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Hm, well what can I say about myself for those of you who are actually willing to read this. Well, I'm an artistically inclined person. I love taking photographs, writing poetry, and drawing pictures. Sometimes I even mix my own songs with a DJ program. Currently, I have 3 songs or so. I'm proud of each one, they don't sound half bad.
I reside in canada as a full time highschool student. I detest mushrooms and raw fish( it's a childhood fear thing, I wont go into details). I have a fascination for vampires and demons. That's probably because I have a passion for the darker side of anything.

If you see me in real life, you would not even guess that I have interest in gothic lolita or things like that. I don't flaunt that part of me regularly =P maybe just in poems and such. I only have one gothic lolita outfit which I wore to the 2006 Anime convention (was awesome)

The fandom that I'm currently engrossed in is Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. I recommend the series to every anime fan out there. The plot line is absolutely brilliant.

So now since it's summer, I have a lot more time on my hands now for my fanfic. Hopefully there will be an update once a week. I have all the ideas but getting them out onto a document in an organized manner is the hard part. So please be patient. However, I will also be going out of the country next week. I do have a computer where I will be residing so hopefully I can continue my updates. I will update my profile if any changes occur.

Story Update!

Hey Peeps! If you're wondering when Chapter might be coming out, you'll have to wait for a little while longer. It is half finished at the moment. However, I've decided to work on the M NeuroxYako fanfic that I promised months ago. So before that story comes out, it is unlikely that Dominance will be updated. Sorry, I can't multitask very well with stories since I tend to mix up the plots. So please bear with me. BTW for those who are wondering , YES it WILL be a full out M fic. Meaning there is quite possibly lemon. The title of the story is tentatively..The Lion and the Lamb- Coming on in a few days/weeks. Toodles!

Possible Future Stories:

Also, KZN and I had discovered something recently while she betareaded for me. Neuro has many mental issues that need to be resolved because he is afflicted with the following diseases/ disorders:

-superiority complex

-Asperger's Syndrome(severe)

-attention whore( yes that is a disorder)

-extremely spoiled ( a personality problem)

-attention deficit disorder(extremely Yako specific)

In the end, both of us concluded that writing a crack fic for Neuro going to the shrink will be an epic story. So I'm looking maybe into possibly writing that sometime in the future. Not sure when since Dominance pretty much takes up all my time at the moment.

If anyone else is interested in writing this story, feel free to go ahead. Just message me so I can read what you wrote. I'm quite interested in the idea myself.

So pm me sometime.

Oh and don't forget to leave your wonderful, wonderful reviews for my stories. They really keep me going at times when I just want to slam my head repeatedly into the keyboard due to brain implosion. (Researching 10+ articles on wikipedia is EXTREMELY painful)

So keep your encouragement coming. They really help me along.

Thank you so much for all the support you have all given me so far. They are by far the most inspiring messages for an author. Thank you again.

Medical Articles that I used as research for Dominance so far (on Wikipedia):

-Stabilization( medical)

-Shock( medical)

-Trauma Team

-Trauma Center

-Emergency Medical Services

-Emergency Medical Department

-Medical Emergency

-Crush syndrome



-Tabun (Yes it's a real chemical agent, extremely deadly one at that.)

Artwork!(fanart by author)

-insert disclaimer info here-

Fanart for Dominance by yours truly:

General Fanart for Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro although one can say that it's on one of the more regular days for Neuro and Yako in Dominance if one wishes:

MTNN wallpaper:

These are all made by me. Feel free to use them but please do not claim them as your own. That's all. Thank you!

The Ultimate Mystery is waiting:


The Search Continues:


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