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Hmm well it seems I find myself here again after 4 years of taking a break. THE 4-YEAR-WAIT CHAPTER WILL BE POSTED AS SOON AS MY BELOVED COPY-EDITOR HAS TIME TO READ AND EDIT IT.

6/16 Yeah...I know it isn't up...but I've been pretty swamped and I kind of had really bad writer's block...I promise that half of the next chapter is already written and I am working on the second half...but I am also in an intensive week and a half study session for my licensing exam...but expect something good to happen (although for how long it took me to write it, I find it a little anti-climactic) this next chapter...thanks to those who are bearing with me :)

3/24 - Expect to have next chapter done next month, I have not abandoned this story again! I am going to finish it! But this semester has been so crazy I cannot even begin to describe it, and I will finally be able to breathe next month. I also admit that I hit a bit of writer's block, and I wanted time to think some things through so that I would be happy with the plot.

I wrote a fic randomly, there's more about it in the humongous author's note in the first chapter - so check it out. :-)

7/12: So, this entire year has been crazy. And I had to get surgery last month, so that sucked. Seriously, I read the last chapter and I have completely forgotten about the minor details of the show. I think I'm going to try and continue with this, but if it seems different or takes a darker turn, it's probably that I've forgotten some things or have just randomly decided to go a different direction. I know, I'm sorry it's taken so long, but I mean, this year has been crazy. And I have NO idea what has happened in the show. It's kind of funny to get reviews that tell me this fic is one of the better ikarishipping fics, b/c when i wrote this there weren't any except for some by one other author! I'm not even going to check and see how many there are now. They're not going to influence my story.

12/18: it's been a while. I just finished my last exam today, so I'm probably going to go pass out now, lol, amazingly, I still have a lot to do this break but I hope to get working on this fic.

9/27: My fall break is in a week and a half (Oct 11 & 12). I'm going to write the next chapter then. Bear with me. :)

So, yes, I'm sorry. I know I should have updated. But I was really busy. I promise I'm going to finish this fic, but when is an entirely different issue. I would like to make it official that although this fic is based on the show's characters and such, it will not be based on the show. I received a review (thank you!) saying that there was an episode where Gary and Dawn met. This obviously came out after I wrote that chapter, lol, but I really don't watch the show anymore. I don't have TIME to watch TV! Maybe I turn on the news or something, but I'm seriously working my ass off here people. There's a priority for me, and that's to work hard in college so I can apply to med school. I really wish I had finished this fic already, but I can't go back and change that now. I was busy, I'm sure you all are too. Anyway, it would be better if you put my story on alert so that you'll know when I finish. I can't give an estimate, because that hasn't worked lately, but it is very possible this doesn't get finished until the end of the semester. We'll see. But in the short of it, the summer is over and I can't waste my time. Thank you to those who have read and reviewed this fic, I hope that you will enjoy the final chapters when the finally come out. If you want to send me a message, I'll be more than happy to respond. I'm not cutting you out, people lol, I may be too busy to write at the moment but I'm never too busy to have a conversation with you. :)

8/8: Well I'm back from Philly/NYC, but it's been really crazy. Tomorrow I start helping out with med. records at my dad's office, and I've been trying to get this summer reading done as well as touch up on my calculus skills for class in a couple of weeks. I will work on this fic sometime this week, and thank goodness I actually have my laptop to work on it. The next chapter is going to just bear with me.

8/1: Ok, well still in planning mode, but I'm pretty sure there will only be a few more chapters (and although it's highly unlikely, it would be four more max.) - but I'll probably bring closure to Drew/May next chapter (that'd be a good 10 chapter run for them), and then I'm thinking I'll probably bring Ash/Misty in one more time, but prob. not next chapter. Truly, I could have made this fic go so much longer but why go there? I don't have the time, and as a reader said, it'll lose its originality. I wanted to work on it last night, but I had to do this required 3 hour online course about alcohol (everybody has to do it or they don't get to register for spring classes!). I'm leaving for Philly/NYC tomorrow, but I'll still have access to my email. Actual writing won't be taking place since it won't be my computer, but I come back Monday (except my brother comes back from Japan on Monday as well). Anyway, I get my actual laptop Monday so that'll be good. Don't worry - this fic'll get finished. :)

7/30: Well, it seems none of the alerts went out, nor have any of my pm's. I've emailed, but I'm not really sure what to do. I'll try to email/message the alert list later.

Well pm's won't work, so I emailed all those that actually had an email address listed. I guess we'll just have to hope the starts working properly again?

10:30 - well it looks like I just got an alert so hopefully you all did too! Finally!

7/29: I will absolutely be updating today, I was up late and finished the chapter so I emailed it to my friend about 1:30 am lol. She'll be checking her email sometime today and copy-editing, so check back later:)

Ok, I updated, but I'm not sure if the alerts are working, b/c my copy hasn't come. If anyone can't see chapter 13, please tell me.

7/27: Okay, okay, I'm running out of excuses lol - but really, I've been busy - anyway I've finished Harry Potter (it was amazing!) and I seriously am going to work on the chapter today - that doesn't mean it's going to be updated today b/c my copy editor got her wisdom teeth pulled so she's not feeling the greatest - but I will go out on the limb and say that this chapter will be up before the end of the weekend. But come on, I mean, I have kittens lol. We got two instead of one :)

7/20: I'm finally back from orientation and the worst scheduling experience of my life and I didn't get the one course I absolutely wanted b/c there's only ONE lecture session and of course the management school got to register early over the biological sciences school wtf and yeah well now I get to petition and plead the professor to let me in anyway. So, almost certain that new kitten finally comes tomorrow:) - plan to work on the chapter in the next few days but I'm really wiped from this horrendous day

7/18: Okay, well I have orientation all of tomorrow and half of friday - so I don't know... I'm kind of getting worried b/c this fic is taking way longer than I thought it would and time is ticking down - but I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it - but I wouldn't dream of compromising the fic b/c of a time rush - I know where it's going to end and I don't think you guys are going to expect the ending (but let me restress that I like happy endings - well not really depressing endings, in other words - so please don't start thinking I'm going to kill someone off - b/c I'm not!) okay, I'm going to try and finish it up this weekend! I'm sorry!!

7/16: I'm halfway through the chapter, and hopefully I'll get a lot more done today. I couldn't find Kengo's english name, so I just went completely random (as usual) and brought in a different character!

7/13: See story update - it's not much though.

7/11: Okay, okay, I'm really updating today as long as my copy editor helps me out today. It might be around 10-12, but seeing as I'm close to being finished (well, I actually can't decide if I'm going to do another big scene) I should actually be updating haha. You're going to see Misty and Ash in this chapter. :)

Okay well if anyone's checking this I have finally finished the chapter and my friend's copying it right now yay

7/09: Unfortunately, I was a lot busier this weekend than I thought I would be. I was helping my parents get ready for China. I'll try to finish the chapter tonight, but it's possible it won't be ready til later, because I desperately need to clean my house. And on a side note, if I get another nasty little immature anonymous review then I'm going to disable anonymous reviews. Seriously, you should know what to expect from the story - and if you do hate it or whatever then you should be constructive and not plain rude. On a lighter note, half of the chapter is written and there'll probably be a Drew/May reunion chapter 12 - I wasn't sure if it would come that soon but I've decided that I will make it that soon. After chapter 12 I'm really going to decide how I want to conclude the story because I only have a month left.

7/03: Read story update

6/29: So, basically I'm going to update this thing, after seeing ahnykins's profile - so giving credit to her for the whole vamped up profile ideas. I have to leave soon though, so I might update this later too.

About me: Graduated college, now in another one for nursing. What can I say? I'm a lifelong learner.

My fic was one of the only ikarishipping fics out there when it posted, and don't compare it to the show. It's only based on the characters.

I'll make sure to restate this in the author's note, but other than that THANK YOU FOR ALL THE REVIEWS :) - please continue to keep reviewing though b/c I put a lot of time and effort into writing this fic and I really like feedback. The continued reviews inspired me to resume my story after a 4 year hiatus.

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