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-listening to 'Strong and Strike' and dancing in seat-

Stories I am a DIEHARD fan of:

1. Redwall by Brian Jacques (He was a milkman who told stories to blind children, so his description is so vivid you could almost lick it off the page.)

2. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling (I'm not REALLY a nutter about this one, I've just memorized almost every single random fact. Like how many staircases there are at Hogwarts: 246.)

3. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer (science fiction at its very best. I WISH I could write such amazing stories, but I don't have the time or talent to do so. That's why I'm a fanfiction writer: I love characters I don't have to create. XD)

4. The Richard Jury novels by Martha Grimes (again, these people are beyond my talent. I would rate these books PG-13, but they are some of the BEST mystery novels I have ever read. Great characters, surprising plot twists, and villains you would never suspect!)

5. The Westing Game...forgetting author, will look it up. (Talk about confusing, intertwining, loopy-ness! This story is AWESOME! A murder or so you think, twelve completely unrelated suspects who are also heirs in a will, a bomber, a crazy delivery man who's got a gun, a Chinese Restaraunt on the fifth floor, and 200 MILLION at stake!!)

Mangas I am a DIEHARD fan of:

1. Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto (Hello - ninjas are awesome, these particular ninjas are hot, the story is great and I LOVE action, so this is totally the best manga ever!)

2. Bleach by Tite Kubo (awesome story, brilliant characters, and I LOVE the whole soul slayer concept! A brilliant brainchild!)

3. Fruits Basket or Furuba by Natsuki Takaya (One of the few Shojo manga I actually like. It's an AMAZING idea, having the Zodiac condensed into human form! I just hug myself every time I think of someone inventing that, it's so ORIGINAL! Kudos for Takaya!)

4. Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino (Hello - WAAAAAY better than Twilight. Sexy vampire prince in love with human, sexy vampire BFF who doesn't WANT to be a vampire and is in denial, whose fate hates his guts, but who keeps trying anyway because he's in love with a girl who will never love him back...sob I LOVE YOU, ZERO!!)

Best Characters:

1. Redwall: geez, there are too many choices. I'd probably end up going with Martin the Warrior, even though I don't like the way everyone worships him.

2. Harry Potter: Harry. DUH!! He's just wicked awesome, and in the 7th book...but I'm not supposed to say anything about that, am I?

3. Artemis Fowl: Minerva. She just reminds me too much of myself, which is actually really sad.

4. Richard Jury novels: you can't have a favorite character, they're all so good (although Melrose Plant is definitely up there.)

5. The Westing Game: I'd say my favorite is either Turtle or Angelina. I mean, both of them are just so different and yet so funny!

6. Naruto: SASUKE UCHIHA!!. lol who DOESN'T like him? I'm not a rabid fan, I just...think he's awesome to watch in battle. Surrounded by prodigies XD

7. Bleach: ISHIDA URYU!! I LOVE the way he pushes his glasses up his nose, reminds me of an inside joke. The LAST QUINCY!!

8. Fruits Basket: KYO SOHMA!! He's just so...Kyo. Orange hair and cat ears XD

9. Vampire Knight:ZERO KIRYUU!!Like my all-time favorite bishie!!

Pairings that are a MUST:

ZeroxYuki(will never happen, but LOVE ANYWAY)

Sasuke x Sakura (LOVE THEM!!)

Naruto x Hinata

Temari x Shikamaru x Ino (I personally lean towards ShikaTem, but that's me)

Gaara x Aya(OC)

Kiba x Megumi(OC)

Ichigo x Rukia

Ishida x Orohime (LOVE THEM!!)

Yuki x Tohru x Kyo

Haru x Rin

Hiro x Kisa

Kureno x Arisa

Shishou (forgetting his name) x Hanajima

Can't think of anything else I wanna say here...so...

bye! and don't forget to read!


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