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Aloha, bookworms of the world!

ShutYourEyes aka Sabrina (no, not the Teenage Witch, but hopefully someday the Teenage Vampire, as soon as Edward has found me, and realised that it's me he was searching for and not Bella( I mean, what is it that's so great about her, anyway? That soul-mate crap is a bit overrated, don't you think?) and invites me for dinner.) greets you!!! As you may have noticed the profile will include a lot of "Edward is so cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die- beautiful"- babbling, followed by "But Emmett and Jasper are pretty cute, too. And Alice simply rox. OMG, wouldn't it be awesome to live with the Cullens, forever???" -gobbledygook, and finishes with an endless chanting of "I am a nothing, I am a Mike, compared to the infallible, amazingly talented Stephenie Meyer, the reason for both my heart's joy and agony, as I love to mess with her characters to create my own little fanfiction, but at the same time know that noone can compare to her imagination and writing-skills (okay, at least not me, Alphie has a good chance, though.)!!!"

So, if you're not up to that or in some way disinclined to be littered with information on my state of obsession over these books, then take flight as long as you still can!

Age: 18

Country: Germany (so, if you read my fanfics, please correct any grammar or spelling errors)

So, some favourites:

Books: Twilight series (surprise, surprise), Tithe(+direct & indirect sequels), Inheritance series, Daughter of the Nile, Old Magic, Shopaholic series, Witch Child + Sorceress, Fingerprints Series, everything by Karin Slaughter(yay, bloody) and Cecilia Ahern (yay, whiny).

TV Shows: Gilmore Girls, Buffy, House, M.D., Charmed and if I'm really honest: SATC and the first season of The OC, but by now, whenever I give it a try and watch an episode I dread going gaga and turn it off real quick.

Bands & Singers: Panic at the Disco, Snow Patrol, The Killers, Placebo, Evanescence, Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, Paolo Nutini, Christina Aguilera, The Calling, The Fray, Linkin Park (yay, like B+E!!!)

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Underworld, Donnie Darko, Cursed, Lucky # Slevin, The Departed, Final Destination, Interview with a Vampire, aso.

Food: Pizza & Pasta, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Tripple Chocolate - Everything (Muffins, Brownies, Cakes, Ice Cream, CHOCOLATE...yes, I'm well aware, that I'm addicted, thank you.) And, although I haven't tasted them yet, I'm sure Irritated Grizzly and Mountain Lion are delicious.

Well, now we've covered the usual Fav's- list, we can move on to the proving-how-obsessed-I-am-with-everything Fav's List

Hottest fictional characters:

Edward/Twilight (although I'm convinced he does exist!): No explanation necessary, he's perfect!

Jasper/Twilight: So Emo Need I say more???

Roiben/Tithe: Knight of the Unseelie Court. Slightly darker than Ed, even more mopey and pessimistic. Definitely as smug and as thoroughly convinced to be evil.

Ravus/ Valiant: Troll, but highly romantic, although his fangs could be a problem when kissing...never mind, I'll take him anyway.

Sheftu/ The Daughter of the Nile: Hightly sarcastic and dazzling. Not to mention that he's a spy! God, I love the nice bad guys!!!

Personal Twilight Cast List:

Bella: Amber Tamblyn/ Emily Browning

Edward: HENRY CAVILL ...okay, if need be, also Gaspard Ulliel, but only if Henry dubs him...I hate French accents...

Jasper: Trent Ford

Emmett: Tom Welling

Rosalie: Sophia Myles

Charlie: Terry Kinney

I'm pretty undecided over the rest, well to be honest, nobody is perfect, but my perfect Edward sigh

For Jake I'm considering Joseph Gordon- Levitt, but I don't know...he looks too young for him...

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Scorpius Malfoy is the love of my life... Or I thought he was until one day he told me that everything was too hard and he couldn't take it anymore. I thought we were forever, and now, pregnant with his child, I will never see him again. He burrowed himself into my soul, and then he destroyed me... until he came back. But how can I forgive him for the devastation he left behind?
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Home reviews
*Love is to me that you are the knife which I turn within myself* Basically a One-Shot which continues the November Cookie from CoG. Therefore a whole lot of J&C *yay*
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