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Author has written 30 stories for Evangelion, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Resident Evil, X-Files, Terminator, Chobits, and Law and Order.
I've decided to completely re-haul my profile and my stuff. Since its been way too long since I've updated (or honestly even thought about fanfiction)I'll use this oppertunity to announce some stuff and alert people to who I am.

Personal Statistics
Name: Ramen
Age: 17
Locations base: San Diego California (The where within are up to you)
Position: General Fangirl-misfit member of several groups-Pacific Theaters "Talent" Employee. RPG Creator and Leader.
Fictional Positions: CEO of Monokeros Corporation, Capt. of the Fenrir One (Matrix) Senior Researcher with the Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil)

OOC- Below the Quick list of favorites that describe my personality to a Tee.

Color: Blue
Specifically?:Ikea Blue
Beverage:Mr. Pibb/Rootbeer
Brand of Soft Drink:Pepsi (Smell the irony!)
Candy:Reeses Bites. Peanut butter and chocolate mixed together and then some. ^_^. Delicious-incredibly hazardous to your health-enjoy at your peril.
Fast food Establishment:Carls. Jr.
Meal There: Double Bacon Western Cheeseburger (Sans Cheese) meal
Book:Gods. In my life there have been too many to list/name. I think that if I had to choose a single book that influenced my life I'd have to say "The Snorlax" by Dr. Suess. gave me chills it did...
As for Books that I enjoy...I like Chuck Palanhunik (Somebody will probably flame me for spelling that wrong) Some of the Resident Evil Novels (Yes, SD Perry did screw it royally by involving trent-but what the hell are we gonna do?) The Game of Thrones series by George RR. Martin (Which I would SO be writing fanfiction on if he didn't not allow people to write fanfiction with it. the Lord of the Rings Trilogy...The Neutronium Alchemist Series...several books.
Film:Jurassic Park. It set me on the Path to who I am now.
Current Film:I "work" at a movie theater-so I'm inidated with Film on a regular basis. Right now My big Bag is Farhenhieht 9/11...and Garfield. Don't laugh-Bill Murray was a scream.
Describe your room in Ten Words: My Room is a Really Big Mess, no Kidding
Themesong: (Currently) Its "Slow Motion" by Nickleback off the Punisher Soundtrack.
In your CD Player: Spiderman Soundtrack, Resident Evil Movie Soundtrack, Matrix Revolutions soundtrack...
In your portable DVD player: Underworld Unrated.
Name thy Gamesystem: Playstation 2/Gamecube (strictly for Resident Evil and Pokeymon..)
Name thy game: Currently...Its Enter the Matrix *blush*

-- Vital Fanfiction Information --
-- --

Completed Works worthy of Note:

Title:"The Lord of the Mall"
Chapters: 3
Section: Lord of the Rings/Books
Summary: Ramen's first foray into the world of fanfiction in General. The mall at Christmastime is no picnic-especially for the fellowship of the Ring and company! Frodo searches for a Parking spot, Merry and Pippin face off against Gollum in Retail, Gandalf talks to Harry Potter (Who's spending his Winter Break working in the Hogwarts store) And All face off against the evil cellular phone companies...And their master corporate supply and demand!

Title: "The Magic Brownies"
Chapters: 8
Section: Star Wars
Summary: Anakin's mom (through a weird plot-hole twist of fate) bakes some "special" brownies. Obi-wan gets ahold of the plate and goes galavanting about sharing love and the star wars spirit, reaking havoc on the entire universe!
Special note: Cameos by Mulder and Scully from the X-Files!

Title: "Love Story"
Chapters: 21
Section: Resident Evil
Summary: William Birkin and Annette Birkin's meeting and eventual courtship thorugh the throes of working for an evil corporation bent on world domination and the destruction of the human race! This is Ramen's Longest Story Ever posted on Fanfiction.Net.

~Works in Progress~

(Ahem-that I'll Most likely finish)

Resident Evil: Angus Dei
(A three Part series)

Title: "Resident Evil" Chain Reaction.
Summary: Set Seven years after the "Raccoon Incident" Old and new Characters come together only to discover that each one of their actions were carefully planned by a master puppeteer who's aims will change the human race forever.

Planned Stories in the series:

Title: Resident Evil-Battlefield
Summary: Takes place three years after the events of "Chain Reaction"

Title: Resident Evil-Sins of the Fathers
Summary: 25 years after the events of Chain Reaction. Almost entirely original Cast.

Story Ideas*

Title: Tape Recorder (working title)
Section: Resident Evil
Summary: Before Alyssa Ashcroft died on board the helicopter fleeing Raccoon-she recorded her final notes-and left behind all of the interviews relating to the case.
Basically: Each chapter is an RE Character's prespective on certain issues.

Title: Mainframe
Section: Matrix
Summary: What is the Mainframe? What does it look like to Machines? to programs? Meet Tiffany (One of three different Secretary versions) who recognizes that there really isn't that much of a difference between Humans and Programming

Title: Superpong!
Section: Matrix
Summary: You know you want it...what do Agent programs do when bored? They play superpong...

Title: Zero and One
Section: Matrix
Summary: They were the first. The first AI-the first programs. Developed on July 14, 1999...Zero and One must face the facts. Their existance is suspect. Are they man? or Machine?

Title: Breaking Down
Section: Law and Order
Summary: I wrote this after finding out that Jerry Orbach was leaving. Lennie Briscoe, in a quiet night of reflection-thinks about the past and the future-as the longest running Detective he's seen the most partners-and the most action. How is it wearing on him as a whole?

Title: Revelations
Section: Terminator
Summary: The continued saga (Started in "A mass exodus of the most horrific kind" )of the people formerly employeed by Anubis Pharmacuticals. Dual Viewpoints (Meaning that one chapter will be written by the humans, the other by Skynet) covers mankind's first encounter with the Terminator series.

-That's what's planned. Who knows how much farther I'll go? only time will tell.

-Contact information
Emails: Ramen can be reached at the following accounts:
BioHazTigerBigC@hotmail.com (If you're REALLY desperate to contact her)
pandaseatramen@yahoo.com (If you just want to chat)
kuthulus_mage@yahoo.com (If you desire to stalk me-etc. I'd kindly like you refrain however...)

If you'd like to reach her ASAP...
Evaslacker327 AIM Screenname.

Occasionally I dabble in Artwork. Below-*yes, I hear you all chanting with anticipation* Are some of my Artwork pieces. Its a small section yet...(but with PLENTY of room to grow...trust me on this) Anyway-when I get a few minutes I'll post my deviantart account webpage (probably soon)
If you wanna look NOW-then I direct thy attention to the livejournal above. ^_^

Updates: 6-26-04
Recently updated profile. Looking to update/add stories.

Brand New Story idea called "At the Movies" Taking place in the Movie Theater within the infamous Mall from My VERY FIRST FANFICTION!

Updated Chapters Five and Six to Chain Reaction. Fixed Chapters Three and four.

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