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I'm a twenty year old swede who sometimes get the urge to write. However I rarely do it which I think is rather sad. I whould write more since I both love and hate it. I love it because it's creating whatever you want. There simply are no limits. And I hate it because most of the time I get stuck on a word or a sentence when I should just keep on writing. It never gets as good as I want it to be. Most of my stories will probably be about Pokémon since it's a universe that has so many questions left unanswered and with huge possibilities. That, and I already have a character that I want to evolve. The current version of A Grey Life was written almost six years ago and it contains many things that are just awful so I am currently working on rewriting them. I will keep the more important events but many will have to go, I think. Well it's not like anyone will notice so I can do whatever I want.

Even though I am swedish and someone said that we are famous for being good at english, errors will appear. I promise you that so if you find any, please ell me so that I can correct them.

Okay I just browsed for a good Pokemon story with a more mature take on the Pokémon universe. No, I don't mean sex in any way. I'm talking about being realistic. Pokémon are monsters in the flesh. Look at some of them. They sure don't look anywhere near cute and cuddly. They look more like they would tear you in half and eat your guts if they got the chance. And they send ten year old kids out to live in the wild with these monsters? No, I don't think so. Not in my book. And I will write one, I can promise you that. it will not in any way contain characters from the anime since I think there are way too many stories about Ash, Misty and that lot. I will give you a real Pokémon universe in the best way I can. If there is something that you've been wondering, please mail me and I'll try to come up with a reasonable explanation to your question and put it in my story.

It's time to let the world know what really would happen if Ash or some other stupid trainer came in contact with a Nidoking, Gyarados, Ursaring, Primape or another dangerous Pokémon. I would not end pretty.

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