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Author has written 4 stories for Kingdom Hearts.

To all half of a person (you can figure out which half of which person) wondering why Hero's Heart hasn't updated in a week:

February 25th 2009

Just waiting for my other idiot computer to work to upload some writing! There is much of it to read! Hoorah!

-- Josiy x

Woven Misery is a collabroration between Kena-san and Josiyloff

Together we will create Epic stories.

Kickass Epic stories

While we still create stories on our respective accounts, here we will bring to life the love children, the fictions we randomly come up with.

At the moment we are obsessed over kingdom hearts. And thats our Fandom of choice.

And for our first lovechild, we are going to write a drabble fiction about the one and only Number Nine. The awsome Demyx. The story is going to be titled

Drabbles of a Melodious Nocturne


~Why I let her write the introduction is beyond me. Kena is a little…strange, which means these collaborations will be too. Don’t be surprised if there’s lots of unusual pairings. Most of the ideas we’re working on came from “wouldn’t this character and that character be impossible to pair together?” and then having intense discussions about how to make it work.

Our shipping loyalties are a little...weak, to say the least. In canon, admittedly, I accept only LexZex and I most definitely prefer Marluxia as straight, but beyond that, anything goes. Out of canon, even slightly, I accept anything. With preferences for AkuRoku, LexZex, Zemyx, 11x12 and HaynerNamine. But honestly? Anything goes.

As for our writing... well, Treasure Ahoy! should be updated by Kena sometime, along with our drabbles and personal stories. However, for some reason, we're also starting a new story, tentatively called The Sexman. It features Xemnas and evil!Sora, so it should be fun.

Love, Josiy x (josiyloff@hotmail.com if you feel like sending a message.)

Pairings We Like (and will write)



Luxas (cause it fricking OWNS)

Kena Likes:

Yaoi in all it's glory.

Josiy Likes:


LexaeusZexion (LexZex>TexMex)

Pairings Not Liked:



...anything else is worth looking at once.


Read, know it, live it. Tatsuya Ishida is amazing. And when we aren't writing, roleplaying or being menaces to society, we're reading it. Because we are just that awesome.

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