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Hi there!

To tell the truth, I don't see why my pen name is Lili and RayRay anymore. The alleged 'Lili' and I had originally planned to write stuff together, but then she SKIPPED OUT ON ME with the STUPID, DAMNABLE EXCUSE that she COULDN'T TYPE WELL. (As you can see, I'm still very miffed about this.) Oh well. Perhaps someday this no. 1333292 will become Just RayRay. Serves Lili right, too.
(On the other hand, Lili and RayRay are a designated pair that aren't supposed to be separated. The names originated from the 'loops' that are formed in formal shirt sleeves when the cuffs are buttoned up. Lili is Left and RayRay is Right. Obviously, without one you can't have the other. Not so obviously, we were very bored in math class...)

If Lili does come back, however, you'll know because she types author's notes in italics. RayRay does it in bold.

By the way, Lili and RayRay on FictionPress.Com is NOT Lili and RayRay on FanFiction.Net. The FanFiction.Net one is known over there as Ecuadorian Bananas and the FictionPress.Com one is... well, nonexistent here. Just a heads-up~!

Jan. 8 2011: Finally came back to FanFiction.Net after a long hibernation. Finally decided to update this. I have no idea what I want to say here...haha...sorry guys.

I live somewhere near Canada's head (I guess you would call it a head... Vancouver?) but will probably move to his vital regions by September. In total, I've lived in three countries (China, Singapore, and Canada) and visited 5 more: Germany, Austria, Thailand, Australia, and the good ol' U.S. of A.

I like Bleach and Hetalia and Detective Conan and Gintama and Vocaloids, especially KAITO. When I grow up even more than I already am right now I will find myself a man who looks like Japan and acts like Spain/Germany/Italy (because I want someone who can put up with my antics while still having a fun boyish charm), is cool like Gakupo (I mean the luscious long purple locks, not the getting naked), and sounds like Kaito. Squee~~~

You know you're enjoying IB too much when:

1) Every time someone says "uncertain", you burst out laughing. Not just you, but all of your science classmates.

2) You can't help but continually allude to things you learn in other classes...especially geography and English. (Admittedly, the Geo thing is because of Hetalia...)

3) Whenever someone gets in trouble with the teacher, one of your classmates always says, in perfect imitation of the math teacher, "See you after school..."

4) When a second person gets in trouble, another classmate says the same thing, then adds (again imitating the math teacher), "Don't worry, ya won't be alone."

6) When people show up late to class, (AGAIN the math teacher impression) someone will say, "This better be good..."

7) "Aftermath" is funny because it links math class to English class AND physics class.

8) You're typing out You Know You're Enjoying IB Too Much When lists at 10:30, you have a pile of homework left to do, and you don't care! :D

9) Hey, where'd #5 go?

10) You can spell International Baccalaureate.

11) You thought you could do 7 lab reports in the 7 hours before school starts.

11a) You aren't getting any sleep tonight and you're okay with it because you had 7 hours the night before!

12) You understood ANY of what I just said. If not, congratulations! You are a 100% sane person ^w^

By the way, if you understood all those math teacher references and are laughing your head off... Hi. I might be someone you know. Leave me a message so I can hunt you down and erase your memories of ever discovering my FanFiction.Net account...

I must explain the Aftermath one because I find it especially hilarious. As you probably inferred from the list above, our math teacher is a little... eccentric. And strict. One day, during last period, someone came in late after going to the washroom, and he said, "See you after school... no, wait, after class." At this point a classmate added, "After math!" (Aftermath is the title of a war poem we studied in English.) Months later, I was retelling this incident to a friend and she said, "Hey, that's physics! After math class we have physics class! :D"

And so began the triple alliance of English/Math/Physics... if I had to link that to Hetalia, I would say Math = Germany, Physics = Italy and English = Japan. Math is stern and serious, Physics is where the 10-student class kicks back and unwinds, and English is where everything is ambiguous and contains double meanings. Yup. XD

Or, English is strict and stern (mostly because of the teacher), Physics is easygoing and relaxed (in comparison, anyway), and Math is, erm, ambiguous. Yeah. Darn calculus. And that whole infinity thing? Ugh.

"No, what we're trying to say here is that as the limit (please don't ask what that is...) approaches the number infinity..."

"Infinity is not a number, [friend's name here]. =_="

And then: "1 divided by 9 is 0.11111 repeating. 2 divided by 9 is 0.22222 repeating. 3 divided by 9 is 0.33333 repeating... Now, what's 9 divided by 9?"

Class: "1." (Oh, nice try Tachi, but you're not fooling us so easily... =_=)

Teacher: "No, it's 0.99999 repeating. But that's equal to 1.00000 repeating, so that must mean that the number of decimal digits in 0.99999 repeating (infinity) is a longer infinity than the number of decimals in 1.00000 repeating..."

Class: OДÒ

My math teacher is confusing. Yeah you know what? He wins. He can be Japan. Which kinda fits, because he's Japanese...

Feb. 27 2011: Got acceptance notice from McGill! Looks like I'll be moving to ol' Mattie's French-speaking district in September... or, to make it really obscene, I can call it his "French letter district". Oh God.

Mar. 6 2011: This is AMAZING!!!!

Amanda: Luisa, I am Hungary

Luisa: Maybe you should Czech the fridge

Amanda: I'm Russian to the kitchen

Luisa: Maybe you will find some Turkey

Amanda: We have some but it's covered in a layer of Greece (in context with that last one...EWWWWWWWWW! or, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

Luisa: Ew, there's Norway you can eat that

Amanda: I think I'll settle for a can of Chile

Luisa: That sounds appetizing, I would love a Canada Chile as well

Amanda: Denmark your name on the can



Apr. 25 2011, 11:50-something pm

You know you're a retarded IB student when you're up at this hour organizing your binder. For marks. You also know you're a retarded IB student when you try to spell "Afghanistan" and start it off with "A-P-H". Either that, or you're more into Hetalia than you originally thought.

I vote: all of the above.

Okay, I'm going to sleep now...

Apr. 28 2011:

"Hello? Mayday! Mayday! We are sinking! Repeat! We are sinking! D:"

"Hallo, zis is ze German Coast Guard... Vot are you sinking about? :D"

May 16 2011:

Man, I'm going to miss IB. It was cool having:

A Ukrainian French teacher

A Lebanese physics teacher who speaks French and English with a French with an Arabic accent

A Russian English teacher (hence the tight leash mentioned above, I guess...)

A Japanese math teacher

A quarter-Filipino chemistry teacher (as for what the other 3/4 is... I have no idea.)

A geography teacher who knows a lot about global issues but has lived within a 25km radius of the school all his life

A philosophy teacher who had a heart attack on Good Friday, came out of his coma on Easter Monday, and has the initials J.C. I'm not kidding.

May 18 2011:

I haven't updated anything in ages. That's because I'm working on something cool! I'll put up the link when it's done~ :D

May 20 2011:

Here's the link:

And also, I just remembered: My classmate who takes History instead of Geography referred to Germany as a "she" and I burst out laughing. It was rather embarrassing, since no one else in that room knew anything about Hetalia...

June 9 2011:

Updating my profile for the sake of updating it. Apparently Montreal and Gatineau are a three-hour drive away.

Justin Bieber did not know what German is. =_=

I read over what I wrote in the very beginning when I first set up this account. Well, Lili can type now... but she never comes on because she "doesn't have any good story ideas". Well. I'm about to plant some in her head ri~~~~ght now. >:D

August 10 2011:

Happy belated birthday Singapore! To celebrate, here's a weird joke I found:

"Between the ages of 16 and 18, she is like Africa, virgin and unexplored. Between the ages of 19 and 35, she is like Asia, hot and exotic. Between the ages of 36 and 45, she is like America, fully explored, breathtakingly beautiful, and free with her resources. Between the ages of 46 and 56 she is like Europe, exhausted but still has points of interest. After 56, she is like Australia, everybody knows it's down there but who gives a damn."

Poor Australia D;

September 18 2011:

I'm working on those chapters. I'm going to post them all at once, so I can't crash after finishing the next chapter of one fic and forget about the other fics. Thank you to everyone for supporting this aspiring person who suddenly realized she's nothing more than a whitewashed self-proclaimed Chinese Singaporean Canadian with rudimentary French skills after all.

September 28 2011:

UUUUUGH. Did FF change its fonts, or did something creepy happen to my computer? Shit, I can't figure it out... @_@

October 20 2011:

My butt hurts, but that's besides the point. I'm going to N2U in Ottawa next month. I hope it'll be fun. Also, I wonder if I should invert this log so the most recent posts are at the top. Yeah, that might be helpful.

Oh yeah... and I eventually did make it to Mattie's French district, yes. These well-dressing people make me feel like a hobo.

In case you're still hung up on that butt thing... I was sitting on the floor for a very long time.

October 21 2011:

I just found out we DO get a spring break in university. It's called Reading Week and traditionally we Canadians run away to Cuba to taunt our American buddies. Better decide on what to do soon before those plant ticket prices start ballooning up...

December 14 2011:

Just finished all my exams. That last one was veeeeeeeeeeery bad. *winces* But now that I'm finished... it's holiday season. And you know what that means... ;D

Shopping frenzy.

December 25 2011:

Merry Christmas. To you, that is. Goodness knows mine's getting less and less so just thinking about my dilemmas. =_=

And since Lili is dead anyway, there's no point in keeping my profile updates in bold.

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