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Okay... I can't say a whole lot here... see, apikale-wahine is my secret identity. Not even my friends know who she really is (except for you-know-who-you-are). It's complicated. So, I don't want to put anything obvious here that would let them know I wrote this (stuff like my classes at school, my birthday, etc. from which they could piece together the truth). Sorry. But I can talk about my interests, 'cuz they can't prove anything from that...

What's funny is I just about never watch the Scooby Doo TV show, but I love the fanfic. I loved the show in elementary school, though, my favorite character being Velma (possibly because the kids at school called me that and seeing as it was one of their nicer nicknames I might have resolved to form a more positive opinion of the character). I guess I just don't really watch as much TV in general as I used to, and when I do it tends to be more on the Sci-Fi channel (i.e., X-files, Stargate, Eureka). I've written some unposted fanfic on them, but as I showed it to some people in person it would be a dead giveaway if they came across the same story on the site. I'm writing a sequel to OBASF right now, and I'm busy with other things so I can't just write another fic simultaneously. Sorry...

I love reading, incidentally, but the combination of books I enjoy is rather random: I am a big fan of Harry Potter, Fahrenheit 451, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, To Kill a Mockingbird, the Shadow Children series, the Chronicles of Narnia, Flowers for Algernon, Molly Moon, and Don Quixote. Incidentally, did you know that the guy who wrote that last one, Cervantes, being considered the "Shakespeare" of Spanish literature, actually died on the very same day as the Bard himself? Also, even though the book came out in the 1600s, people wrote fanfic on it even then. Weird, huh? I don't write much book fic (with the exception of a few Harry Potters), but maybe someday I'll post some.

Actually... that "just about never watching Scooby Doo" thing is probably going to change pretty soon. My four-year-old sister just discovered a marathon on Cartoon Network last weekend, and being the "cool big sister" (who feels horrendously guilty that in two years I'll be off to college and all the places I'm looking at are too far to visit home very often) that I am I watched some of it with her. Now she wants to watch it whenever it's on. Hey, it beats her previous cartoon obsession: Caillou. If you don't know what that is, count your blessings-- from the snatches I saw he is the brattiest, whiniest little kid on PBS. HE SHOULD DIE.

Heroes (fictional, historical, and personal-- personal heroes have had their names changed):

Aslan-- the type of Christ in The Chronicles of Narnia, this lion has 100 percent compassion and courage. I admire the fact that he helps the Pevensies (as well as other children... I won't spoil it for those of you who only watch the movies but there is going to be a Prince Caspian) even when he's been wronged horribly by them. One of the best characters in children's fiction.

Queen Liliuokalani-- the Queen of Hawaii before it was taken over, this ruler (known for gentleness and kindness) was imprisoned in her own palace, in a hardly furnished room. Yet she forgave her captors and never held a grudge against them. She was an amazing monarch.

Mrs. Graham-- saved me from being scared never to write again. I am not kidding. In elementary school, I loved writing-- but I was convinced I wasn't any good at it. The teachers constantly criticized me for not drawing my "prewriting" graphs properly, for having the wrong number of sentences or paragraphs, for not writing in cursive, or for not using enough details. By the time I got to middle school, I didn't think I could ever dare to show anyone anything I wrote for fun. Then, by some (complicated) random chance in sixth grade, I wound up joining a club, coached by Mrs. Graham, that at the end of the year would submit science-fiction stories to this contest. Mrs. Graham convinced me I could write, that I had lots of good ideas, that I really could tell a story if I wanted to. Sure enough, when the contest results were in, I had placed first out of the entire state! I couldn't have done it without Mrs. Graham. She became my English teacher in seventh and eighth grade, and has since become a friend and mentor even now that I'm in high school. Without her, I might never have discovered who I really am...

Samantha Carter-- I don't know exactly how many of you are Stargate fans (Stargate and Scooby Doo are an odd combination of TV shows), but she starts out as a captain in the Air Force when the series begins, then over the course of ten seasons is promoted to Major and then to Lt. Colonel. She is feminist without being extreme about it (I believe some radical feminists deny themselves basic desires which are common to humans of both genders, because they fear looking needy). She is highly intelligent, brave, and an overall likeable person. One of my favorite moments with her was in season 1, where she refused to abandon Cassandra and, surprisingly, both were okay (to know how that story plays out, you would have to watch the episode).

Lisa-- my sister. In a big family like mine, that's real specific... but let's just say she's the sister who looks like me. No, seriously... we're identical, even though we aren't exactly twins. She's the one person I feel understands me perfectly-- and whom I understand at all. It's funny, though, how even though we are physically alike and very close, in terms of personality we're practically opposites. I'm an extrovert; she's an introvert. My favorite color is green; hers is red. I'm always cold; she's always hot. She spends all her free time reading; I spend all my free time writing. She wears casual stuff; I dress up. But we've always respected each other's differences. And sometimes I feel like she's the only person I can talk to, because we've shared more common experiences with each other than with anyone else. We've done everything-- from vacations to summer camps to shopping trips to after-school activities-- together, since we were little kids. We can be completely honest with each other because we've known each other since before we were old enough to know how to lie, or to care about what other people think of us. She's one of the greatest people I ever have and ever will know.

Random stuff:

Personality type: ENFJ

Blood type: Absolutely no idea... I'll find out in a couple years, when I'm old enough to donate.

IQ: 127 ( I wish I could say this more confidently, but the test had a disclaimer that said it isn't accurate for my demographic... I have no idea what it really is)

Hand-dominance: Right

Mountain-board style: Goofy

Politics: Bleeding-heart conservative (yes, there is such a thing)

Animals that don't scare me: Snakes, spiders, rats

Animals that DO scare me: Squirrels, parrotfish

Love language: Acts of service

Favorite sport: Hiking

Least favorite sport: Football (waaaaaayyy overrated!)

Ways I am like a cartoon character:

--I make corny jokes. Constantly. Yet somehow I get away with it and my friends all think it's funny.

--I am always getting hurt but never getting injured. I fall off a cliff; I get back on and keep moving.

--I can store anything and everything in my average-sized backpack. At a given moment, I am likely to have on my person:

a CPR mask

a Jacob's ladder (one of those little block things where you flip the top one and... never mind)

a waterproof journal

a flashlight

an MP3 player (no surprises there...)

books, books, and more books, everything from The Catcher in the Rye to The Book of Useless Information to Technology and Cosmogenesis



glow-in-the-dark paraphernalia

a graphing calculator

a wire whisk


Let's see... what else?

92 percent of the teenage population would die if Abercrombie and Fitch said that it wasn't cool to breathe anymore. Put this in your profile if you're part of the 8 percent that would be laughing your butt off.

If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or pulled the handle on a door that said push, copy this into your profile.

If you wish men shaved their armpits, copy this into your profile.

If you like smiley faces, then copy this into your profile. : D

If you think those kids should just give the Rabbit his cereal put this in your profile! (techincally it can be considered animal abuse not feeding the rabbit, right?)

If you think Speedos should be outlawed, copy this into your profile.

If you don't watch Laguna Beach or the O.C. or The Hills religiously, never have, never will, and are proud of it, copy and paste this into your profile.

If someone has ever said something to you that had nothing to do with your current conversation, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you sometimes talk to yourself copy and paste this onto your profile.

Most teenagers today complain about how fat they are. If you're happy with your body and don't flip out if you eat something with more than 200 calories, then post this in your profile.

If you like animals, give one a home if you can. If you already have or can't but want to spread the word, copy this into your profile.

Admitting you are weird means you are normal. Saying that you are normal is odd. If you admit that you are weird and like it, copy this onto your profile.

If you've ever wondered what you are like in another dimension, copy and paste this in your profile.

If you've ever copied something from someone else's profile, copy this onto your profile!

Pluto was declared no longer a planet on August 27, 2006, because it was "too small" and "off its orbit" for some scientists' likings. If you think Pluto should still be a planet, copy and paste this to your profile. LONG LIVE PLUTO!

If you have ever gone to the emergency room for something too embarrassing to admit, copy this into your profile.

If you have ever flown off of a merry-go-round, copy this into your profile.

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