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Author has written 15 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleach, Edgar Allan Poe, Outsiders, Twilight, Fruits Basket, Wild Ones, and Absolute Boyfriend.

'Bout Me

I am a writer in training! The real name is Veronica, and i like it and all, but it's prettly long compared to Katy or Maddy or Danny (yes, that is sometimes a girl's name) So yeah. Verop or Ayaka it is!

Bleach PWNS your sox and Furuba PWNS your Onigiris. Yeah. -obessessed with Onigiri- Seriously, when the disney channel commerical came on, I was freaking out because the People from Japan said Onigiri. I was BOUNCING off the walls! -seriously though, i squealed at the T.V. T_T;;-

I'm basically a fairly emotionless person.I only cry in movies that touch my heart (-snort- good luck finding one that does! Except the Passion of the Christ. My jacket was DRENCHED in tears D=) Ask all my friends. Its like making a rock cry, and no, rain on the rock doesn't count. . I involuntarily try to hide my emotions, though deep inside, I'm a very romantic person. O_o Don't laugh, Kaitykins its true. (Kaitykins you know who you are XP ) That's why most of my stories include romance.

I also am deeply intrigued with violence. Violence and suffering. I'm called the Queen of Twists because I do things to charachters and the plot that is worthy (SOMETIMES) of being related to Darren Shan's technique. He's amazing, much more amazing then i'll EVER be, so don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to brag. That's just simple me.

I love complicating things. Mom always complains how I never say sorry, but I'll always give excuses, even if I DID do something wrong. -shrug- Such is my nature -purr- heh...Squin...MEOW! xp Sorry, inside joke.

The name: The Queen of Twists

The Interest: Manga, anime, Reading, writing, imagining, daydreaming, Shigure, Haru, Hatori, Renji, religion, Greek Mythology, Medicine and Biology of all kinds, and meh friends. X3 Can't forget you guys!!

Stories: I plan to write one for Bleach, Fruits Basket, and Ouran High School soon, in the Manga section. For books, I plan to write one for Maximum Ride, Demonata, Anthony Horowitz, and maybe The Memories of Tom Marvolo Riddle. Mabye. Not sure.

Faves: My favorite charachters must be Percy from the Lightning Thief, Shigure from Fruits Basket, Renji from Bleach, Fang from Maximum Ride, Dervish from the Demonata, Tamaki from Ouran High, and Darren from Cirque Du Freak.

More About my Favorite Charries

Well, in Fruits Basket, I'm totally obsessed with Shigure. He's hilarious! XD And also, he's a very developed and sad charachter. He has many things in his life that he would like to shut away and many things he'd like to hold on to. Plus, he's seperated from his true love because of an image to the world, so he has to meet her in secret (such as in volume 17 of the Manga. And I'm not saying who SHE is because that would spoil everything and I wouldn't want to do that) I had a tough time choosing between Haru and Shigure.

Haru's so...Haru, ya know? He practically forms his personality by himself.-shrug- Even when either one of my friends or me goes mad, we call it our Black Side. -shrugs again- Right now, between Haru and Shigure...I'd say it's a tie. XD A couple of months ago, I was totally out with Haru and obsessed with Shigure. Now, (much to my friend's relief) They're tied. =D

My Favorite in Bleach is totally Renji. In everything he did, Renji would always try and try and try. He had a goal, and he always tried to achieve above himself. To me, that's like determination BEYOND. And his Shikai is AMAZING. O_O I've never seen a cooler Zanpakuto.

Favorites of the Crowd

Percy Jackson and the Olympians story really has crawled to the top! Thanks so much for your faith and support, guys!

_Major Projects_

Percy's Life as an Olympian HalfBlood III- Percy Jackson and the Olympians -COMPLETE THE SERIES IS FINISHED!-

The Outsiders: Remorse- The Outsiders --ON HIATUS--

Eterniity- Twilight -Main Goal-

I think I will take a break from Ouran right now.X3 I haven't watched any episodes or read the manga for some inspiration. DDDDDD= I haven't read Furuba much never seems my Furuba stories can kick off. O_o Hmm...

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