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UPDATE (11/22/02):
Haven't worked on any of my writing in months due to a combination of a particularly nasty case of writer's block and school. Teachers tend to pile on the work right before winter break so I'm stuck up to my neck in essays, tests and such. With the end of field hockey season however, I should be getting some time (at last) to sit down and write.

I'm a high school girl living in the fabulous (but often dirty) city of New York.

While I read many many different categories of fanfiction (Saint Tail, Alias, Fushigi Yuugi, Digimon, Cardcaptors, Final Fantasy etc), I currently only write for Digimon. I love Season I and 2 the best, but Tamers are starting to grow on me. The one thing that's always intrigued me the most is the Dark Ocean. I hate how Fox made it a one-shot deal. I feel like there's so much more that could have been done with it. I'm working on/thinking about working on a Dark Ocean fic; if you know a good Dark Ocean fic writer, tell me!

I'm a sucker for romances. I'm an ardernt takari and ryuki lover, by no means do I hate Dai; he cracks me up, but Takari is one of those meant-to-be kind of things. I like most couples; I have come across some good yaoi and yuri, so they don't particularly bother me although I don't write it. I like most couples, but I make an exception for yamakeru and taikari because I'm strongly against incest (its gross, not to mention illegal).

Pet project of the moment: kin no ito -translated as "Threads of Gold" My new pet project is a series of ficlets, which are supposed to stand on their own as separate works. They’re not going to be in chronological order; in fact, they might not even occur on the same timeline (alternate futures or something like that). Instead of having a story line with a plot, they’ll be vignettes revealing different sides to the characters and their relationships with each other, more like sketches of the characters than anything else.

Well, I'm always open to comments, suggestions, critques (critiques do NOT include flames) about my work (btw, READ AND REVIEW PLEASE). I respond to all IMs and emails so feel free to contact me.

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kin no ito reviews
My new pet project: “Kin no ito” translates as “threads of gold”. It's planned to be a series of vignettes. The first one is "Rain", one about Takeru and Hikari. *UPDATED: "FIRE" ADDED* Read and review.
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*After the longest siesta EVER, PART 4 is UP! Warning to Republicans: minor Bush bashing* Kari has a new life and job...what happens when she sees someone who makes her wish nothing has ever changed from the DD days? Takari
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