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My favorite band is Rise Against

My favorite color is black

My favorite anime shows are naruto, inuyasha, and full metal alchemist

My favorite characters from naruto are Deidara, and Sasori

My favorite character from inuyasha is miroku

My favorite character from full metal alchemist is Ed

My oc is Liegh her real name is Leah. She is the youngest out of the Uchihas. She is a clutz (lol like me!)!She loves to climb she practically lives in a tree! She has black hair with red tips at the end. She is a chunin (I hope I spelled that write). he learned how to use the sharingan at age 8 she graduated from the ninja academy at age 7 she became a chunin at age 10 all like her eldest brother Itachi. She left Konaha to travel places at age 12 being that she was already a chunin and ended up living in Sunagakure ( yeah I don't know if I spelled that write either) she came back to konaha when she was 14.

My friends oc is Yuffie: shes an orphan. She has a shadow demon in side of her (like shakaku) she has short, black hair and sea green eyes. She was kicked out of her clan because she killed her family when she was in her demon form.

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SUCCES: don't just wish for it, work for it!!

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