write a ton as a kid and then didn't write anything for a good long time. Surprisingly, it was Roswell that brought me back to one of my earliest passions. For this I have no real explanation beyond Roswell being the kind of show that always promised more than it was capable of delivering. The following section is highly self-indulgent, but then aren't all bios?

Roswell Fanfic -

The Three Faces of Eve - Basically a short character study of Tess that was meant to help me springboard into a longer fic that I never finished or posted. Not particularly noteworthy unless you're just really curious about the first thing I felt like publishing. As happens all too often, I think that this story worked better in my head than not.

Harry Potter Fanfic -

Wild Things - By far my most popular story, which in retrospect isn't too surprising. I'm not sure that it's the best thing that I wrote, but it's a little bit humor, a little bit romance, about a popular couple, and set in the biggest fandom out there (except for maybe Star Trek). The Padfoot chapter popped into my head fully formed one day. Originally, it was meant to be a one-shot, but then the Wormtail chapter occurred to me and at that point, I kind of had to make it a four-parter. This turned out to be a good length, but I'm still frustrated by the fact that especially the fourth chapter suffered quite a lot in quality. While the first two chapters practically wrote themselves, the last two turned out to be a pain in the butt. That's just how it goes sometimes.

Things That Go Bump in the Night - This was written for a challenge over at The Unknowable Room and it actually won the Cheering Charm Award. I'm quite happy with the way it turned out, although the poetry bits were a huge pain to write. Prose is one thing, but I should never, ever go near poetry.

Vows - This was an idea that had been nagging at me for a while, so it was a relief to just sit down and write it. I was trying to explore a slightly different writing style, which didn't entirely work the way I wanted. Still, I'm happy to have written it.

Eye for an Eye - WIP that turned out to be far too ambitious for my attention span. Also, it's about an unpopular character, so I never really got the feedback needed to prod me forward. I think that I still have some interesting ideas in there, which never got executed, but oh well. It's abandoned for now. I may take it up again, but I'm not promising anything.

Farscape Fanfic -

Lost in Translation - An idea based around my own personal wank for how translator microbes work. I study visual perception, so I just couldn't stop thinking about how the damn things might work. Translator microbes are one of those necessary evils in sci-fi, so I was happy to come up with something that sort of made sense. The whole visual/auditory connection thing that I allude to is based around a phenomenon known as the McGurk effect. Anyway, I like this little fic. It was fun to try something new and it focused on several of my stronger writing abilities: humor, romance, and scientific wank.

Ring Around the Rosie - WIP. With any luck, I'll actually make it through this one. My beta has been a godsend on helping out with ideas and prodding me along, so I have high hopes.

Game of Thrones Fanfic -

Interludes - Jon and Daenerys dragged me back into the fandom world, so this is my return piece. Basically, it's just a set of scenes that take place just before and during 7x07. It started as a one-shot set post 7x06, but then I got an idea for a following scene that amazingly stayed mostly canon-compliant post 7x07 with only minor edits.

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Interludes reviews
Began as a series of missing scenes from 7x07 and then snowballed into a longer S8 fic. Focuses on Jon/Daenerys.
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