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Author has written 3 stories for Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z, and Naruto.

Name: Daniel
Age: 17

I guess that’s all you need to know about me in the non-virtual reality. I like many mangas and animes (especially Ouran High School Host Club, anything CLAMP related and Romeo x Juliet). And while I like Naruto a little bit, I hate most of the characters ¬¬, but I LOVE Hinata, I just like the character a lot.

I’m also a book-eater, leave me with a good book or story, and I can’t stop until I finish it, I like doing some writing and stuff, but when I don’t receive any feedback it just make me want to give up in a story. Hope you enjoy my stories. I know, not the best, But I try hard to write something with sense :)

Rowdyruff Boys Z’s bios (from the story I’m translating)

Masaru Ishida/Brick:

Favorite color: red.
Likes: videogames, music and play pranks on people.
Dislikes: Momoko, school and things that take too long.
Fear: to be left alone.

There’s not much to say about this one, he is the RRBZ leader, and likes to be treated like royalty. But he is quite insecure; because he has lost many friends (you’ll know why later) he doesn’t want to get involved with anyone, he likes listening to his "subjects'" problems, and try to solve them, and if he fails he feels very bad about it, he hates Momoko because she’s Blossom and she’s always over him, he sometimes stops scorning at the people and thinks of them as true friends, however he opens up slowly.

Makoto Shirai/Boomer

Favorite color: dark blue.
Likes: videogames, playing instruments and chatting
Dislikes: School, being alone and teachers.
Fear: To be used.

He’s my favorite one, he uses his fake innocence to get what he wants (play pranks on girls, make them give him their lunch, etc.), he’s cunning and intelligent, he has an overprotective mother, who wants to compensate the hours he was left alone in the house with unknown people, having the weirdest lessons (he’s good at everything, except tests, which he hates). He sees all the girls as scum, because he has never been on real contact with one. He believes anyone who can tolerate him for more than a week as his friend, and would do anything for them. He always uses girls and older people, but hates being used.

Kojiro Kamiya/Butch

Favorite color: dark green.
Likes: fighting, videogames and unconsciously Kaoru.
Dislikes: PPGZ, public humiliation and school.
Fear: to be defeated.

He’s not very complicated, Kojiro likes to fight and cause trouble to be respected without having to know people. He doesn’t give a damn about school. And just go because his parents make him. Underneath his tough personality he doesn’t trust anyone, he doesn’t want to be hurt, and so he doesn’t like to know new people. He doesn’t believe in friendship, that’s why he only thinks of Masaru and Makoto as his partners or companions, but is slowly opening up to them.

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