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Hey! I'm a girl who likes to write!

Name: Blacknbluesiren

Location: the US, in one of the many big cities :D

Hair: brown

Eyes: gray/blue

Age: No longer a minor, but not allowed to drink :P

Passions: WRITING. Seriously. If there is paper or a computer with a blank word document in front of me, I MUST FILL IT UP. Journals, essays, poetry, short prose, long prose, you name it, I will write it. Novels are my loves. I write many of them, and even have one published. If you're curious about it, feel free to contact me. I also love READING, traveling, learning new languages, foreign food, the color blue, white tigers, dragons, faeries, vampires, manga, some anime, St. John's Newfoundland ( --my home, even though I don't live there anymore weeps)

Other stuff: My family moves a lot. As a result (and because I am the oldest child in my family), I am close to my siblings. As a result, I enjoy writing about families. This is not ALL I write about, but it plays a pretty significant part.

Manga/Anime I like: Naruto


Gundam Wing

Sailor Moon ( --how can you not? They're so cute!!)

Tarot Cafe


Fullmetal Alchemist

Gunslinger Girls

Vampire Knights

There are more, I just can't think of them right now :P

My Fanfics: I write in cyclic obsessions. I actually created this account so I could write fan-based stuff as a way to beat writer's block. Hopefully, I will be able to return to my original fiction soon--I miss it :( So, yes, my updates may be slightly random, but I will probably never actually leave a story incomplete forever. I can't not finish something I've started.

As a writer of original fiction, I like OC's. You will see many of them in my stories. I like to read fiction with OC's too. I even don't mind Mary Sues, SO LONG AS said MS is well-written. As in, no uber-powers, no unbelievable history/family/whatever. The point of an OC, I think, is to make the fanfic characters even more real, even more human. By putting a bit of yourself into the story, do you not make the other characters a little more tangible to you? I think so .

Right now my kick is Naruto, so expect a lot on that thread.


Tempo of Love (complete)--I was fond of this little oneshot, which I wrote in a notebook in the car over the summer. I love Kankuro to pieces, and I think that he and Gaara have a pretty interesting relationship. I noticed in the manga/anime that even while Gaara was in perpetual tantrum mode, Kankuro still seemed to keep a level of division between Gaara as a person and Gaara as a Shukaku-controlled killing machine. Temari, while probably indeed the more understanding of the two older sandsibs, seemed overwhelmingly terrified of Shukaku when he appeared post-Chuunin exam, and I think that fear kind of clouded her perception of Gaara vs. Shukaku for a while. Anyway, enough on that. It's a cute story. Go read.

This Thing called Family (incomplete)--My current baby. I was watching Naruto one day, and there was a part of conversation between Shino and Kiba, and suddenly I thought "you know, Kiba would make a great dad. No, not dad. Uncle. Shino would make a good dad too, but to a girl, not a boy..." and it kind of took off from there. This series is FULL of OC's, but they're the cute, little kind. I'm planning on doing a few of each child/set of children, and tie it up...somehow. I'm kicking around the idea of actually doing a multi-chaptered fic involving my little brood, but that remains to be seen.

For the sake of my reviewers (I love you all. Hugs and cookies to all of you. I will be haunting your pages very soon), I am putting in a brief cast list of TTCF, so everyone knows which OC belongs to which Naruto-person.

Subaku Cain, Sonya, and Jax--children of Temari, Kankuro, and Gaara, respectively.

Aburame Teulah--niece/cousin/? somehow related to Shino (but NOT his daughter). She came to live with him after her parents died.

Inuzuka Tory--Kiba's nephew (i.e. Hana's son). He went to live with Kiba after Hana dies (sorry! hides from enraged Hana fans)

Nara Shikabi--Shikamaru's little girl. We don't really know who her mother is.

Akimichi Nora and Chouzi--the tag-team of terror, son and daughter of Chouji and Ino

Hyuuga Hiro--Hinata's son.

Hyuuga Nariko--Neji's daughter (yes, the letters in their first names match their parents. I actually didn't realize that till later. Oops).

Still to come...

Rock Kento--Son of Rock Lee and Sakura Haruno. You'll see...

Iori--Tenten's son. It is implied he has his mother's gift of being scary with sharp, pointy objects.

Anyway, that's that list for now. I hope everyone enjoys the fics!!!


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This Thing Called Family reviews
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