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Greetings. I'm hypersoda, and for the last few years, writing has been a major struggle for me due to other commitments. Now that I'm in college, I have a bit more time on my hands - and am starting to write again. I've been sort of stuck in this rut where I've slowly been falling out of things because I don't have the time for them anymore. I barely watch anime series anymore; I'm more interested in film and TV nowadays. I've fallen out of video games, in some ways - I don't have the time for long RPGs (haven't for a while, really) so I've been playing games that are easier to pick up and return to (TF2, Professor Layton). Combined with college admissions worries, falling out of things took a toll on me, I guess. I'm sort of starting to get back into things again, but not really. I can't exactly explain it. And it's probably partly because I'm growing up, too; though I'm in college and am not totally an adult, I've been finding that the same things that used to please me (fandoms in general) haven't really been satisfying me as of late. I mean, I'm still in fandoms, it's just different now. I throw myself into new fandoms, but not with the same vigor I once did. It's a bit disheartening, but I know that worrying about it won't really help me, either.

That's kind of depressing, though. I promise, I'm not a ball of depression or anything!

My inbox is always open, so if you ever want to chat, feel free to!

My FictionPress.

My AO3.

My main tumblr, as well as my writing tumblr.

Current Fandoms:

-BBC Sherlock

-Doctor Who

-Rise of the Guardians



-Professor Layton

-Team Fortress 2

-Ace Attorney

-Golden Sun



Nemo is on hold until the summer. I've had a really rough semester and had absolutely no time to work on it. However, I have started another fic for the Homestuck fandom, which I should hopefully be able to update a little more easily. Enjoy!


I've begun work on a new, long-term story for the Rise of the Guardians fandom, titled Nemo.

I'm in college and I have a ton of work to do.

I must be nuts.

I've deleted A Niente (Fragile Dreams fandom). I will be better about not deleting stories in the future and I'm so sorry. More information about this is detailed in the "Story Status" section.

I've also deleted Voices (Hetalia fandom). A few people liked it, but it was another piece that I've never been wholly satisfied with, and I always found it to be kind of cheesy. Again, I'm sorry.

I've taken a new approach to writing which will prevent me from doing this in the future.


TF2 Fanfic to be uploaded soon. Things are sort of starting to fall back into place, I guess. It's kind of hard - I feel like I've lost interest in a lot of things I once loved so much. But hopefully it's just a slump, and I'll become interested again.


I guess I'm back. Sort of. I'm slowly starting to return to the fanfic world. These past few years have been incredibly hectic for me and have prevented me from returning, but now I think I can officially say that I'm slowly coming back. Professor Layton fanfic uploaded. Don't expect too much anytime soon, but I definitely hope to upload more in the future.

I guess it's time for the about me section, isn't it? Well, here it is. All about me.

I love to write. After all, why else would I be here? Sometimes I wonder what I'd be doing if I weren't writing. Maybe I'd be trying to find a good pre-Med college like half the other kids in my school. Oh well. I can't stand math or science. :D Well okay, science isn't that bad, but I don't find it all that interesting to learn about. I like hearing about new discoveries, but I'm not that into astronomy, physics, biology, or chemistry.

I've been a huge anime fan for around five years. I adore Kino's Journey, among others. Some other favorites include GALS!, Jing: King of Bandits, and Slayers. Oh, and Hetalia! I've joined the craze, it seems. Ah well. I'm not much of a Naruto fan anymore. There's plenty of others that I haven't mentioned.

And if there's one thing everyone knows about me, it's that I am a massive Golden Sun fangirl and I absolutely cannot wait for Dark Dawn's release in America next month! Finally, years of waiting will finally come to an end! I'm so excited.

Story Status:

A Niente: (Fragile Dreams)

My first serious story in a while as well as the only one I'm currently working on. Updates will come whenever I get a chance to complete the chapters. I'm very busy with school at the moment. I hope you all understand. I'm trying to make it a story where you don't exactly have to play the game to understand it. It will touch on some of the themes from the game in a modern world, but I want everyone to be able to appreciate the characters in it. My goal is to create a world where almost everything is fleeting, hence the title. I really hope that I can accomplish that! I don't plan on it being overly long, but that could change. You never know!

(1/2/2013) Deleted, essentially dropped. I eventually want to return to the idea, but I have no idea when that will be, if ever. I wrote this at a time where I was struggling to write, struggling to find some sort of voice, struggling to even keep myself happy amid piling schoolwork and stress. Now that I'm in college, things have changed. I approach writing very, very differently; the first chapter was horribly unfinished, but I was too excited to get it up. It ended up being choppy, sloppy - and though people liked it, I can't forgive myself for it, since it strayed away from my original intention. So I had to delete it. I'm so, so sorry.

Nemo: (Rise of the Guardians)

A long-term story that I've begun work on, where things finally seem to be falling into place. I've sort of got my writing mood back, and I want to write more than I have in the past few years. This is the result, and I couldn't be happier. It's the first fic that I've wanted to slave over my computer for hours on end, editing and editing. In the past, I've been a bit more immature and couldn't wait to post things, so this fic is a sign of maturity for me.

(1/2/2013) First chapter uploaded.

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