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Hey there everyone, mmonroe, aka michelle. I love reading fanfiction and i finally got the inspiration to write something. My fav pairings are fleur/hermione and haruka/michiru.

A liitle info bout me, im eighteen and a senior in high school lol but any questions just ask me. i love reading, writing, singing, acting, playing sports (not so much watching them tho), drawing, listening to music (i just got a zune and i love it) and idk walks at the beach at sunset? any questions just ask.

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this is awesome


11/21/07 - hey everyone, i want to apologize again for the delay in the last chapter of my story, i had sum crap to deal with that had to be done, but now im back and im on the 4th chapter and will hopefully have it up by the end of this week if not sooner. I wanna thanx everyone who has kept up with my story and has reviewed hugs to all and urg im a loser, im 18, im single (jus went through a break up with sum1 i had been with for around 2 1/2 years and it hurts but life goes on) and i have nothing to do but sit, draw, and write. I got my first acceptance letter from a college i applied to with a good scholarship, but thats not where i want to go so on i wait til the fates decide where my destiny lies. sorry, i kinda drift off like that but oh well. Im hungry so im gna try to make myself sumthing without burning myself or sumthing so ill write later k? bye every1 and Happy Thanksgiving to all (if u happen to celebrate it)

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