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Author has written 5 stories for Naruto, Teen Titans, and Bleach.

First off, thank you all for your wonderful reviews. :D They make my day... Which is either really sweet or really pathetic depending on how you look at it... Let's go with sweet, shall we?

Well, here's the basics of me...

1. My name is not Vivian Verbose. (hint: THAT'S AN OBVIOUS PEN NAME) But you can call me K.

2. Yes. I am a girl. And I admit that I am a romantic trapped in a realist's body. It's quite the painful, debilitating disease actually, so I'd appreciate sympathy.

3. I went to a high school in a state in a country. Now I'm a college student who has put all of her unfinished fanfics on hiatus. Sorry folks... Real life took over my free time.

4. I love reading. But no classics please. Just mostly modern books where I don't have to translate Ye Olde English.

5. I love writing. It's my way of getting rid of all my extra, pent-up emotions from school and just life in general.

6. I despise bad grammar with an undying passion.

7. Contrary to the stereotype for anime-addicted teen girls, I despise yaoi. And yuri. Even more than I despise bad grammar.

8. I am taking Japanese at school (well, was until I hit college). (Was) Currently in my 4th year. So when I write tidbits of Japanese in my FanFics, I know what I'm doing.

9. I'm really busy, so I don't get to update much. Kinda sucks. School gets in the way. Haha... (Yeah, this part never changed. xD)

10. I jump around a lot in my writing (but not WHILE I'm writing... That'd be messy). I can't stick to writing one fanfic for TOO long or else I get bored and my writing gets stale.

11. Random: I'm Korean. I play the flute in marching and concert band and I'm currently the drummajor. I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Husky Howler. I want to major in English or Creative Writing (and I am majoring in English as a college student :D). I enjoy cosplaying for Anime Expo in Los Angeles. I don't get plot bunnies. I get plot GOBLINS. They haunt and annoy and bug me until I finally sit down and write them out. The little suckers...

Thanks everyone once again for all of the support!!


I am a firm supporter of KyonHaruhi, NaruHina, SasuSaku, IchiRuki, IshiHime, NatsuxLucy, HiruMamo (Eyeshield 21), BBRae and KFJinx from TT, Tokka, EdWin (FMA), and ClairexChane (Baccano).


- Reading The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi light novel series

- Beta-ing for Doctor Kaminari


Always and Forever - a NaruHina fanfiction

Persuasion - a SasuSaku fanfiction

Forsaken in the Darkness - a TT, KFJinx fanfiction

In Progress (On Indefinite Hiatus):

Trapped in Reality - a SasuSaku fanfiction

Swallowed Up in Death - a GinRan and IchiRuki fanfiction

Pending (aka Wishful Thinking):

Reborn - a IchiRuki fanfiction (possibly the sequel to Swallowed Up in Death)

One cold night, Ichigo makes a mistake that he will regret for the rest of his life. He fails to protect Rukia, and she dies in his arms. Tormented and forlorn, Ichigo trudges through life for the next year, numb to even his friends' helping gestures and his forsaken shinigami duties. Then one rainy night, exactly a year after Rukia's death, an emergency at his family's clinic requires his assistance in a birth. With her dying breath, the mother pleads with Ichigo to watch over her baby and passes on into death, but unable to fully relinquish her love for her newborn, the mother's spirit haunts the Kurosaki household.

Isshin hands the baby girl to Ichigo, who upon physical contact is startled to discover a small pulse of reiatsu - and the baby's piercing, violet eyes are hauntingly familiar.

More out of a hesitant hope than duty, Ichigo dons his shinigami uniform to perform konsou on the mother's soul. During the soul burial, Ichigo asks the woman what she wishes to name her child. Smiling as she disappears, the spirit names her newborn "Rukia".

Even more confused than before and desperately pushing his hopes to the bottom of his heart, Ichigo takes "Rukia" to Urahara Kisuke in an attempt to shed light on this bizarre coincidence.

Urahara reluctantly tells Ichigo of the procedures used to maintain balance between the Living World and Soul Society. Souls are recycled, and even shinigami souls are no exception. The baby that Ichigo holds in his arms is most likely the Rukia he once knew.

And Urahara knows how to get the old Rukia back. But Ichigo will once more have to go against The Gotei 13, as well as the secret 0 Division who protects the Shinigami King because only the King has the knowledge on how to restore souls.

But Urahara predicts that to maintain balance, the procedure will most likely take the life of the baby that Ichigo has sworn to protect.

Can Ichigo bring himself to take this girl's life to renew Rukia's?


Project Delta - an original manga written by me and drawn by my friend, Jennifer

16 year-old Hangetsu Tatsuya thinks he has it all in life. Captain of his high school's Karate Club as only a 2nd year; good enough grades to put him around the top of his class; and almost enough courage to ask out the girl of his dreams. And the strange dreams that haunt him every so often - the chemicals and claws and pain? He thinks nothing of them - they are just dreams after all.

But what if his entire life has been a lie?

What begins as an ordinary day for Tatsuya quickly transforms into a nightmarish episode that shatters everything that he ever thought he knew. Armed soldiers storm his classroom, rounding up adults and students alike. Tatsuya soon learns that his entire town - including his mother and father at home - has been taken captive by this strange force. With the entire town empty, the soldiers drive Tatsuya and his townspeople through a small doorway in the town's "haunted house".

Suddenly, Tatsuya finds himself and thousands of strangers in a giant room with hundreds of soldiers herding the masses towards two doors. The majority go left, and a select few enter the right. Tatsuya watches as forces beyond his control separate him and his family and friends. With his own eyes, the high school student watches as his loved ones are murdered before his very eyes.

Left alone with only his despair and shock to keep him company, Tatsuya finds more soldiers herding him and a small group of others into an armored van. A van without wheels. Upon voicing his confusion at this hovering car, the other passengers fill him in.

Tatsuya has not been living in twenty-first century Nara, Japan as a normal student. For his entire 16 years, he has been a living experiment for The Corporation - a massive industrial company that has taken over the globe. And he has been an experiment for The Corporation in more ways than one.

The year is now 2156, and The Corporation's control of the world is almost absolute. Just a few pockets of hopeless rebellion remain against the industrial giant, and then the world will belong to its president, Sir Alexander deBarre. It is rumored that to easily defeat the rebellion, The Corporation performed human experiments to create a genetically manipulated Perfect Soldier, but ultimately failed.

Still frozen in shock, Tatsuya is forced into another high school - a "Surrogate School for the Gifted and Needy", if the sign is to be believed but, surprisingly ordinary despite its futuristic enhancements. The students, however, prove to be extremely strange.

Disoriented and confused, Tatsuya struggles through a crowded hallway, only to see a familiar face ducking through the crowd in front of him. It's Yukiko, his crush from his previous life as an experiment. Suddenly bursting with hope, Tatsuya fights through the crowd and grabs her arm - only to find a different girl staring up at him. Instantly embarrassed and disappointed, Tatsuya apologizes. The girl introduces herself as Shiraki Haruka, an experiment from The Corporation's trial advertising campaigns, and happens to be in Tatsuya's class.

Upon the couple's arrival in classroom 2-C, Toriki Junyo introduces himself by identifying Tatsuya as the most eligible bachelor in the room, and proceeds to try and kiss him. After an awkward beginning, Tatsuya learns that Junyo has grown up in an environmental experiment on gay couples and has been raised by gay men. Which presents a gigantic problem for Junyo as he spots Natsumi, a beautiful girl with long, wavy golden-red hair... that has an social experiment-induced liking for geeky guys and completely snubs him.

When classes in 2-C finally begins the teacher, the lazy Aoshiba Hideaki, begins by informing the students that everyone they had ever known from their own experimental worlds has been eliminated. Aoshiba, with sorrowful confidence, explains that all who entered the doors to the left were instantly annihilated by The Corporation. No exceptions.

Aoshiba allows a moment of silence before announcing to the students that they were saved because they each possess an experimental "Henshin" - a transformation given by scientists in The Corporation and initiated by injecting a series of chemicals into the body. These high school students - Tatsuya included - have become The Corporation's Perfect Soldiers - and not as human beings but as genetically-altered animals.

And the training begins now.

With a dead past and a future filled with struggles, Tatsuya will have to overcome the murderous students from class 2-F, a budding relationship with the mysterious Haruka and a hesitant friendship with the confused Junyo, as well as a secret that Aoshiba and the school's administrators seems to be hiding from the students. Not is all as it seems at Shio Gakuen.


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“Where will you be when you defeat him?” She didn’t mention the alternative. In her heart, she always knew that he would win. SasuSaku OneShot
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