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HI everyone! I'm nmbc-4ever. or nbc-4ever or tnbc-4ever or tnmbc-4ever or nightmare-4ever or nightmare before Christmas-4ever.

Name: My name is Asia. I luv my name, if you have a problem with it don't tell me.

My sisters names: I have two little sister who I luv: Alia (now a Fanfic member) and Amy

I have a couple of friends I don't like have to many friends. My real best friend is Alia. but Samantha is my best friend outside of family. Other friends are Dave, Alex, Anna.

Nick name: People call me a History Nerd, HistoryFreak101and historyfreak because I luv history. I luv old stuff.

Age: older than 13 but younger than 20.

Sexe: I'm a Girl. GIRLS RULZ!

Lives: I'm a French Canadain. We do not live in an IGOOL! Maybe in the territories (I know people live in house there too but they can have some who do live in an igool) but where I live no. Winter isn't long enough here.

Favorites music: I like heavy music but not to heavy: Punkpop, Power Pop and New Rock. I also hate hip hop, R&B and most of Pop.

Favorites bands: I luv Linkin Park, Fall out Boy, Good Charlotte, Atreyu, Lostprophets, and most of all My Chemical Romance!! MCR!!

Favorite songs: the best songs whenever I can't listing to them and not sing: Numb, Breaking The Habit (Linkin Park), Hello Again, Wake up (make a move)(Lostphophects) Dance, Dance Thnks fr th mmrs (Fall out Boy), Miss Murder (Afi) Falling Down (Atreyu) Welcome to the Black Parade, This is how I disappear, Famous last Words (My Chemical Romance) and Jack's Obsession (Nightmare before Christmas). This might not be my fav song but I believe it's the best song of all times Smells like teen spirit, NIRVANA!

Favorite movie: I luv I have on tape my first time watching that movie Nightmare before Christmas (Well Duh) Sweeney Todd! (second fav) and my chilhood Favorite The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (classic) I was a huge Winniw the Pooh I wanted to marry him that is was my obsesion.

Favorite Nightmare Characters: I luv Lock, Shock and Barrel or the Terrible Trio or Oogie's Boy, they will be in every possible fanfiction form me. I also luv Jack and Sally, and Zero is cute! But I don't like the mayor of Halloween Town he needs Jack to much. And the rest I like them, just like.

Favorite T.V show: I luv anventure, drama or educational show my favs that I can't miss Grey's Anatomy (me and my best friend Serenity talks about this show all the time), Time Warp Trio (me and my sisters (Alia) show) Avatar The last Airbender Book III fire will be the best and Heroes "The best show ever." my mom says, it is one of the best. House! New show Gossip Girl!!

Favorites book/play: I luv reading. I'm reading a new series, Gossip girl it now my fav series yet i only read the prequel it had to be you. I read Holes I luved it, Harry Potters it's Harry Potter and Romeo and Juliet I luv tragedies and romance and it had action.

Favorites vidoe games: Pitfall adventure El Dorado I'm one of the best at that game, Wii Sports I get to like sports for the first time and any Mario game it's a classic.

Favorites couples: I like couples if there is no romanca, most of the i don't like it. well my couples are: Jack + Sally, perfect for one and other (Nightmare before Christmas), Lock+ Shock again perfect if you have never thought of that I find u not a big nightmare fan(Nightmare before Christmas), Romeo+Juliet, Meredeth+Derek, Meredeth is the luv of his life he said it (Grey's Anatomy) and Ginny+Harry, Harry is might to be with a good witch, she is. (Harry Potter) Aang+Katara (Avatar the last Airbender).

My Favorite invertion : My Ipod, i can't live without it.

Hobies: Reading Fanfiction, Drawing, writing (yet I'm terrible in grammar), listinng to music.

Dislikes: sports (not swimming or badmiton), music class, Dora the explorer and Ron and Hermione as a couple(she is to good for him).

Thanks to Amari Sanshelle for getting me into Fanfics!!

My O.C

Nightmare before Christmas:

James Skellington, the future Pumpkin King

Samuel (Sam) Skellington, The smart one

Sarah Skellington, girly girl

Jill Skellington, Tom boy

Simon Skellington, sweet one

Jason Skellington, the writer

Kia Skellington, Jack daughter with his high school love, Mary

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Sylvia McCoy

Charlotte (Charlie) Raven

Victor Ghost, Simon's best Friend

Lucy Skellington, Jack's mother

Time Warp Trio

Rob the Robot

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