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Ok, I'm going to start this off with a statement that I see many people attach to their stories: FIRE! Just kidding. Now, as I was saying, what many people say is: Please Do NOT Flame! (Huh, would you look at that? Fire reference. To be completely honest I didn't realize the fire/flame connection until I typed "flame". There goes my element of randomness. Don't worry there'll be more.) But please do be a kind reader. I think that flaming is very, very mean. There are very specific circumstances under which I myself will flame or think a flame was neccessary. Now someone is going to read this and say "Goody-Two-Shoes Writeon20. Why would we be nice because of one stupid profile/bio post? What is really going to change?" I don't expect you to change because of me. Everyone has different ways, cough excuses cough to justify the things they do. "Well they shouldn't use that much language, they shouldn't be writing about sex, they shouldn't make my favorite character a frou-frou boy, blah blah BLAH!! Folks this is really simple:

Don't flame a story because it's a SLASH story. If you don't like SLASH, don't read it. No excuse, 'cuz guess what? Being homosexual is REAL. Many people are. No, not all of us are. But why does it matter? Really. Even those of you who may think being homosexual is weird, did it ever occur to you that maybe they find us heterosexuals weird? Who says one way or the other is right? No such evidence. I am heterosexual and very glad because I'm in a great relationship right now. I couldn't imagine being with someone of my own gender but that's just how I was born. Everyone is different, DON'T CRITICIZE THEM FOR IT!!!

If you don't like a story, don't read it. If you think things are too...let's say "complicated", read a different rating level. If you don't like character pairs, do a search for characters you do like. If you don't like the genre, what do you do? Anybody? You in the first row? YES! The correct answer is: READ ONE YOU DO LIKE! Why would you read a story or pretend to read a story you don't want to read or like, and then wind up hurting someone's feelings because of it? To most degrees everyone who puts something on this website, or any writing site, believes that their writing is good. Please don't insult that for the sake of being "funny". It's not funny.

Another thing I see people get picked on about is grammar and spelling. I understand that it does get frustrating. Especially in the 21st century when even a cell phone comes with spelling and grammar check. So here is what I like to remember when I get upset: One: not everyone is the same age. We don't all know the same words or spelling for them. (Sometimes it IS hard to see the squiggly red line under words in Microsoft Word. Even harder the green grammar line) Two: We use a lot of slang nowadays. And while some slang does have proper spelling...come on. I must say though, writers please let your computer check your work. And THEN double-check it yourself.

Also, if you read a story and LIKE it: review and say so. All you have to say is: "Good story" or something. Trust me it's appreciated. People don't like having 150 hits but not one review.

Everything I put in here will mostly just be opinion stuff. I don't want to put that many things about myself in here because it's the Internet and you don't need to know anything about me. I will respect your privacy, please respect mine. I won't get started on the subject of people saying too much on the Internet. I'm sorry if things that I have said in here have insulted you, and I'm sure a lot of you will feel I have. Bear in mind, I'm not trying to insult you, I'm trying to keep you and any innocent writer from being insulted. Like I said, not gonna happen with one post. But if you think what I said is true, take the initiative and tell your friends on here not to flame. Flaming BA-AD!!! Get it? Got it? GOOD! Well thank you for reading my post, good writing, take care, and as you will always hear:


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