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Author has written 6 stories for Kingdom Hearts, and Naruto.

Hello, I'm Ami!! Hi!

Hello, and hi! I'm Ami and I only read and write things that are Kingdom Hearts and Naruto, if you don't like either of those then you should try them, because this fangirl sayz they rule! And if you're already tryed them and hate them then I'll attach you with my Keyblade, BlackIsDark!

Why Kingdom Hearts?- Why Kingdom Hearts? Because it's the best game EVER! It rules and stuff that rules, rules, got it memerized? Heehee, had to type that! X3

Why Naruto?- Easy, because it's the best anime ever! It rox on so many levels! So.. YAYNESS!

I mostly spend my time reading all the funny storys on Kingdom Hearts and Naruto... If it's not Funny, I'm not reading it! You see, I am missing a funny bone, so I try so very hard to laugh at things.. And your storyz help poor little Ami.. They make me happy and warm inside.. with laugher! So thank you! And you, and you! So very much, and don't forget, I'm very weird!

Because I'm bored...

Name: Ami!!! (Prounced like the English Amy)

Age: 14

Fav Drink: Dr. Pepper and Big Red are tied.

Fav color: Black(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Crimson, dark pruple and dark blue.

Best friendz at school: Mae, Lilly, Myself, nah', kidding, lol.

Random Lines:
Got it memorized?-Axel
Hi stupid funny!!-Travis(Meh' crush)

Fav pairingz: SakuraLee, SasoriDeidara(weird I know), RoxasNamine, NarutoHinata, -Sigh- SoraKairi SOMETIMES!, ShikaTemari, Zemyx, SasoriAmi!! X3

Least fav pairingz: RikuSora, RikuKairi, AxelRoxas, SoraNamine, KairiNamine, KairiRoxas, SasukeItachi, SasukeNaruto, SasukeSakura, InoSakura(Sakura and anyone for that matter), ItachiKisame, GaaraTemari(WTH?!), CloudLeon, CloudSephiroth, OCXAnyone!! Anything gay! Well not Zemyx or SasoDei! Weee!

Yaoi, Yuri?: Heck no.

Video games: Kingdom Hearts 2!!! I've never beaten the first one.. Harvest Moon, Pokemon, Dual Hearts, Dragon quest VIII, (Sometimez) The Sims Bustin' Out.

Anime: Naruto, Death Note, InuYasha, anyother anime you can think of save Avatar, Bleach and anyother boring anime.

Anime that I won't complain to change the channel: Pokemon(I sing the theme songz!), InuYasha.. That's all I can think of..

Fav Weapons: Sharingan, Tayana's flute, Keyblades.

Fav clothes: Cloud's clothes (FF7AC)! Tifa's(FF7AC), Riku's (Kh2, in the cloak and nomal!), Sora's (KH2), Kairi's (School uniform), Yuffie's (FF7AC), Zexion's (Yeah, it's smexy!), InuYasha's mom! Sakura's (Part Two), Akatsuki, Neji's (Part two, Mmm, Smexy!)

Fav Characterz: Wee! Long! Okay, Sasori no Danna(!!) Shikamru, Neji, Hinata, Haku, Gaara, Kiba, Kimimaro, Deidara,(Mostly all of the Akatsuki) Zexion, Demyx, Roxas, Riku, Cloud, Leon, Sephiroth, Tifa, Yuffie, Kadaj, Luhh! Can't think of anymore...

Least fav Characters: SAKURA!!!!(Hate that person, she killed Sasori! T-T), CHIYO!!!(What kind of Grandmother kills her own Grandson!?), Sasuke(I dunno why, I just dun like him.), Orochimaru(Freaky snake), Mostly all Disney characters(I ish a hater, su! X3).

Fav. movie: FF7AC, scary movie 4, Luhh tummy ache!

Music: I'm a bass player, so I wanna be in a band(Notice my name), but other then that...
Shut Me Up
Kill the Rock
The Emo Kid Song
(Anything wiff a really good bass line)

(Mostly all Classical Songs) I ish a classical girl, su! (Voilen lover)


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I'm a Nobody! My name ish Amxi, hi! I'm number.. uh.. what wash my number again?

Random person: I dunno baby, but you better tell me.

Amxi: O_\ / Die weird person!

Oh yeah. So I'm a Nobody and I have not one heart. I ish sad, su.. T-T

Personality: I ish a weirdo, su! I'm a total music lover though! X3 Yay. I LOVE Classical music. My favorite violin.. but.. I also love to rock'n'roll!! Woot! Okay, I'm done.

Weapon: I use music, su. I can make enemies deaf so they can't hear anything and they go crazy. Or! I can make them hear nothing but the annoying sound of a horrablily tuned voilin! X3 Then they go really crazy. Heh. I ish evil, su.

Age: 14 going on 15.

Gender: Female, thank you. X3

Looks like: I have short black hair wiff dark crimson strikes goin' though 'em. My eyes are very dark crimson (almost black, my favorite color!) and huge! I'm a little curvy, but I ish too short for it.. Heh. I ish only 5"5', so I dun get much of a curve, su. Back to me! My hair ish staight and goes to my neck, like the base of it! Ish layered and the front ish longer then the back! So my "bangs" go all the way to my collor bone!! I have a chocker too! Ish a chain and it has a Nobody symble attached to it. I can use the symble in combat! X3 By taking it off and play wonderifly on the guitar, using it ash a pick, and make my enemies fall asleep!

Favorite Weapon: Dun get me wrong, I love everything that makes music(Not so much Choir, I dun care for singing), but my favorite weapon ish my flute, su! X3 I can summon things wiff it and make illions! X3 And!! I can make the enemy go crazy! Like me! Yay! X3

Title: The Sound of Music.

Craziness level: 3,958,329,843,746 out of 398, you do the math.


I just noticed no one really knows what I look like.. So here you go!

What I look like: I have black hair, yay! Ish long, acording to me. It's all the way past my back, so ish like on my back.. O_o Anyway, my eyes are black (My favorite color, yay!) and my skin ish tan. My finger nails are black because I painted them like that. Oh, and I have long nails.. But not my left hand. Because I'm a bassest, so I need that hand to make music and I have to have it short nailed. So I look kinda like a weirdo. Most of the time I'm wearing black so people call me emo. My friends at school are goth (make sense?) so I just wear black, besides, ish my favote color! X3

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