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Fanfic Updates

HIATUS... for a very long time. But I would like to at least finish A Raven's Tale some day...


Mini-Bio: I won't give you my name, because that's not important (coughit'sonmydeviantartaccountcoughcough). I am a junior music theory/composition major in college, so I don't have much free time, but it's all good. Writing is my second love (first is music). I love to read as well as write, and I write a fair amount of poetry when I get the inspiration. I'm very much prone to writer's block, unfortunately, which is why I will sometimes go months without updating. I'm somewhat of a grammar nazi, so I might become a beta at some point when I have more time. So... here's some other random stuff if you care to know...

Current Favorite Fandoms: Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Ouran High School Host Club, The World Ends With You, Mushishi, Harry Potter (somewhat), anything by Studio Ghibli, Axis Powers Hetalia, Gankutsuou, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Current Favorite Novel: Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov -- this has a lot of mature themes, just to warn those who haven't heard of it, but it's very well-written and the plot is intriguing if not slightly disturbing. Plus Humbert Humbert's sarcastic comments throughout give the book a humorous edge.

Current Favorite Poem: "Litany" by Billy Collins -- I think it requires a strange sense of humor to appreciate this one. :) However, my favorite poet is definitely Percy Bysshe Shelley. I love anything by him. :D

Favorite Pairings: Fire Emblem: NaesalaxLeanne, GeoffreyxElincia, EliwoodxNinian, PentxLouise, KentxLyn, HectorxLyn, HectorxFlorina, MatthewxLeila. Final Fantasy: BalthierxFran, CecilxRose, TidusxYuna, BaralaixPaine, GippalxRikku. Fruits Basket: YukixMachi. Death Note: Lightxhis giant fat ego (because he only loves himself. Not L. Not Misa. Just himself.). Ouran High School Host Club: TamakixHaruhi, KyouyaxHaruhi, TwinsxHaruhi. Pokemon: SilverxKotone, NxWhite APH: AustriaxHungary, PrussiaxHungary (I'm so conflicted between which of these two I like better...)

Inspiration: Sometimes reading other people's fanfics tunes me in to aspects of a character I never noticed before. Also, I listen to a lot of music (because I'm a music major. Hurrrr.), and each story has kind of its own "theme song" that helps me write. As for life inspiration, I really admire Tim Gunn. If more people were like him, the world would be a happier place.


Other Random Stuff:

I was bored one day and decided which Organization XIII characters were my favorites (REVISED to include Xion). So here they are, from 1 to 13 (there's a tie):

1. Axel, for his all-around awesomeness, and Demyx, for the fact that he's my twin! I can't decide which one I love more...
2. Marluxia -- flowers.
3. Zexion -- nerdiness.
4. Saix -- badassery. He has grown on me because he keeps calling Xion "it." Thank you, Saix. Thank you.
5. Vexen -- creepery.
6. Xigbar -- voice.
7. Xemnas -- Mansex. Tee hee.
8. Xaldin -- sideburns.
9. Luxord -- Britishness.
10. Roxas -- he's starting to annoy me a little, but I still like him tons better than Sora...
11. Larxene -- eh.
12. Lexeaus -- he's never alive long enough for me to develop any attachment to him.

My life motto: Never rush a good thing. This could explain why I've become such a procrastinator, or why I take forever to do just about ANYTHING.

Current Stories: (Listed in the order they were first posted)

High School Mayhem: (Kingdom Hearts, Humor/General) Roxas' misadventures at his new school: Destiny Islands Preparatory High School. Mostly involving chemistry class disasters because Axel is a pyro. Typical KH pairings like SoKai and RoxNami, with RiKai and MarlyNami flirting. So out of ideas for this one... sorry, I probably won't be updating it for a while...

Organization XIII Host Club: (Kingdom Hearts, Parody/Humor) Like the title says. Axel watches an episode of Ouran High School Host Club and decides to make his own host club. Its members are: Axel as Tamaki, Zexion as Kyouya, Roxas as Haruhi, Xaldin as Mori, Demyx as Hunny, and Marluxia as whoever cuz there's no good twins in the Organization... I know, I wish I could have put the twins in there but by this point it would be weird to add anymore members. Also starring Namine as Renge, Luxord, Xigbar, and Lexaeus as the Zuka Club, Vexen as Nekozawa, and Fuu as that girl who likes tea cups whose name I can't think of right now... more to follow, possibly Riku as Bossa Nova/Kasanoda/Cassanova. I guess the only pairings I have out of this so far are TidusxSelphie, a little bit of one-sided NamixMarly, FuuxSeifer, and HaynerxOlette UPDATE: writers' block and not sure how to end the Wonderland story arc...

Meanwhile, Back In Archades: (Final Fantasy XII, Action/Adventure/Humor) Takes place after the end of the game. Basch writes a letter to Penelo telling of how Larsa is stressed out with the role of being emperor. Vaan, being the idiot he is, decides to send Larsa and Basch on vacation to give them a break. This, of course, means that Vaan and Penelo are in charge of Archades. Chaos ensues. no pairings. sorry. COMPLETE!

After A Little Drink...: (Fire Emblem, Humor/Romance) Mokona the tactician and Matthew the spy force Eliwood and Hector to hit the booze to soften them up and reveal their deepest secrets: who do they like? A oneshot with a surprise question posed at the end by the little tactician. ElixNin and HecxLyn.

In the Light of Luna and Fireflies: (Fire Emblem, Romance) My extremely cute version of when Eliwood confesses his love to Ninian. I changed the setting and some of the words (cuz I didn't have the support conversation in front of me...) Basically, the result of reading too many cheesy romance stories that you still read anyway because they make you go, "Aww!" and feel all bubbly inside! Obviously it's ElixNin, and it's a oneshot.

Clipped Wings: (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Action/Adventure/Romance) The story of a heron laguz named Lucrezia who finds herself on the run from Daein soldiers, creepy Begnion nobles, and angry merchants. Oh, and she's also trying to stay away from a certain perverted crow king. But this little heron has more to her than meets the eye. OCxReyson, implied NaesalaxLeanne. COMPLETE!!
UPDATE: Lucrezia reference picture:

Two Weeks: (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, Romance/Humor) Naesala gets bored, so he decides to go to Gallia to visit Reyson and flirt with Leanne for two weeks. Two. Long. Weeks. In other words, mass chaos ensues. :D NaesalaxLeanne. I had way too much fun writing this so read it cuz you'll like it. Caineghis, Lethe, Lyre, Ranulf, Mordecai, Giffca, Tibarn, Ulki, Janaff, Skrimir and Nealuchi also appear. Officially over 100 reviews! You guys rock! :D 100 reviews means that if you haven't read it yet, you either hate this pairing or you're a lazy bum. COMPLETE!!

May I Have This Dance?: (Fire Emblem, Humor/Romance) Every year in Lycia there is a ball held for all of the nobles of the various provinces. This year it's being held in Pherae. Just how bad of a dancer is Hector, and will Ninian ever be able to fit in among the noble ladies of Lycia? ElixNin, HecxLyn, oneshot, PURE FLUFF!!

No Air for Bella: (Twilight, Angst/Romance) Songfic based off of "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. Like the first time I heard this song I instantly thought of New Moon. So this is summarizing all of Bella's depression during New Moon, since she couldn't breathe from her sorrow. Yeah this is probably the most emo fic I've ever written... But I think it turned out all right.

Fourteen More Days: (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, Humor/Romance) The sequel to Two Weeks. In which Naesala must come up with a plan to propose to Leanne while dodging her overprotective brother and snooping caretakers. NaesalaxLeanne and introducing the craziest crack pairing ever: ReysonxVika. That's right. You thought the first one was insane... Haha! This also has passed 100 reviews. COMPLETE!!

A Raven's Tale: (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn, General) The story of Naesala, because he's my favorite and deserves more love. It begins when he was younger, long before the Serenes Massacre, and it will most likely go through until after the events of Radiant Dawn. So it will be very long... Some backstory may be changed because I don't remember much from the games. And because I can. 99 percent chance that it will end up being NaesalaxLeanne.

Memoirs of the Stolen Fayth: (Final Fantasy X, Humor) Yojimbo rants about his life, afterlife, and eternal rest. It was inspired by the fact that I outsmarted him during the course of the game. Yojimbo may be somewhat OOC, but not horribly. I also put in a little description of the different kinds of unsent so that I could make fun of some other characters (Seymour, Belgemine, Auron, and Mika). Spoiler alert. Oneshot.

A Man and His Moon: (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Humor/Romance) CRACKFIC. I don't know what originally prompted me to do this. I'm pairing Xemnas and Kingdom Hearts. Yes, the moon-thing in The World That Never Was. I mean, all Xemnas ever really does is speak random nonsense and stand at the top of his castle, staring at Kingdom Hearts. This is going to be relatively short, probably 2 or 3 chapters. UPDATE: it might be a while before I finish... but I will eventually finish this.

Unposted Works in Progress (stuff in bold is more likely to be posted sooner):

Go Go Palarangers!: (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Humor/Action/Adventure) Elincia sets up a group of Crimea's top fighters to put down uprisings and fight off bandits... but Geoffrey never thought that the group would be made up of the most incompetent members of the Crimean Army. Kieran was bad enough, but Makalov? It's supposed to be like Power Rangers I guess lol.

Knights of Crimea (tenative title): (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Action/Adventure) My deep obsession with the band Muse is forcing me to do this. It will chronicle the events of Radiant Dawn from the perspective of Geoffrey and his small band of knights, relating them to the lyrics of "Knights of Cydonia." It might end up becoming a oneshot because the two chapters I've written for this so far are really short. Wow, yet another unposted story about Geoffrey... I really need to post one of these soon...

City of Delusion: (Kingdom Hearts, Action/Adventure) .:sigh:. Yes, it's another Muse song-based idea, this time to the lyrics of "City of Delusion." Said "city" is the World That Never Was, which Xemnas wishes to make into a utopian society of Nobodies (shut up yes I'm stretching it a little...). Well, this doesn't fly with Axel. It's kinda the story of Axel with a more dystopian-novel twist to it. Because I freaking love dystopian novels. Yeah, I just hatched this idea, and I'm not quite sure where I'm going with it yet, so it might be a while before I start posting it.

(Currently Untitled): (Pokemon, Action/Adventure/Comedy) I had this dream that was like an epic Pokemon movie, so I might turn it into a fanfic. Suicune notices that the earth's balance is beginning to shift, so it seeks out the Ancestor of Pokemon, Mew, to help. However, Mew thinks that since a human is causing the problem, they should find a human to help them fix it. Mew picks out a reluctant ex-trainer who really just wants to finish college. Together, this mismatched group has to somehow save the world from whatever evil is plaguing it (yeah, I haven't figured out what the main problem is...).

Into the Cave and Out of Your Shell (tenative title cuz it's cheesy and too long...): (Pokemon, Romance/Humor) Silver has finally made the change of heart and wants to find a way to be able to care for his Pokemon. He also is desperately searching for the dragon master so he can have a rematch. However, his "rematch" ends up going much differently than he had planned... Based on the double battle with Lance and Clair in the Dragon's Den. SilverxLyra, LancexLyra-ish mutual admiration stuff, Clairxher ego. It was originally just going to be a oneshot, but it's getting too long, so it might just be a little 2-3 chapter deal.

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