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Author has written 12 stories for Mario, Fire Emblem, Naruto, Hunger Games, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Announcement: My fanfic, True Potential, actually has a TV Tropes page!! Thanks so much to Scistorm for bothering to make it! I am so very, very appreciative! :) If anybody wishes to, you can go check it out (or even edit it :P ). I just wanted to say something about it. Thank you so very much again Scistorm!

Second Announcement: True Potential also has FAN ART designed by the amazing InkSpot823. Please feel free to check it out on DeviantArt! Also check out her other work as well while there. :)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my profile! :) I don't know why you chose to stumble upon my profile, but I welcome you to it. I hope you don't get bored by what you see here!

To give some incredibly basic information about myself

Name: Ryan (you can call me that, or DryBonesKing. I don't mind either!)

Age: 24

Gender: Male (he/his pronouns)

Occupation: Cashier/Server at Thunder Falls Terrace in Universal Studios Orlando. Currently trying to find a place in life, at the moment.

Location: Hmm... I work at Universal Orlando. I wonder where that means I live. :P (Central Florida!)

On the topic of fanfiction, I've been on this website now for eleven years. I've grown a lot since I started back when I was thirteen as a person and as a writer. I used to be an incredibly shitty writer when I first started here (and believe me; there's a major reason why the work I published in 2007 is no longer on the website... yes, it was that bad). I really have become attached to this website and all the different stories you can find here. I have this weird feeling I'll be here for even longer, writing stories for whatever for almost all of my life, even if I do actually get original books published. I don't think I'll mind though! :)

List of my favorite shit (for anyone who cares) :P

Favorite Anime/Manga: Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Death Note, Attack on Titan, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, Chrno Crusade, Yu-Gi-Oh

Favorite Video Games: Super Mario franchise, Legend of Zelda franchise, Pokémon franchise, Fire Emblem franchise, Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney franchise, Halo franchise (up to Halo Reach), "Tales of" Franchise, Bioshock franchise, Undertale, League of Legends, Danganronpa

Favorite Television Shows: Game of Thrones, Dollhouse, Avatar: Last Airbender, Avatar: Legend of Korra, Steven Universe, most cartoons on Cartoon Network in the late 90s/early 2000s, Survivor, Amazing Race

Favorite Books: Native Son (Richard Wright), Lord of the Flies (William Golding), Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), Harry Potter (J.K Rowling), Lord of the Rings (J.R.R Tolkien), A Song of Ice and Fire (George R.R. Martin), Ender's Game (Orson Scott Card)

More Naruto stuff (since it is probably the biggest fandom and the one I currently write the most for :P )

Favorite Characters (in no particular order): Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, Haku, Gaara, Kushina, Minato, Jiraiya, Itachi, Deidara, Anko, Killer Bee, Rock Lee, Utakata, Han, Fū, Yugito, Han, Rōshi, Yagura

Favorite Pairings: NaruHina (OTP! OTP! OTP!), MinaKushi, ShikaTema, LeeTen, ShinoFū, ZabuAnko, NaruHaku (male Haku)

I... Might have more things to post here. I don't know. I'll see later!

Progress Stuff - I thought it would not be a bad idea to post something about my progress on my work! I'll try and keep this updated periodically, so hopefully, this can be a decent metric on things!

True Potential - 30% done with Chapter Seventy-three. Progress is actually happening finally! Fucking hell did i have a busy September, but thankfully I have some more free time right now! Hopefully will be ready soon!!

For Love and Glory - I intend on working on this, in particular, very soon! I have a direction for this story and feel sorta embarrassed that I haven't written anything at all for it since I posted it. Fingers crossed I'll be able to get something out before the beginning of Summer! Once I am able to get chapter two finished, I should be on a much more consistent updating schedule with the fanfic!

Another Solution - Temporary hiatus, sadly. :( I feel bad to put it out like that, but I simply am unable to focus on the fanfic until I can get True Potential finished. I promise that I will get to it eventually - maybe even before True Potential is done - but I'm going to need a lot more time before I can consider that. I'm sorry. :(

Mysterious Original Content - For anyone EXTRA curious about my own original stories that I've talked about in a few authors' notes, I am making progress! I have two books that I am working on - one titled A Magic Long Lost and another called A Unicorn's Worth (unofficial title for the second book; might change later). Both projects are going well. I intend on having the first draft of ONE of the books done by the end of 2018, but keep your fingers crossed on that! The journey gets much harder after the first draft is done! Then comes editing... and a second draft... and then all the other things I'll need to look into for publication purposes... fantastic...


Well,if you made it this far, maybe you actually are interested in my opinions? So... would you like to read some rants? I'll update this periodically with rants about various fandom information. Most will probably be about Naruto, but they could extend to other topics. Some could be about fanfiction trends and others could be about the actual source material. I don't know; we'll see what I have to say!

Rant 1: "Kishimoto, you did make nine jinchūriki, right? Nine!! Where are the other six!?" (Rant about the role of the Jinchūriki in canon material/most fanfiction)

I figured I would start off my rants with a topic that I am pretty passionate about. If you actually looked at my favorite characters list, you all probably noticed that all nine jinchūriki are in the list. That's no coincidence. I love the idea of the jinchūriki as characters so much. They were probably the topic I was focused on the most when the fandom was young in 2006/2007.For a long time, we only knew Naruto and Gaara. There were seven characters we knew nothing about. I had so many OC's created for the other jinchūriki and hypothesized what villages they came from. what abilities they had, what they were like, and what their role would be in the story. And while Kishimoto did create seven great characters that I was incredibly interested in once their character art came out (much better than OC's I came up with)... he completely disappointed me with the story he had for them... or should I say, lack thereof.

I do get it; he needs to build up and develop Akatsuki, who barely had a role in the first series, so he has to have the other jinchūriki get captured so they get closer to their goal. And he can't do the same thing he did with Gaara and save all of them so none of them really die. I completely understand that the others had to get captured and die to progress the story. What's infuriating, though, is the sheer lack of use of them. The first new jinchūriki introduced in Shippuden was Yugito, who got basically no development in her few pages before getting captured... and she's one of the ones who got the most development! Seriously; Kishimoto didn't give a chance for Yagura, Rōshi, Han, Utakata, and Fū. Thank God he learned his lesson and allowed Killer Bee to actually get developed (and developed well, might I add), but it really bothers me that the others didn't get a chance to get developed.

The jinchūriki are characters that all have a connection to each other. The similarities between Naruto and Gaara were hammered in hard and was one of my favorite things about the first Naruto series. I was really interested in seeing how all of these nine characters would be in comparison to each other, but Kishimoto ended up doing nothing with them at all. They all were literally just blank slates with no character until they got brought back in the Fourth Shinobi World War, and even then, they really didn't get developed too much.

It feels like such a waste of good characters. As said earlier, all jinchūriki have a general connection to each other just based on the lives they had to have lived and having a connection due to their bijū. There is so much potential for great character interaction in there. And even not taking the interaction into consideration, they are all just cool character concepts. Yagura is the fucking Yondaime Mizukage who was responsible for the 'Bloody Mist'. And then you have characters like Han and Utakata, who have unique fighting styles that would be a joy to read about. Why didn't he even try?

The thing that irritates me is just simply because the handling of the jinchūriki is something the anime did better! I wasn't asking for much, I don't think. I was actually very content with the Utakata filler arc in Shippuden and the Suna Chūnin Exam that gave some characterization for Fū. Honestly, it was just nice to see them have brief interaction with other jinchūriki and show off their personalities and how they thought and acted to a degree! That was all I really thought was needed. And Kishimoto didn't even bother... he just wasted the characters.

Some of the fanfics on this site aren't much better, however. I happen to notice that most jinchūriki aren't featured in a lot of stories other than Naruto and Gaara. Sometimes, Fū and Yugito get featured, but that's usually to get paired up with Naruto. The others aren't really featured at all. I can count the number of fanfics I've read that truly feature Han and Rōshi on one hand! And some fanfics actually don't really use Killer Bee much is for as big of a character he is in the latter half of the series (although that maybe because of his 'speaking habits'... of that'll be fun to write later!). I think it's making the same mistakes that Kishimoto made; having access to great characters and not using them.

I am actually pretty passionate about this; I love the jinchūriki and their designs and what little we actually did get to see of them (even if it was incredibly little). I plan on using them all to extensive details in all of my Naruto fanfiction. And, honestly, I hope to see them all used more often. If this rant accomplished anything... I hope you decide to use them in your fanfics. Introduce Fū and Utakata! Write scenes with Han and Yagura. Give Yugito and Rōshi a chance! ... Oh yeah. And Naruto and Gaara and Killer Bee. They're kinda important too. :)

Rant 2: "Look, I get it; you hate Danzō. We all hate Danzō! That doesn't automatically make him eat babies or some shit!" (rant on character bashing)

It's safe to say that everyone is at least familiar with the concet of character bashing in fanfics. It's a very common trope seen in fanfics and an easy way to identify who an author's favorite and least favorite characters are! It's not exclusive to just any fandom too; I've seen plenty of Sasuke/Sakura/Kakashi bashing fanfics in Naruto, Yamcha/Chi-Chi bashing fics in Dragon Ball, Klavier Gavin bashing fics in Ace Attorney, etc. Hell, there's even a TV tropes page dedicated this titled "Ron the Death Eater", named after a general trend of fanfics that bash Ron to the point of character assassination.

Now, two things to discuss really quick before I really get started with this. One - I don't think all bashing is inherently bad. Sometimes, character bashing can actually be sorta funny if it's presented in certain way! I also think it's just sorta natural for some authors to use it, especially if they are beginning authors. I know I did in my very first fanfic (which has long been deleted here). And Two - When I am discussing 'bashing' in this rant, I am referring to bashing specific characters - not a 'group' of characters. I'm not referring to general "All Konoha shinobi"/"All Straw Hat Pirate Crew"/"All of Ash's former travel companions" bashing fanfics. I've noticed trends with those that make them a bit unique and I won't address them here - that's maybe the topic of another rant, later on! But anyway. With those two points out of the way...

So. Bashing. It can actually be used in funny ways at times and it can also just be a necessary development for beginning writers. Having said that, I do think fanfics are naturally stronger when there is no bashing, period. When an author engages in continuous bashing of a character, it can actually cause a major impact on the story that can cause the plot to no longer make sense.

For my example, I am going to use Danzō, as I have name-dropped him already. Danzō, from Naruto, is arguably one of the few characters that I think actually has a universal hatebase for. Characters like Sasuke and Kakashi and Sakura/Hinata all have their die-hard fans and haters, but Danzō is a special case - seemingly uniting the fanbase in a collective ball of anger. He's the root of so many various problems that occur in Naruto, from causing Nagato's downward spiral into becoming Pain, to playing an active role in developing Kabuto as a villain, to directly encouraging Itachi to kill his own clan, to straight-up interfering with a message to Naruto to get back to Konoha during pain's invasion, which could have prevented damage/potential deaths. And that's not even going into his organization, ROOT, itself and all of its general horridness. Danzō is a grade-A scumbag and deserves all the hate he gets from me and other fans.

Now, the interesting thing about Danzō is that he has clear motives behind all of his actions. He genuinely believes he is acting in the best interest of Konoha and is willing to do whatever it takes for those goals. He's the person who will act against the threats that he feels Hiruzen/Tsunade will not. He's willing to do anything so long as the ends end up helping Konoha, in his mind. That makes him increidbly fascinating! And... also makes some of his actions in fanfics a bit confusing.

I have seen plenty of fanfics where Danzō's 'well-intentioned extremist' characteristics are removed. No longer is he a person who is acting in Konoha's best interest - he is simply a man who just wants power and nothing else. In these fanfics, he's a lot less subtle with his plans and his demeanor and just seemingly acts 'for the evulz'. He lets himself get openly angry and hostile when confronted. I've even seen examples of these stories where Danzō actively plots to destroy Konoha, almost seemingly out of revenge for not being chosen to become Hokage.

Again, I want to re-iterate. I HATE Danzō. But writing him in this fashion does the fanfic no good, as it just doesn't make any sense at all. Danzō is not stupid and 'evil just because he's evil' and reading him acting in such ways gives almost a cognitive dissonance. It's not what the man would do in character, which causes the fanfic to not feel realistic. Which obviously, that's okay in some cases. I already said that, sometimes, bashing can be useful for humor purposes. And realism is clearly thrown out the window in some types of AU fanfiction. But quite often, at least from my perspective, reading a character like Danzō act in a way that makes no sense can hurt the story progression and plot and make the overall story just not feel like the source material at all.

It's not exclusive to Danzō - he's just seemingly the most acceptable choice for bashing. I've already listed plenty of examples. My whole point, though, is that the concepts I've mentioned when talking about Danzō apply to all characters. And I just wanted to address it because I feel like character bashing can occassionally make an amazing strong, unique story come across as 'weaker' than it actually is.

As a quick comment - if you hate a character in the source material, use that to your advantage! You hate them? Give them character development and help them grow in a reaslitic way! Not interested in that? Totally fine; just acknowledge the motives behind their behavior and keep writing them consistently! Just always be aware, though, to make sure you write them the way they actually are and not the way you personally feel like they are. Once you are able to accomplish that - to write a character you hate in the most natural way that they are in the source material, free from your own personal bias - your story and writing in general will be a hundred times stronger! I can assure you of that. :)

That's all for now. I'm sure to post more. I hope you all gained something from looking at my profile. Have a great day! :)

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