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Author has written 9 stories for Detective Conan/Case Closed.

Name: Yeah right.

Surname: Who cares?

Nickname: Key-chan, you don't need to know the twenty others.

Age: Old enough to be in University.

Location: On a chair in front of my computer screen.

I look rude, sound rude, feel rude, but if you weren't on the other end of a screen, I couldn't actually say a sarcastic comment unless you were a close friend. Sorry.

My fics mostly revolve around AU settings and crossovers, because it's fun to imagine the characters in situations they could never find themselves in in canon, be it manga or anime version. I also like to try and make my stories different from those of others and find something that hasn't been done yet. We all imagine, for example, that Kaito will eventually find the Pandora gem and break it, in front of Snake or not. Everyone likes to write their own version of Pandora's destruction, but in the end it's still the same plot. That's where imagination kicks in: What if someone else already found and broke Pandora a long time ago and nobody knew? What if Pandora were something other than a gem? What if Toichi, who'd been apparently searching for Pandora, had been looking for it for reasons different from what Kaito imagines? There are tons of things that could be questioned, changed.

I'm also very open on pairings. In all the fics on my project list, there's rarely two fics that star the same pairing. Of course, there are some pairings that I have an easier time imagining than others, but that doesn't mean that I completely reject the others (unless, really, they're unimaginable as a serious pairing and only exist in crack-fics). I mean, think of all the possibilities! Just taking Shinichi, you can make ShinRan, ShinKai, ShinHei, ShinSagu, ShinSonoko, ShinShiho...that's arleady six pairings, six fics. And those are just the ones that seem most obvious to me. See? Very open. Told ya.

...Of course, that doesn't mean I don't have my own favorite pairings. What were you thinking?

As for my writing-style, even though I can say (even with modesty) that I'm better than several, I'm not very confident in the results I tend to produce. Lots of readers love my fics, but I sometimes find my writings to turn out as almost childish. I can see that my writing needs improvement. But since I rarely get any constructive critisizm to help me, I rarely get the chance to actually correct what needs corrected. And if there's nothing that was wrong, is there anything that was right? That made the chapter worth reading? I'm not a perfectionnist, and you can usually see that in the things I do. But writing is one of the things I've been doing since I was little, and sometimes I feel like I should've advanced a lot more than I actually did. Like learning a new language in elementary school and still being able to only say "Hello" five years of schooling later. It makes me feel unaccomplished.

Ah well...Maybe I should stop with the rambling. It's not like it's gonna do anything. If you got this far, though, thanks for reading my profile-rants. And for reading my fics, since you probably wouldn't be on my profile to begin with otherwise XD



Birds of a Feather (in progress): This would be my current monster-sized fic. It wasn't thought to become as long, but after calculating all the stuff I wanted to put in, I realized just how long it would actually end up as. It's an AU-fic, apparently enough people like it, and though I should probably rate it as angsty it has a lot of friendship/family/romance/action/hurt/comfort/mystery/sci-fi/fantasy/whatever-else-there-is.

Astrological Love-Test (complete): First "Birds of a Feather" omake. Because the Fledglings like pretending they have the same interests as high-school girls.

One Hell Of A Truth (complete): Second "Birds of a Feather" omake. The truth behind Lucifer's life.

Forgive Me (complete): A two-shot between Kaito/KID and Aoko, kinda cute I guess.

Gone With The Wind (complete): A KaitoxAoko one-shot dedicated to Mangaluva. Angst and fluff.

Pandora's End (complete): Troll fic, a parody designed to make fun of fic-writers that have never heard the meaning of "proof-reading"

Pizza Delivery! (complete): Crack. Nuff said.

Ski, Snow and Skates (complete): Cracky oneshot with KaiShin. Since there wasn't any particular pairing I did those two.

Things I Know, But Will Never Say (complete): Oneshot, Inspector Nakamori's point of view. Lots of swearing that automatically comes with the character, but hey, he's cool anyway.


Actually, I've got a lot. Almost too many, even, there's like nineteen projects on my list right now and it keeps growing. They're all being kept secret on an invisible poll that I plan on publishing once I get far enough in my current fic and round up some basic timeline ideas for each of them. All T-rated for occasional swearing, possible character deaths, stuff like that.


If I select a few stories from my list of Favorites, I say Mangaluva's "When Pandora's Box Is Opened" is a definite must to all DCMK-fans out there, it's yet again another version of the ending to the DC series out of many but it twists in with Magic Kaito perfectly and makes incredible sense and is simply breath-taking. You won't regret reading this one. "Mayonaka" co-written by Dragon-sama and White Mage Koorii is a very angsty KaiShin fic but also extremely well-written and tugs at your heart because you can feel what the characters are feeling. "Synaesthesia" by s2lou is also very well-written and a very sweet Kaito/Aoko fic. And if you like crack, read "The Donut Soul". That must be the most awesome oneshot I've ever had the chance to read XDDD

All things in this world are like two sides of a coin,
they cannot exist one without the other:
light and darkness, life and death, good and evil...
...fries and ketchup...

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When you're Lost, What can you Lose? by LostInTheDreams reviews
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Birds of a Feather reviews
They were part of the Organization's scientific test subjects. And now they've escaped. Four teenage boys are trying to live normally, but with the Organization trying to take them back it's not that easy. AU, slight OOC, mostly canon pairings
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Do not take this seriously. Please. You can even read the end first if it makes you feel better.
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If you’ve never seen an elephant ski, then you’ve never been on acid!" Oneshot, contains KaiShin
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He probably didn't know where they were headed, but it felt like he did. Or at the very least she was just as busy as him thinking that they had to get out of there, no matter how.
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