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I'm realitivly new to FanFiction, so here are a few personal factoids:

I like to use big words

I fancy myself as a comidian

i like action/ sci-fi/ comedy movies (i.e. The Fifth Element, the Matrix, Evolution, X-men, Transformers.)

I like to make my own characters, most i make up from a single theme, others are reflections of peices of my personality (megolomania, dark/light sense of humor, Neo-esq hero, that kind of thing.) My writing style is improving, thats all that matters.

In case you haven't noticed, I show particular antipathy against some female characters. I don't know why, I just do. (In your face, Feminazis!)

Here's the funny thing. My Half-Life 2 story is an unmitigated disaster. I'll give it week to live, after which I write the sequel and then rewrite the original. I've been wanting to write the sequel for a while, thats why the story seems a bit rushed. For those who'll miss it I'm sorry- for those who don't, i have this to say: HA HA!

My up coming fic's are going to involve less martial arts, because it gets really hard and tedious going into detail of said action.

Favortie Bands: Drowning Pool, Linkin Park, Korn, Yellow Card, Evans Blue, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance, a little Dragonforce, and Smashing Pumpkins.

Intestests: technology, video games, and (sadly) weaponry.

Aspirations: Global conquest, finacial security (fort Knox security), to become a voice actor, professional skeet shooter.

Favorite Actors: Christian Bale (Because he scares me) Bruce Willis (Yippee-ki-ay mother&#$) Robin Williams (cuz' he's a riot) Will Ferrel (Shake n' bake) Samuel L. Jackson, and Alan Rickman

E-mail me at if you have a idea for a fic.

Best Quotes:

Red vs. Blue

Donut: All right sir, defences are established.

(Sheila the blue tank fires a shot at the red base)

Donut: scratch that sir, defences destroyed.

(Sheila fires again)

Sarge: Sweet sodium chloride, there goes my chemisrty set!

Alien Episode

Tucker: you know, I felt less threatened when Tex was just staring at the sword.

Tex: Oh, I was just.. examining his.. alien muscle structure.

Tucker: Yeah, a particular part of his muscle structure.

Tex: Well thats just a matter of penis-I MEAN opinion, opinion...

Church: Smooth.

Caboose: You told me it was another arm

Alien: Bleeeerrrg!

Andy (the translator/nuclear weapon): Hey Caboose, High five!

Caboose: i don't want to do that again.

Family guy:

Brian: East of Eden? So you do pretty much everything Opra tells you right?

Stewie: East of Eden is a classic, its been around for fifty years.

Brian: if it's fifty years old, how come your just now reading it?

Stewie: well, nows a good time to start.

Brian: what are you going read after that?

Stewie: i dunno, she hasn't told use ye-DAMN!

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

(Austin grabs Scott Evil)

Austin: AH Ha! looks like the tables turned again Dr.Evil

Dr.Evil: Not really go ahead, kill the little bastard see if I care

Scott: But Dad! we were making such good progress in Group!

Dr.Evil: I had the group liquidated you little shit.

Scott: I hate you, i wish i was never artificially created in a lab!

Adam vs. Adam

Adam1: What is it with these torture porn games? Its like a movie that flashes boobs at you and calls it a romance!

Adam2: Hey! I like boobs

Adam1: You're a boob

Best Phrases:


What the deuse?

"Bend me over, kiss my ass and hand wash my privates!"

"Yeah thats right, you honkified, white bread, cracker mother@#$!"

Apparetly, you can't hear me with your head so far up your butt.

All I want are frickin' sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their frickin' heads!

...Like this lady right here: I go to slit her throat, but she moves and I get her in the eye.

Looks like you're about to get pwned.

You're a @#$&$#@@#$&$#$$ and a @$@#$@$$ horn holding slut!

I'm so badass I can pull a sword out of my own chest.

Oh, balloux

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