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well me im just an average girl- (a little weird). now before you read this ask yuorself "why am i reading this?" i do not know why you are reading this, why are you? shouldnt you be esle where reading others stories?

well now if you have continued on i suppose you deserve to read a bit about me first-

1) there is more to me than meets the eye


3) i like to draw even though im not good at it

4) i will be a writer when i grow up (i have seen it!)

5)i am the weirdst person i have met so far

6) im not a nerd but a geek

7) yes im diffrent

8) hot chocolate can be drinken and eaten (did you know that?)

well now a bit more about me self- well i actually like the new Transformers series on tv Bee naturaly is mah favorite(smallest and cutest). followed by Prowl (one for the ninja bot!). i also happen to like Bionicle, im currently working on a Bionicle story thought its not very good... i like pirates and im secretly a werewolf (its not a secret any more) me and my werewolf buddies have fun at school, and yah...

Quotes i like:

- you can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can a kind word alone- not a clue where that came from

- between the two evils I always try to pick the one I haven’t tried yet- again not a clue where that is from

the next thing is one of the nicest things some one had ever said to me-

For a grade 9 student you have talent for writing. You may be an ammuture but no one would know that you are only a young teen. Your words give you the wisdom of an adult

ok now if you hve still read this far and have not yet gotten bored, good on you! well if any of you have any ideas for stories or have any ideas for one of my current stories please tell me!!

and that is all im going to give you about me MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa

for now that is all thank you bows, and awaits applause


l=l l=l
\l H l/


l\ .M. /l

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