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Name: Let's just keep it at Hand_gyded.

Age: 17

Sex: F

Interests: Obviously writing, reading, video games

Fav. pairings: Ichi x Hime (Bleach), Naruto x Hinata (Naruto), Manaka x Nishino (Ichigo 100), Manaka x Toujo (Ichigo 100)

Fav. anime: Bleach (definitely), Naruto Shippuden, Sonic X, Ruroni Kenshin, DBZ, Ichigo 100

Fav. bands: Nickleback, McFly

Fav. songs (not in order):

Heaven Only Knows- John Legend

Things I'll never say- Avril Lavigne

Don't tell me- Avril Lavigne

Omoide ni Dekinai- Hoiki Boshi

Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson

Lithium- Evanescence

We Made It- Linkin Park/Busta Ryhmes (Busta Rhymes' lyrics were so sick!! That's the first time he's impressed me so much!! Linkin Park, as usual; CRAZY instrumentals!)

And a billion others, I'm really a music person.

Craziest things I've done: -Worn a pair of boxers to school (on a dare)

-Rode a unicycle on a wooden plank from one rooftop to another (on a dare, won my best friends life savings but I let him keep it)

-Microwaved a potatoe just to see it explode (I got grounded for that one)

-Created my own flame thrower from a match stick and a can of deodorant ( really fun, try it! Oh, but have a bucket of water near by just incase you set your hedge on fire by accident. --clear thoat, whistle--)

Nicest things I've ever done: -Sneaked through a hospital to see my best friend

- Gave away all the money I'd saved for a PS3 console to charity (I later got one from my uncle. 'Goes around, comes around!)

- Planned a surprise birthday party for one of my few girlfriends (Went off without a hitch!)

Dreams: Publish a book and remain on the New York Bestseller List for at least a month

Create my own animated series based on at least three of my books

Direct my own movie

Marry Will Smith (singing: And when you dream, dream biiiiiiiigggggg! D)

"Leave somethin' for ma childrens' CHILDREN'S(!) children's CHILDREN!" (Busta Ryhmes, We Made It -2008)

Comments: I believe whenever you're writing a story and it ends up becoming work instead of both work and fun, you should just quit it and start another. Writing isn't just a craft, it's a passion. And I try to enjoy every sentence I type, every idea I try to portray, every... scene I depict. (Woah, that was deep). Anyway I hope when you write, you remember to put in your all and constantly focus on producing exactly what you want. Be it adventure, romance or just plain silliness.

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