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Author has written 9 stories for D N Angel, Card Captor Sakura, Negima! Magister Negi Magi/魔法先生ネギま!, Ginban Kaleidoscope, and Gakuen Alice.

--RETIRED. xD.. not gonna write fanfics anymore.. coz of no more time. xD..busy college life.XD

I started publishing my fanfics when i was 14 y.o., Meru chan AKA. Krizzie invited me to write and publish my own stories here... My first ever fanfic that I wrote but not yet published here is about the anime; INUYASHA.

My first favorite anime is Card Captor Sakura. And of course the pairing is SYAORANxSAKURA!! Haha... xD

My most favorrite anime to write fanfics is Gakuen Alice AKA. Alice Academy. WIH!! MIKANxNATSUME 4EVER!! >_

There are actually 2 favorite anime I love at the moment.. and that is.. LOVELY COMPLEX(risaXotani) and SPECIAL A(hikariXkei)!

I started writing my own stories and oc's since I was a kid... An innocent charming little and still little kid T_T. Awts.. haha... HEY! I grew at least some inches!! @_@ There... Let's continue... I started writing stories like short comics and short stories which had plots that a child could think about. HAHA.. :D


- Card Captor Sakura (SxS and ExT..sometimes... SxE @_@)

- Gakuen Alice (MxN 4ever! and slight HxR... and for my fav. yaoi partner: NxP; P for Persona!)

- Princess Tutu (AhiruXFakir)

- D N Angel (RikuXDaisuke, SatoshiXRiza)

- Fruits Basket (TohruXYuki)

- Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (LuciaXKaito)

- Mahou Sensei Negima (NegimaXAsuna)

- Naruto (NarutoXHinata, slight NarutoXSasuke)

- Ouran High School Host Club (TamakiXHaruhi)

- Paradise Kiss (GeorgeXYukari)

- Karin (MaakaXUsui)

- Ranma (RanmaXAkane)

- School Rumble (TenmaXKarasuma if ever there is... @_@)

- Tsubasa Chronicle (SxS)

- Ultra Maniac

- Wallflower (SunakoXKyohei)

- Zodiac P.I.

Impossible dreams...

i wish i could fly

i wish i could speak all the languages in the world

i wish i could have all the money in th world

i wish i could meet mikan and natsume in person!!

i wish i could see my angel (like dark in d.n. angel!! nyahahaha)

i wish i could reach the sky

i wish i could have magic powers

i wish i would be able to grow taller than 'meru-chan' (hahahaha... XD hm... what will happen to me if meru-chan sees this.. hahah... LOL!!)

i wish i could fly... (i know i already said this... but i really wish for it.. cuz... when i was a kid I really dream of dreams of being able to fly up in the sky. and it was something i almost put in my letter to santa claus when i was a kid, still not knowing that he isn't real at that time. T-T

Let me share to all of you a poem I made! - (inspired by Koizora Movie)

How can I forget?

The sunshine above my head.

The clouds that move freely.

Why is that I feel like,

The past keeps on going back?

I know that I must forget you,

But why can't I stay away.

From the smile that you shared with me

That I thought could have stayed.

Days keep passing by

That seems so slow and goes to a rewind.

Endless glimpse of yesterdays...

Can't move forward towards the future.

I'm scared and full of fear

Of the hope that keeps on hunting me.

Is it you I should blame,

Or is it really just me?

A new day shall soon rise

Yet will I ever forget

The heart that only beats for you,

And might even stop when I'll be without you.

Non-stop glances beyond the sky

Where the universe starts to shine.

And finds a star to make a wish,

To go back to where our worlds collide.

I'd love to have review; suggestions or comments. so... a good day to all.. hope you will all like my creations or what we call our masterpiece. bwahaha...:D I do accept constructive criticisms but please go EASY on me... I am just a beginner yah know! hehe...

Fan fictions:

Plan Date Disaster (from Tomoyo's Date Plan) - Complete - CCS inspired from my fight with my best friend...-.-

Just Like Daisuke- Complete - Poem - D N Angel

Change of Heart - (removed... =.=)

Negi, A Teenager?! - Complete -Mahou Sensei Negima

A Birthday Wish - Complete - Ginban Kaleidoscope

Switch I - in progress - Gakuen Alice

My Painful Grief - Complete - Gakuen Alice

Studying with Natsume(ONE-SHOT) - Complete - Gakuen Alice

When we First Met (Concealed Memories - the past title of the fic) (TWO-SHOT) - Complete - CCS

Music leads to love (SONG-FIC/ONE-SHOT) - Complete - CCS

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Mikan INSIDE Natsume - Natsume INSIDE Mikan! What did Hotaru do this time! ...This an accident Mikan and Natsume was caught into. In Hotaru's TRIAL MACHINE named SWITCH! MxN FOREVER!
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Li’s stil havin some doubts about Sakura’s flngs 4 him and w/ a song that was played n sung, all shall change in2 da realization of true love.Swit lyk STRAWBERRY! Song: You Got It All – MYMP/Britney Spears-SxS!1-SHOT Sakura wil do evrytng 2 prove Li wrong
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Li and Eriol r back from England n Hongkong. Now, they are 16 years old. Tomoyo's going to remember something abt her past w/ some when they were kids, that deals w/ Eriol being Clow Reed b4. Will it be the start of the gang's love life!ExT n SxS!2SHOT
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Ruka's heartbroken... poem
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MATURE TEEN and a VERY OOC FIC! Negi drank Evangeline’s potion and then changed in2 a tinager.What will he and Asuna do about dis transformation? Or will der feelings blum biger n biger? NegiXAsuna NOTE:DON'T complain abt da OOCness, you've been warned!
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From TOMOYO'S PLANNED DATE to PLAN DATE DISASTER. ExT and SxS.Tomoyo had a plan 4 Sakura n Li 4 1 whole day, but some disastrous things must first be passed by Sakura n Tomoyo. What wil happend to Sakura n Tomoyo? Wil their filings 4 som1 bring sadnes?
Card Captor Sakura - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 7,162 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 10/19/2007 - Published: 8/22/2007 - Sakura K., Syaoran L. - Complete
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this poem visualizes Daisuke at the the when he lost hope or called to be broken hearted... aww... .
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