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Unforgetable: Basically the story of how all th gang meet during their summer and fall in love. a lot of laughs, lemons, and good times. no real drama. all human cannon pairings

Most Important Lessons:; Bella's the popular rich party girl along with her best friends Alice and Rosalie. Edward the smart sexy god and his best friends Emmett, the football player, and Jasper the calm quiet hott guyturn down all the girls that are after them. they're looking for relationships not one time things. When they all meet can the girls show them that not all party girls are only after the hott guys for sex. they want relationships too but can't find that in party boys. all human.















i'm always on my myspace so catch me there!


wait never mind i want to ramble!

i'm usually really bored.

i love henry cavill

people say im a mix of rosealie and alice

i never stop talking

i know every detail about twilight

i go on steph's website every day

i've meorized the character BIOs

i love horses

my horse is an ass hole to me

i like to randomly dance around ym room to weird songs

im really hyper 24/7

people say i seem like a three year old

i laugh at random pieces of paper

i trip over invisible leprechauns

charlie the unicorn is cool

i get this weird brithish accent when i'm pissed off and yelling

i thinnk british accents are a turn on

i think a lot of people are hott

especially vampires

im really short

im really loud.

and now im done...

for now!!

here's your dumb disclaimer

we all know i don't own twilight. i know it's the sad truth. i do own anyone who's not in twilight though.

i also don't own anythign else i write about.

I lovey dovey sweeney todd, jonney depp was amazingly hott and awsome in that movie. i know all the songs and im like in love.

so yeah now i am done!

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Years have passed. Ethan is the son of Edward and Bella. Kimiko is the daughter of Jacob and Ivy. Kimiko falls head over heels for Ethan even though she knows the borderline between vampires and werewolves are still as strong as ever...
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Edward wants Bella to sing, but she is being stubborn and not complying with his request. All the chapters involve something different. R&R please! Humorous story.THE FINAL AND LAST CHAPTER 5 IS UP! Some Mature Content. LOWERED TO 150 REVIEWS NEEDED!
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Eddie! by afsluv reviews
NO LONGER A ONESHOT people wanted me to write a sequel so im like, oh,ok and i did! i did! IMPORTANT AUTHOR NOTE. PLZ READ! i changed the rating cuz it is getting a little suggestive....ok thats all
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Mike's Stupidity by Forbittenlove reviews
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Unforgetable reviews
Basically the story of how all th gang meet during their summer and fall in love. a lot of laughs, lemons, and good times. no real drama. all human cannon pairings R&R
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Vampires of the Carribean reviews
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what happens when Bella and Edwrad find a young girl one night hunting? read and find out, it's better thna it sounds... I hope.
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it's baaack. here's the sequl. you'll never guess what's happened. you might want to read the first one before this otherwise you'll be completely lost. rated M becuas i felt like making it that.
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