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Name: Vierge

Allegiance: Autobot (though she doesn't mind ogling a few Decepticons every now and again)

Function: Cybertronian writer

Primary Weapon/s: Keyboard, Terran pen and notebook, the Internet

Transformation: Data pad

Tech Specs: Types at amazing speed. Researches for everything and anything; in this respect would make Perceptor proud. Is aided by music, energon sweets, and reviews, though she is perfectly content to write for the voices in her head. Scrambled processors, remember?

Profile: Vierge has written about a lot of things, mostly outside of Cybertronian culture. Some of them she's proud of, and some of them she's glad disappeared during the four or five times that her computer was nuked for various reasons. It is only recently that she has returned to her native Cybertronian culture for inspiration...but even then there are many who would question her ideas, as she likes to imagine herself as human and likes writing about humans and Cybertronians in romantic situations. She insists that it is plausible, but for the most part does not mind that people do not believe her. As long as the voices in her head are happy, then she is happy too.

She has always been fond of the Autobots, and intends to write about them as much as possible. The Decepticons will have to wait until one of them manages to catch her optics.

Completed Projects

Vignettes from the Serengeti -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) Five Hound/Human OFC vignettes, set in Serengeti National Park.

"Refracted Image" -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) A short piece written for Oniwanbashu on DeviantArt, in exchange for a picture of my OCs Shadowrunner and Nightraid as humans. First Aid and Inferno discuss Ratchet, and First Aid offers some interesting insight into the often-cranky Autobot CMO.

"Some Things Never Change" -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) One-shot written for and requested by kenyastarflight on DeviantArt, for hitting the 1.5K mark on my profile page. Jazz and Swoop are at the beach, and Jazz learns some interesting things about the Dinobot.

"Leverage" -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) A one-shot written for and requested by NightyIcons/Nightwind on DeviantArt, for hitting the 3K mark on my DeviantArt profile page. Snarl and Wheelie are stuck in quicksand-like mud in the middle of a jungle, and Wheelie's optimism and rhyming speech are both wearing Snarl's patience very, very thin.

"Dancing Shadows" (was originally "Familial Relations") -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) One-shot piece featuring my OCs Shadowrunner and Nightraid. Nothing as serious as the Vignettes from the Serengeti; just a fun little one-shot.

"That Which Ties" -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) Another one-shot piece featuring my OCs Shadowrunner and Nightraid. A semi-sequel to the events in "Dancing Shadows."

"Mischief Management" -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) Yet another one-shot piece featuring my OCs Shadowrunner and Nightraid. Was written in connection to "Dancing Shadows" and "That Which Ties," taking place after the latter.

"The Lamborghini Extermination Squad" -- (Transformers/Tremors Crossover Fan Fiction) A one-shot written for and requested by Lonegamer7 on DeviantArt, for hitting the 1.5K mark on my profile page, and features my OCs Shadowrunner and Nightraid, also by request. Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Nightraid, Shadowrunner and Red Alert all run afoul of some graboids, shriekers and ass-blasters out in the deserts surrounding the Ark, and it's up to Jazz, Prowl and Bluestreak to figure out a way to get them back safe and sound.

"Running from Shadows" -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) Technically supposed to be a one-shot piece, but got split into two parts. This once again focuses on my OC's Shadowrunner and Nightraid, but deals with something far darker: why Shadowrunner doesn't laugh, and quite possibly, why she and Sunstreaker are the way they are.

Ongoing Projects

Remnants of a Lost Age -- (Transformers Fan Fiction) A multi-chapter piece involving a shapeshifting alien race with incredible psionic powers, who have more to do with the Transformers and Earth than anyone ever imagined.

On the Drawing Board

None as of yet.

Secret Files

For those who do not know, I have more works on my DeviantArt account than I place up here. That is where you can find the most complete collection of stories related to the Lamborghini Siblings (in particular, the story "First Time, Last Time," a story that goes between "Mischief Management" and "The Lamborghini Extermination Squad," which I did not post here because it was related to a story that could only be found on DeviantArt), as well as stories related to various other universes: in particular, those maintained by the artist Oniwanbashu, and the author Tessombra.

If you are interested in reading these stories, please go to my DeviantArt account, to see what I have there.

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Remnants of a Lost Age reviews
[G1, AU] A discovery in the Egyptian deserts reveals a race that lived and fought on Earth long before the Transformers ever awoke: a race that may have far more to do with the Cybertronians than they first thought, heralding an ancient grudge and war.
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G1 Sequel to The Lamborghini Extermination Squad. No one knows why Shadowrunner doesn't laugh. A botched retrieval mission to Decepticon Headquarters, however, reveals more than anyone ever expected to know, and not just about Shadowrunner.
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[G1, Tremors Crossover] It had all started as something unusual on Teletraan1’s seismic monitors, but turned into something much, much worse.
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[G1] First Aid tells Inferno why he doesn't mind working under Ratchet temper flares and flying objects notwithstanding.
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