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Author has written 14 stories for Digimon, Zoids, Jet Grind Radio, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Neopets, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX.
If you read my Digimon fanfictions, I'm into the supernatural. I'm also into the following items: Pokemon, Neopets, Animorphs, Harry Potter, Zoids (all series), Yu-gi-oh and my newest favorite, JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future.
~~~Story Info~~~
1. The Source of Darkness: This story as been taken out of the site and currently being revamped. When done, tis story will be a Pokemon/Digimon story with the storyline being a little different.
Update: This project is cancelled. It's a shame to have to do this to the first fanfic I ever wrote, but I had to do so.

2. The Generation Chronicles:
~'Split Personalities' is finished, with one review. Thank you, faded_jae!
~'The Return of the Digital Rulers' is FINISHED! Thank god!
~'Kindness and Cruelty' is the new story that sequals 'The Return of the Digital Rulers'. I know I promised 'Werewolf Calling', but my computer ate that story... I'm working on Chapter 5 of this story.
Update: This series will no longer be updated. I'm completely out of ideas for this series. I will allow you fanfic writers to use this as an introduction to your own Digimon series as long as you give me credit for the series. Obviously, I wasn't able to take the heat.

3. 'The White Emperor' is now up that introduces Saffron Silver & her Demidevimon and a new armor digimon called Satylamon, Wormmon's Armor-Cruelty form. It also introduces the Crest of Admittance, Saffron's hand-made crest. One review so far on this story. Thanks, AthEnA1999! This story is discontinued until I can find the printed version of this story. Yes, I print the stories I write.
Update: This story is now permanantly discontinued for the same reason as the Generation Chronicles.

4. I'm working on my first Zoids story called 'The Black Team'. This is based on the Yahoo! Group 'Zoids the RPG' which is at . But there are some alterations from both the club and both versions of Zoids.
Update: Permenately discontinued, due to the group no longer being there.

5. 'The Muses Take Over' is an authentic chat. The friend I was chatting with was Riley. (I'm not saying his real name...) I may add other chapter with muses from different games, animes and book later on.
Update: Discontinued until my muses get off their vacation... x_x;

6. 'Tokyo's Shadow' was a JSRF-based poem in Zero Beat's POV. If you read the poem and guessed that is was in Zero Beat's POV, you are right.

7. 'Soul of the Streets' is currently my only JSRF-based novel. This is really a Supernatural/Romance/Drama, but I could only pick two. Pairings are Yo-yo/Gemini Beat(OC), hinted Corn/Gum, possible Beat/Rhyth. I haven't put this in the story yet, but there's also going to be a Hayashi/OC pairing in this! That and the BS I put Yo-yo, Gemini and Beat(especially Beat), this promises to turn out as one of my greatest masterpieces.
Update: This story is alive and kicking again! All hail the Graffiti Souls!

8. 'Behind These Bars' is slightly AU, because it was originally on Fictionpress.net, then realized that I stole the names of the characters. I only had to edit 6 words to get it back in line with the game JSRF. This is my only one-chapter story so far.

9. My new story 'Heart and Soul' is the result of me playing 'Yu-gi-oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel' on my GBA and 'Jet Grind Radio' for the GBA on my computer. (Gotta love emulators. ;) Can't find a Dreamcast emulator and the Jet Grind Radio rom though...*snaps fingers*) In this story, Beat is not only a rudie, but a duelist as well. Kaiba Corperation, a very popular company credited for the portable holographic systems used in conjuntion with the Duel Monsters game, is holding a tournament at a place called Battle City. And now that Beat ends up doing something really stupid the day before the contest, could it be that the game is his key to freedom? Read as I write and see. This is going to end up having a Beat/OC pairing and the only clue I'm going to give as to who is this person's older than him!

That's all for now. Until next time, this is Talen Avalon, the Digidestined of Mystery, Celebi Trainer and Rudie signing out for now.

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Chapter 21 Preview: Folks, though I speak figuratively, this chapter is the calm before the storm. And the GG's seem to have changed the role of 'leader' to another.
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This is after OoA, OoS and Link's Awakening. (I thnk they go in that order really...) Link reflects on the heroic efforts of his daughter, which in turn mirror his own. Is linked with two future stories named 'The Dreamer Sleeps' and 'Ages and Seasons'
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Slightly AU. Beat's finally caught and tries to keep sane until jailbreak time. In this story, Yo-yo's not a GG. This story is only one chapter and why are my reviews not showing? Thank god for review alerts...
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Ken runs into someone who he thought was long gone... From now on, things get wierd...
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A new team challenged the Blitz Team, the Blitz Team met and battled the team, ther two teams become one, now an ancient demoness comes their way. *Hints of Chaotic Century and a little time alteration*
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Digimon - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 7 - Words: 6,666 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/28/2002 - Ken I.
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The title's really 'Generation Chronicles#2-The Return of the Digital Rulers'. The Ichijoujis & Wormmon come to the Digital World when they run into the Digimon Kaiser & Kimeramon. This story is complete! The Kaiser gets a new attitude near the end, too!
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