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Author has written 13 stories for Ned's Declassified SSG, Danny Phantom, Twilight, Young Justice, Victorious, and Inuyasha.

Pen-name: HeartsXShadow


NOTE: I've deleted Libido Touch, Date From Hell, and Crushes in Terror because I don't have much inspiration for this story at the moment. Forgive me. I'm going to work on the stories (and edit them), and repost them as soon as they are complete. Please forgive me!

I have completed the polls, and my next stories will be coming out in this order:
1.) Ned/Loomer (Oneshot, plus a multi-chapter spin off of Hidden Desires)
2.) Dick/Conner (Oneshot, plus multi-chapter rework of Libido Touch)
3.) Dash/Danny (Multi-chapter plus Kwan/Danny Fic Date from Hell)
4.) Cedric/Harry

Thank you to all who voted!!

Side note: PLEASE, take a look at my story The Flower if you're interested in Jacob/Edward (Twilight). I've entered it in a contest, so it's not in my profile/story list, so please search it (Or Twilight Writing Contest, it's a member profile) and give me some feedback on it. I'd like you guys to tell me how I can improve for future stories.

The Flower will be posted here with a list of awards it has won.


Monster-- Lady Gaga

Poker Face-- Lady Gaga

Judas-- Lady Gaga

Bad Romance-- Lady Gaga

The Edge Of Glory-- Lady gaga

Nothing on (but the Radio)-- Lady Gaga

The One that Got Away--Katy Perry

Teenage Dream--Katy Perry

I'm Still Breathing--Katy Perry

Part of Me-- Katy Perry

Thinking of You--Katy Perry

Do you: Absolutely hate it when immature readers flame your story for pairings? I mean, if you're not into yaoi/ the pairings that I write about, why are you even reading my stories? Thank God this hasn't happened to me yet, but if it does, I'll be sure to leave the review up so you all can see just how stpid people can really be...It's so sad to hear "This pairing will never work! Did you not watch the series/read the book? They're obviously straight", or "They obviously don't belong together".

Let me just stop you right there. That's why I'm writing Fanfiction. So I can write my own plot, or write about pairings I truly enjoy. Because usually I like the side/supporting characters, and we all know they don't get enough air time. Right? Sorry, I'm ranting again...but I felt it was necessary to express.

NOTE: If you get a negative review from me, please COPY AND PASTE it, then SEND it to me via private message (I normally write reviews when I'm in a passion...so, you can get the worst or best from me. When it's bad...I feel like a fucking douche!). After reading a review I wrote today, I can see that I was WAY too harsh, and that was unforgivable...

My Opinion on Bashing and Flamers:

As stated above, I dislike Flamers. I can appreciate constructive criticism, but flaming doesn't really work for me. And usually, Flames are just stupid and immature, disliking the pairing or the story style...you don't have to personally attack the writer, just tell them what's wrong! Geeze... As for Bashing of a character?

If it's solely the stories purpose, I don't care for it, unless it's supposed to be funny, and it actually is. If it's a serious story and you're bashing a character to make another character seem better...then it doesn't make sense.

Meh, that's just me...

Updating schedule:

1.) the Gloomy Puppet Show

2.) Aqua Embrace

3.) Date from Hell

Detailed summaries of stories/future stories

Neds Declassified School Survival Guide:

Hidden Desires: Loomer is struggling to express his feelings for Ned, as he's afraid of rejection. Lacking the support of parents, he figures he has to do this all on his own. But how could someone like Ned return his feelings after all those years of bullying? Meanwhile, Ned is coming to term with his own sexuality. Does he like Loomer, or is Loomer just playing a sick prank on him? What about Suzie or Moze? Doesn't he like them? (Complete)

Fatal Attraction: Loomers feelings for Ned. Set before Hidden Desires, it's pretty short and a little angsty. (Loomer/Ned) (Complete)

Detention: It was just his luck. Stuck in detention on the day of Summer Break with Loomer, school bully...and secret crush (Loomer/Ned) (Complete)


the Gloomy Puppet Show: When Robbie is spurred by Tori and Cat to reveal his true feelings to Beck, he finds out that fairy tale endings just don't always work out the way we want them to--in fact, sometimes it's more of a complete horror story. Denied by Beck and hated by some, depression engulfs the young puppeteer and it takes all of his strength plus his friends to make it through. ANTI-ROMANCE (Meaning Robbie will NOT end up with Beck); (Onesided Robbie/Beck, Robbie/Tori/Cat[Friendship, Beck/Jade) (In progress)

Danny Phantom:

Lovely Lust: Danny is in love with Dash, he just knows it. Dash...well, is in denial. He does know he wants Danny, and he will do whatever it takes to get him. Jazz is worried about her baby brother, and is determined to find out what's wrong, while Sam knows Dannys little secret. And where does Kwan come into all of this? Well, read and find out. (Danny/Dash) (Complete)

Date From Hell: Danny's been having strange dreams, premonitions of these 'Shadows'. What are they? What do they have to do with the absence of ghosts in Amity Park? Danny, Sam and Tucker team up with Kwan, Dash and Paulina to figure it out. But they soon learn that there are some things in this world far more sinister than ghosts, and that not all dates go as planned. (Danny/Kwan) (In Progress)

The Little Mermaid/Treasure Planet (Crossover):

The Mermaid and the Sailor: The youngest daughter of King Triton, Ariel, has never felt like she belonged. The human world was far more interesting than the dull, blue ocean that surrounded. Spurred by a forced marriage to a merman she could never love, she decides to take a chance and follow her dream to unite the two worlds. If only she knew that she was merely a pawn in a much larger game.
Meanwhile, young Jim Hawkins decides to pursue his own unconventional dream: becoming a sailor. Just what happens when these two meet? (Ariel/Jim)(In Progress)


Monster: Oneshot: Seth reflects on his relationship with Edward. Was it really that messed up? Was Edward really the Monster Jacob made him out to be? (Seth/Edward) (Complete)

The Little Mermaid: Edward loves Jacob...but he knows it's impossible that Jacob feels the same way. His life was so relate-able to The Little Mermaid, it was truly laughable. (Edward/Jacob) Two-shot (Complete)

Aqua Embrace: Jacob's point of view. When a recurring dream is actually a distant memory, Jacob finds love with quite a mythical being. A Merman. But the Volturi have an agenda of their own that involves himself, Edward...and Bella. (Jacob/Edward) (In progress)

The Flower: Entry 16: It was a simple poem that reflected my love for him. There was no other way to express it to him, and I'd be damned if I didn't finish it by Valentines." Nominated For: Cutest Couple First Place, Most Romantic Second Place, and Cutest Couple Third Place (Jacob/Edward) (Complete)

Young Justice:

Fright Night: To prove Robin wrong, Conner and Wally investigate a haunted hospital, with surprising results. AU, made for Halloween (Conner/Wally)(COMPLETE)

Libido Touch: "Whenever I'm around him...I--I don't know that happens. And...I'm scared. Why can't I just be normal?" (Robin/Super Boy)(Future story, re-posting)


Spider Lilies: When Kikyou's parents die in an accident, she visits a meadow they frequently visited...waiting four seasons for those special flowers to bloom. She didn't think she'd have company, though. (Kikyou/Bankotsu) Oneshot, complete

Future stories:

Libido Touch

Remembering Cedric Diggory

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