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I've read fanfiction for so many years that I figured 'hey, I can write just as well as most why not give it a go?' I've just started writing, and according to many of your reviews, I'm doin' great! The only way I can get motivated in writing fanfiction is if I'm obsessing over a certain anime. That's how I get my inspiration...I need to be interested first. I hear the worst illness to ever befall a young aspiring author is...writers block...I pray I never experience this, but something tells me it happens to the best of us. Please take the time to check out my favorite stories list! There are a lot of wonderful stories out there, and I'll be sure to read as many as I can in the animes that interest me!!

Favorite Anime & Anime Couples:

Naruto: Sasuke x Sakura, Naruto x Hinata, Neji x Tenten, Gaara x Matsuri, Shikamaru x Ino, Asuma x Kurenai, Kakashi x Rin, Genma x Anko

Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward x Winry, Roy x Riza

Bleach: Uryu x Orihime, Ichigo x Rukia

Blood : Saya x Hagi

Inuyasha: Inuyasha x Kagome, Sango x Miroku, Sesshomaru x Older Rin, Koga x Ayame

Yu Yu Hakusho: Yusuke x Keiko

Cardcaptor Sakura: Syaoran x Sakura, Eriol x Tomoyo

Tsubasa Chronicles: Syaoran x Sakura

Digimon: Taichi x Sora, Yamato x Mimi, Takeru x Hikari

Dragonball Z: Goku x Chichi, Gohan x Videl

Wolf's Rain: Hige x Blue

7/10/09 Chapter 5 to Shadows of the Night has been uploaded! Sorry for the wait!

3/15/09 Chapter 4 to Shadows of the Night has been uploaded!

2/21/09 Chapter 3 to Shadows of the Night has been uploaded. Please R & R!!

2/15/09 The 2nd chapter to Shadows of the Night has FINALLY been uploaded! Thanks for waiting patiently...or maybe some of you forgot about me? I wouldn't blame you, it HAS been a long time! Anywho, enjoy the chappie!!

1/02/09 I know that I've basically fallen off the fanfiction wagon for...hmm, let's say...6-8 months? I really don't know what to say in my defense, other than I've lost my motivation to write. I just can't seem to get into it the way I used to. I've been coping with a lot of stress these last few months...I'm not sure when I'll return to writing. I'm not saying that I won't finish what I've started, but for now it has to be put on hold. Thanks for your understanding, and I'm sorry for not updating in months.

7/29/08 I want to apologize for the hold up on the second chapter of Shadows of the Night. I know a lot of you were looking forward to it, but I'm afraid it's going to take a lot longer than I thought. For personal reasons, the chapter has yet to be posted. No, I have not and will not abandon this story - as many of you have fearfully expressed - I just need a bit more time. Thanks for your concern and understanding!

6/01/08 I'm sorry for the wait on the second chapter of Shadows of the Night. It is now in the editing process and should be posted soon!

5/12/08 The sequel to Love Is A Battlefield has been posted!! It is called Shadows of the Night! CHECK IT OUT!!

5/08/08 So, 10 more days until I graduate, and the first chapter for the sequel will be posted a few days later! I want to thank you all for being so patient for the premiere of Shadows of the Night!! Hang tight for a little while longer!!

4/17/08 HURRAY!! I've come up with a title! GO ME! So, the title to the sequel for Love Is A Battlefield is named after another Pat Benatar song...Shadows of the Night! If you want to know the direction that I'm taking this story, I suggest listening to this song b/c the lyrics provide some pretty HELPFUL clues!! You can look forward to the first chapter of Shadows of the Night soon after my graduation May 18th!! One more month to go!

3/24/08 I just wanted to display the summary for the sequel for Love Is A Battlefield! I haven't exactly thought up a name for the sequel, but I do have a summary!

SUMMARY: With Kabuto and Orochimaru dead, everything should go back to normal, right? WRONG! Hinata is in critical condition, Naruto is in absolute turmoil, and Akatsuki are still out there! What has become of the Konoha shinobi who were sent to dispose of Akatsuki? What has become of Konoha?! Same pairings apply: NaruHina, SasuSaku, NejTen, ShikaIno, & GaaMats (must read Love Is A Battlefield in order to understand the sequel).

Alright! The sequel is in progress!! Once I've determined what the title will be, I will be sure to put it in my log on my profile! Looking forward to it!

3/23/08 HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!! As promised, the final chapter of Love Is A Battlefield has been posted! I am in the planning stages of the sequel. Hopefully, I will have the first chapter of the sequel posted in a few months! Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through Love Is A Battlefield!!

3/22/08 I will be posting the final chapter for Love Is A Battlefield on the evening of March 23rd. The final chapter will be titled "Naruto-kun...Aishiteru."

3/05/08 Here's the deal, midterms start next week for me, so I am spending all of my time studying for 5 exams and writing 4 papers. If you all can hang tight for at least one more week, I can GUARANTEE the final chapter of Love Is A Battlefield sometime during spring break (March 17 - March 21). I realize it's been...over a month? since I last updated, and I'm very sorry. I hadn't realized I was taking so long in finishing the chapter! Just a little longer, I promise!!

2/21/08 I want to apologize to all of my readers & reviewers for not getting the final chapter of Love Is A Battlefield uploaded right away. I want this last chapter to be memorable & make an impact! I'm still working on it, deciding what should or should not be included in the finale, so this chapter is under HEAVY editing right now! Aside from that, I am being bombarded w/ homework, exams, and papers...and it isn't even midterms yet!

2/03/08 Thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far! I am currently working on the final chapter of Love Is A Battlefield. However, it won't be posted for a while b/c renovators are going to be entering my apartment next weekend, and I have to no internet : ( Please be patient! I'll make the final chapter one to remember! AND don't forget that there WILL be a sequel...the title is still pending...

1/29/08 Chapter 21 of Love Is A Battlefield has been uploaded!! Please R&R!!

1/20/08 I'm still working on chapter 21, and I'm running into a few problems. It's one of those trying to make it run smoothly problems. Right now, it is kinda jumbled together, and I need to edit it might take a bit longer than what I've promised some of you, but it will get done so no worries!!

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1/15/08 Chapter 20 of Love Is A Battlefield had been uploaded! The title of the chapter is called Our Final Hours!

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12/26/07 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, but I've got bad news...I'm stranded in my home town for a while until the snow storms end. According to the weather man, it's supposed to snow for the next 3 or 4 days. I can't type up my story until I get back to my laptop/Internet, so I'm sorry to say that you all will have to wait longer than expected for the next chapter. I can't apologize enough, I really am sorry. Thanks so much for hang'n in there! I'll make the next chapter worth the wait!!

12/16/07 Today is my sister's b-day, so I'm headed home. I'm going to stay at home for the next week-in-a-half for Christmas, so the next update will probably be when I get back. I promise to keep writing so that the update can happen sooner! I'm sure you all can be patient for that much longer ;P

12/16/07 It is after midnight, but I was still able to update Love Is A Battlefield!! R & R please!!

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11/20/07 Hello All!! I'm letting you know that I'm going home for Thanksgiving, so I will not have computer access. It looks like you'll be waiting longer than what I hoped for an update. Hang in there!! Also, have a Happy Turkey Day!!

11/19/07 I'm working on Ch. 18, and it's taking a while to get down. I'm trying to incorporate a bunch of advise that I recieved in many of your reviews to make it better. Also, I recommend that my loyal reviewers/readers check out this awesome story called Retracing Memories by beeswarm17 if you are really big on NaruHina!! I feel like this author isn't getting the reviews he/she deserves, so please check it out & REVIEW!! I promise it will be worth it!!

11/07/07 I posted Ch. 16 after going through a bout of my very first writer's block experience EVA!! I've gotta say that I definitely DON'T like that!! I'm working on the next chapter, the battle is underway!!

9/28/07 I'm working on a new story called Love Is A Battlefield and I promise it will be really good! The second chapter should be up by this weekend!


When Naruto leaves for 2 years to go train with Jiraiya, Hinata decides to go off on her own to become stronger. What can 2 years do? Everything. NaruHina, SasuSaku, NejiTen, GaaMats, ShikaIno pairings.

A/n: This story is set at the beginning of Naruto Shipuuden. Naruto and the others leave to go rescue Gaara, but what of Hinata? Naruto doesn’t get the chance to see Hinata again before he leaves to rescue Gaara…but when he returns to Konoha after his mission – Watch out!

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Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 30,133 - Reviews: 98 - Favs: 52 - Follows: 72 - Updated: 2/25/2012 - Published: 3/14/2007 - Edward E., Winry R.
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Shadows of the Night reviews
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