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Author has written 3 stories for Warriors.

I am an aspiring novelist. While I have writer's block or my inspiration runs dry, I resort to expounding the characters of Erin Hunter's Warriors series. I could do other fanfic if I wanted to, but I love doing Warriors because of the sheer amount of characters and angles to choose from. I am a hardcore LeafpoolxCrowfeather fan; I would like to point out right now to those haters out there that Erin Hunter has said herself That Feathertail was more a high school fling for him and Nightcloud was a ploy to make WindClan trust him again. So Ha. Leafpool is his favoritest mate :)

Anyways. I will probably only be working on one story at a time, unless anyone has any specific requests for one shots or something...yeah. If you like my style then get at me, I could do you a little favor :)

Some of you may have noticed that unexpected and pretty random little story pop up at the bottom. It is something I wrote in about 3 hours, and based mainly on Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, so no promises that it will be great. But I like it, and its something to pass the time since I need to check out Dawn before continuing with Cursed.

Cursed chapter 1 out now. I probably will not have a whole lot of author's notes there, since I want the story to flow better, but check back here for info.

Jealousy has officially been completed ): While I will greatly miss hanging out with Leafpool and Crowfeather, my two favorite and some of the most interesting characters in the series, I am looking forward to writing Rainwhisker's story: Cursed. If you were on story alert for jealousy, I suggest putting me on author alert so you will know when I get the prologue and chapter 1 up. here are some ideas for the other stories I have in mind:

Littlecloud- My life came to an end as I knew it on that day; but then i caught sight of her, and I felt a hope I thought would be absent for as long as I lived.

Blackstar- "This is horrible news indeed, Rowanclaw. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We put the plan into action at dawn."

Ashfur- Was there really a point in fighting it anymore? She was gone-and good riddance, too. Now that I had taken a step back, I realized exactly why it took so long for her to decieve Brambleclaw.

Ashfoot- Looking down at the tiny, gray-black kit, i gasped. There was something hauntingly familiar in the blue eyes and short, bristly fur. "Crowkit..." I murmured, a shiver running down my spine. I didnt know how this could be possible, but i recognized this kit in an instant as Crowpelt.

Minnowpaw- "Back off, Pebblepaw. I really feel like clawing your fur off right now. and you know I can do it, too."

Spiderleg-"Please, Spiderleg...do this for me?" I squeezed my eyes shut and followed her forward, my head screaming "No!" but my body cooing "yes..."

Hollyleaf- I knew it would never work- I clung to the Warrior Code like it was the sun, the forest, the prey I lived on, and he suggested getting rid of it! Yet I still find myself losing myself in those strange amber eyes, find my eyes tracing the lean, lion-like contours of his shoulders and back, the finely pointed muzzle...

Let me know which one your most interested in hearing :)

And, here is my official summary for Cursed.

Rainwhisker is an ordinary ThunderClan warrior of noble blood. But only he notices the despair and horror surrounding him and his pure-blooded ThunderClan family. There is something- or some cat- trying to destroy his family line, and he is willing to go all the way to the sun-drown place and back to find out why there is a curse upon his family.

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