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I know... I've been gone for like, what? Forever? Yep, sounds about right. I will be back... Just not for a while.

One day you'll come to me and ask me what's more important: You or my life.
I'll say my life and you'll walk away never knowing that...

You are my life.


My name is Shelby, but call me Shel.

I love school, and I'm a geek

Ever heard of the Geek in Pink?

That's me.

I'm not popular

But I have the greatest friends ever

I'm not going to try to sum myself up

In a couple words.

But I'm not going to annoy you

With a big long essay on myself.

Just know that you'll either

Hate me


Love me.



Name Shelby, but I like being called Shel

Nicknames Boo, Boo-Boo, Slebby, Delby, Slubby, Pudding (don't ask), Shelly, Shelbs, etc.

Pet Peeves Hold on, this may take a while… Just keep in mind that some people call me a little obsessive compulsive, but I just can’t see why… (Cough Cough)

-Guys tucking their shirts in their underwear. (i.e.: Mr. Leff and Dad -.- )

-People who don’t care for personal hygiene. Seriously, shower ever now and then!!

-Eraser marks on my paper. (I think I received this one from Mom)

-Stripes that are going diagonally down. (I have to search for ties with stripes going diagonally up for my dad, and it takes FOREVER…but I just like the stripes going up)

-That little paperclip dude that appears when you open up word documents. He needs to go die, seriously.

-People who use slang/computer language/valley girl talk every other word. Example: “lol, like you’re sooo funny! I was like OMG and she was like lol, and I was like NO WAY LOL!” I want to smack them so hard that they fall over and say to them “LOL, you’re twitching on the floor, no way!” (Ha! Just like Miroku after Sango hits him!!)

-People who allow their underwear to show. I’m sorry girls, I’m straight, and I am NOT interested in seeing your thongs. Now guys on the other hand…well as long as they are not titty-whities and you’re cute, then carry on, I don’t mind at all. No, but seriously people, it’s not that hard to get a belt.

-People cursing 27/7. It gets old after a while.

-People not being themselves. (Although I must say that I’m usually one of these people)

-The signs saying “Students with married parents do better in school.” My parents are divorced (well…let’s not get into that) and I get grades higher then some of the students with married families. I don’t think it’s a fair stereotype, and I feel really strongly that they should take those signs down. I don’t care if it’s what the “statistics” say and what everyone else believes. Sure they are promoting marriage, and I’m all for that, but it hurts. I work really hard, as do the other students. I don’t think that it’s right to put up something that is almost irrelevant. Yes, your family has an impact on how well you do in life, but it’s also you. You’re the one who hinders or allows your own success, not whether or not your parents are married. (Sorry, I just had to put my opinion out there.)

-People emphasizing too much on ethnic backgrounds and calling people racist. To me it just seems that the more you talk about it, the more you are promoting racism. So aren’t you kind of going against all you are trying to eliminate? I’m not sure, but to me it doesn’t make sense.

-People taking religion WAY too far. I’m sorry, but trying to have the Easter Bunny banned isn’t going to solve dittily-squat! How would the Jewish people if we took away their draddles? Oooo, what now? I don’t care what they say, if Santa is going to be considered illegal, then I’m dressing up in a Santa suit. Can you imagine, being arrested for wanting to practice part of your religion that is completely harmless? Once again, people take things WAY too far. Santa and the Easter Bunny forever!

-People going "'re like an old married couple." Geesh! Who started that saying anyway?!

-People complaining about their age. Look, you're not old until you're like 100, then people respect you enough not to call you old. Oh, and age is also a point of view and your frame of mind. If you think you're old, then you're going to act like it. It's that simple.

-RED LIGHTS!! Oh my gosh, when there is no one else ANYWHERE near you, you shouldn't have to wait forever to get through the light! And even when there are other people, lights should not be over 10 minutes long.

-Missing socks are so annoying. What is there like a washer/dryer monster that eats them?

-I'm sorry people, but with all of the channels they have out now, there should be something on TV. It's so annoying when there is nothing good on. I mean seriously, a couple hundred channels and there's nothing good on, makes sense, right?

-You go out to the store and buy like 50 million pencils and pens, but they are NEVER arround when you need them. It's so annoying.

-People who are just visiting the house and they act like it's theirs. Seriously, if they are only staying for a little bit, why do they need to bring in a freaking sewing machine?! Grrr...

-Summer work. Dare I say anymore? But seriously, we work so hard during the school year, we deserve a break during the summer!

…ok, so there are a lot more, but I’m too lazy to put them on now. I’ll add on later.

Favorite InuYasha Couples

KagInu-Only because I will not allow him to go with that clay pot!...and I think an OC being coupled with a main character is stupid, so I'm not going to make one up.

MirSan- Seriously, they are engaged and everything! Sango doesn’t like any other man and Miroku always has a special place in his heart for Sango. They are so cute and funny together, I love it!

ShipAyu-Yes that’s right, Shippo and Ayumi. I read it once in a fic and just loved it. Yes it was a side couple (of course the whole story was KagInu, I’ll only read that…well, usually), but it was extremely well done and I love it. Now I probably will pair them up differently in some stories, but over all I just adore them together.

SessKir- I think I might be the first to like this couple. Yes it is Sesshomaru and Kirara. I just think that Kirara in a human form would look so cute by Fluffy! Imagine…a cat and a dog demon together, I just think it’s amusing.

Kik/FieryDepths- Incase you haven’t noticed Fiery Depths means Hell, I just don’t like cursing, so I put it that way. Anyway, this has to be my favorite pair. I mean it’s not that I don’t like Kikyou, in fact she is crucial to the story, but she tried to drag InuYasha down to the fiery depths with her (again, I know how corny it sounds, but I really don’t like to curse), and no one, let me repeat, NO ONE is going to mess with InuYasha like that. Get it? Got it? Good.

Past Songs Stuck in My Head (Song Band)

-Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo ToyBox
Sugar Rush A-Teens
Used To Chris Daughtry
Porcelain Heart Barlow Girl
-7 Things Miley Cyrus
-Llama Llama Duck I'm not sure...
Die Madonna

Llama Llama Duck

Here's a llama
There's a llama
And another little llama
Fuzzy llama
Funny llama
Llama llama

Llama llama
Llama llama
Llama llama

I was once a treehouse
I lived in a cake
But I never saw the way
The orange slayed the rake
I was only three years dead
But it told a tale
And now listen, little child
To the safety rail

Did you ever see a llama
Kiss a llama
On the llama
Llama's llama
Tastes of llama
Llama llama

Half a llama
Twice the llama
Not a llama
Llama in a car
Alarm a llama

Is THIS how it's told now?
Is it all so old?
Is it made of lemon juice?
Now my song is getting thin
I've run out of luck
Time for me to retire now
And become a duck


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