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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto.

It’s nearly been two years since I been in fanfiction, and I’ve become known to everyone. I have you know that I’m a girl, I live in the U.S., I have two sisters, three half-sisters, one half-brother, and one step-brother and sister. I appreciate to readers reviewing my stories, and glad that you liked them. Of course you all know I like the anime show Naruto, as I started writing my fiction on certain characters. Just a thought of some people I know and some people I don’t know, letting them know who I am.

Over the passed few weeks, I've been having thoughts of a certain Arrancar from Bleach; No, it's not #6! It's #4 ^_^! (If you know what I mean.)

Info of my stories;

Heart of the Cherry Blossom; My first story about Sakura, the same as the original series but a different background. She has a secret life that no one, not even her teammates, knows about her past, which involves where she came from, her family, and her unknown powers; along with her aunt, Kamaikom, Kom for short. Though Naruto and Sasuke are growing suspicious on her, yet, they developed feelings for her as they formed a love triangle (Oh boy). It involves action, adventure, romance, suspence, mystery, spiritual, and general (I think). The pairings, is between Saku/Naru and Saku/Sasu, of course I added some OC's, such as Saku/Racarsu. The beginning through the middle will be like the original series, but at the middle through the end will by a major twist. With new characters, a stretched out plot, and a big surprise at the end. Hope you like it.

Get You Back; My second story involves more of a mystery and suspense. It started off when Sakura was all worried about her teammates always fighting, until an unexpected moment happened when she was kidnapped and got hurt by two mystery people, and her mother was killed by their leader. Tsunade, along with some Jounins, are at the case of the murderer and the two killers. Sakura was at a coma for a few days, until she woke up with amnesia, that she doesn't remember who she was, who her friends are, or ever being a Genin. Which worries Naruto and the others, so they decided to help her restore some of her memories, trying to get her 'old' self back. That is, when her aunt, Egamai, came to take her out of the village so she can live with her in another village. Which upset Naruto, and his friends with her gone. Though Tsunade is close in solving the case of the killers, since she know that they called themselve the Klustas Trios, that they control the weather. Will Sakura ever get her memories back? Will Team 7 ever be the same without her? Who is the murderer who killed her mother? What are the Klustas Trios planning? Why Sakura? Read this if want to know. (I'm making this Saku/Naru pairing, just so you all know.)

Emotionless; The third story came to me, when it comes to Sakura not much like everyone else; but I'm sure everyone figured that. The beginning nearly took place in this one episode about Naruto and Sasuke fighting at the hospital to see who's stronger. Sakura wanted to stopped them but her emotions got in the way, and Kakashi already beat her to it. Now the part when Sasuke left the the village to go seek out power from Orochimaru in the Sounds, this time he's not going; Sakura is, but not to the Sounds. Instead, she was taken out of the village by a young, handsome, emotionless boy named Ibate. He tried to talk her into giving up her emotions so she could become strong like everyone else, but to do that, she has to meet Lord Akeeba so he can take away her emotions; therefore she must leave her village. Sakura struggles with her decision before and after Ibate and his group took her away from her home. By that time, her friends and family discovered her missing, they formed a search party; until later on, they found out she was kidnapped by thugs. So they form a 'Sakura Retrieval' mission for Naruto, Sasuke, and the others. Like in the series when they tried to retrieve Sasuke, except this time their retrieval on Sakura is more of a rescue mission, but they better watch out, they don't know about Ibate nor his group as they faced their abilities. Of course, Sakura is still undecided of whether to give up her emotions to become a strong kunoichi, or to keep them for the sake of her friends and family. The pairings, is sort of the same as the first story, of course with a bit of a surprise twist around it. Trust me, in this story, is nothing liked you ever read. Enjoy.

Desire; Now this fourth story just hit me (literally, in the face) about this one movie I watched about vampires, seduction, horror, and romance. This time with the pairings of Saku/Sasu, since nearly most people like this couple; since I saw them together in Youtube, Deviantart, Photobucket, here, and other websites that people made doujinshis, comics, and mangas about them. Not that I'm bragging about it, I also saw Sakura with Naruto, Lee, Itachi, and so on. Anyway, this story is about Sakura being a medical-nin but had a sad break-up from her boyfriend last month, even as she tried to move on, she felt lonely by the time she lost her parents when she was a child. Until she came across a demon named Sasuke (In case if you already know, he's the curse-mark Sasuke in level 2), he was all over the news being the serial killer murdering women from different villages, and he was able to pick his next victim; and by victim, I mean Sakura. Though she recieved an anonymous message from the demon-hunters as they will help stop Sasuke killing other people. However, she has to captured him and keep him locked up in a cage in her basement for a while; which she succeed without being bitten. Though, Sasuke seemed to have power over her, as he's seducing her of letting him go, Sakura is struggling of trying not to develop feelings for him, otherwise she might have difficulties of whether to let him die or let him go. No doubt people might love this type of story, I know I do sometimes, since they'll be romance, seduction, comfort, horror, and mystery in the plot. Of course the lemon parts, as everyone called it... it's a maybe. Feel free to read.

I do not own Naruto. But I do own these characters;

Heart of the Cherry Blossom

Kamaikom Shizuda; A Jounin in the other village, though she's mostly called Kom for short, she's Sakura's aunt and trainer. She so happens to wear a mask like Kakashi, which she find him interesting in first sight. She has more spirits than her niece, and she's a close friend of Erlu.

Erlu Mushima; also a Jounin in village hidden in the Mountains, she's a sensei of the Ichiba brothers, and... she's the only character with anger issues. Somehow, she's Kom's close friend, and (strangely) finds Gai interesting. Though she doesn't seem to like Rock Lee or Tenten; especially Tenten. In battle, she summons mountain lions to fight by her side.

Racarsu Ichiba; the middle child of the triplets, a head-strong Genin like everyone else, and he's Sakura's boyfriend.

Racardu Ichiba; the oldest child of the triplets, also a Genin but take full responsibility of his younger brothers; and so happens to like Ino.

Racarnu Ichiba; the youngest child of the triplets, another Genin like his brothers though he's a bit of a sensitive type; and so happens to like Hinata.

Ichiba brothers; they all have the ability that relates to earth, and they're from the village hidden the Mountains, they have spirits in them as well.

Get You Back

Egamai Garshima; Sakura's aunt, from the Cloud village as she lives in a mansion there. Though, she's not a very nice person, as she's very rude and doesn't seem to like anyone; especially in Konoha. Though, she took Sakura out of there to live with her due to her sister's murder. (Nobody likes her very much.)

Kizu Cazumai; mistress of lightening of the Klustas Trios; she's very perky and a bit obnoxious, according to her partner Asmai; though, she's one of the killers, killinginnocent people with the use of lightening.

Asmai Hekumaki; warrior of rain, not a friendly woman to be around with as she's grouchy and unmerciful; a bit like Erlu, but very cruel. She's also one of the killers, killing innocent people with the use of rain.

Leader/Murderer?; the master of thunder, leader of the Klustas Trios, and the murderer who killed Mrs. Haruno. Unknown for his/her appearance, but is known for killing innocent people with use of thunder.


Akeeba Ronakasbi; the leader of the emotionless children, as he takes away their emotions, helping them to become strong... or is he? He so happens to be more demonic like Naruto when he crossed over the Kyuubi's chakra. He gave a red feather to Sakura, to help her get rid of her emotions; though he's planning on something within one week. What could it possibly be?

Ibate Kurasaki; Akeeba's young apprentice and right hand man, he shows nor has any emotions, and has an ability of making living things and non-living things come to life; though it's mostly involve plants. He's the strongest of his group, and he performs some jutsu his sensei taught him. Plus, he finds Sakura a very rare and valuable female, as he chose her as his mate; though he has to deal with Sasuke so he won't interfere. (So far, he's one of my favorite characters.)

Dujobe Abagushi; the oldest member of the group, no emotions, though isn't much like the group as he's a halfa; part man, part beast. As he's been attacked by wild animals constantly; he's one of the strong members of the group; and so far, he's a close friend of Ibate.

Kilala Luka; the oldest female member, with no emotions, but is indeed blind. Even without her sight, she can predict the future, and know the pressure point of the body and chakra. She even has Uki as her eyes.

Myazo Zukato; the oldest twin with no emotions, unlike his identical brother, he comprehend against heat, with his ability of ice.

Fuzca Zukato; the youngest twin with no emotions, unlike his identical brother, he shows some inhabitant of his arachnids, like Shino with his beetles.

Uki Moroku; the youngest of the group, no emotions, as she has an ability of her dolls, and by dolls, I mean voodoo dolls, controlling anyone against his/her will. She's very close to Kilala, as she's there to be her eyes, due to her blindness.

That's all you need to know.

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Time is differnt for each generation in Konoha still passing in the same rythem but so different. The child of Sasuke and Sakura is a beautiful girl with a burden to bare with Neji and Tentens only son. Orochimaru no longer wants Sasuke but his baby girl
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Emotionless reviews
You all thought that Sasuke left the village and join the Sound; but he's not... Sakura is, but not joining the Sound. Read this if you wish to find out. Saku/Sasu, Saku/Naru, or Saku/Iba Kyro . Review please & thnk u!
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Desire reviews
-"Ever thought of anything you want, anything you wish, anything you desire?" Even when Sakura captured that Uchiha demon/human in a cage, he still have power over her. Because of her feelings towards him, she not sure whether to let him die/let him go.
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Get You Back reviews
Sakura lost her memories after she was kidnapped and her mother was murdered. Naruto and his friends try to restore her memories but she was taking away from the village by her aunt. Tsunade and the other Jounins are solving a mystery of the crime. CH 18
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Heart of the Cherry Blossom reviews
Sakura is not just an average girl, there's something that no one, not even her teammates knows about her past. It's much more dangerous than you can ever imagine... but the questions lies, will her teammates find out or will it be too late? Sakura x ?
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