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Hmm... What to say...

Well... As much personal information as I'm gonna give: I'm British, Atheist (NOT agnostic), and I consider myself pretty open minded. I have often been told I'm rather intelligent... although why they think that...

I have been around this site for a while now, I may have reviewed you under the name "Bentau". Yeah, I've finally plucked up the courage to make an account and post some of my works.

I'm also rather lazy... Don't hold high hopes.

However, I am not the only creative one in my "social group". One of my friends has requested I post a few of his stories and send him the feedback.

I will, to the best of my ability, reply to all my reviews via PMs. often with thanks or something witty, maybe a question, or maybe a large verbal abuse if I see unjust prejudice or unbased flames. But justified, thought out and helpful reviews bring me great joy and a good confidence boost. I endeavour to return favours granted to me.


If the corner of my brain that handles these ideas rallies with the other corner of my brain that handles my hands, then I doubt there'll be much stopping me from it. But the connections are loose at best, and broken confidence does terrible things to my head. This may sound greedy, but IF I do put anything up, please review it. Give criticism where needed, encouragement where no criticism can be found, and hatemail/flames if 'tis truly terrible. Hells above, the simple three word "you r ghey" and "BRILL!!"!!"!!12111!!UPDAET SOONZ!!"!!"!"!!£!" work well enough.

Now, these ideas. They consist of a Warhammer 40k ficlette idea given to me by Slaashyish. It revolves around a Dark Eldar heamonculi(torture master) and an Imperial Inquisitor, meeting under as yet unforeseen circumstances, and general humour. Yay!

Wow... that's a lot of text I just deleted... Again... (x2)

Dear Lords I hate editing this thing. You have to delete about half a page of stuff and then say almost the same thing but in a different context.

I am now at a higher stage of my education, yet not my highest. With the British A-levels I'm doing comes two things: A lot more work, and a lot less homework. As such, I have unparalleled amounts of time for this site. I have little confidence, however.

Now with the summer holidays sprawled in front of me, I find myself almost bored stiff. I find myself running out of stories to read and gaining ideas to write.

I've also found my interests and fandoms branched out.

For instance, I've been introduced to a few animes, and found a few others. I may make a story on one of them. I may not.

Further, I realise it's been... what, two years?- since I last updated Crossing Wills. It's also been about that long since I've played Overlord or any LoZ game. And what with Overlord 2 out... Bah, I can jsut ignore that.

But still, my knowledge on the games has been reduced to a fine paste, crushed under the weight of two years intense gaming. I still want to pick it up, but I fear I'll not have enough knowledge on the worlds in question.

My brain also continues to think up the oddest crossovers and OCs. My fascination with science leads me to many cyborg type things, or artificial humans, and I often wonder how they'd work in more spiritual settings.

Anyway, Crossing Wills has earned me quite a few favourites on it's own, the latest of which reminding me jsut how much I enjoyed writing it. I hope to have something up soon enough, maybe in the next month.


Sorry for wastin' your time.

In blood,



In memory of a great composer: Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern schplenden schlitter crass cren bon fried digger dingle dangle dongle dungle burstein von- nacker thrasher apple banger horowitz ticolensic grander knotty spelltinkle grandlich grumblemeyer spelter wasser kurstlich himble eisenbahnwagen guten abend bitte ein nürnburger bratwürstel gespurten mitz weimache luber hundsfut gumeraber schönendanker kalbsfleisch mittleraucher von Hautkopft of Ulm

(I'm sorry if that offended any Germans, I don't actually know what it means.)

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Crossing Wills reviews
Hyrule was not the goddesses first creation. That honour belongs to a distant, little land known as Virterra. Trouble arises and the spirit of the Hero is rushed back into the world, with certain consequences. crossover:LoZxOverlord. Linkxyou decide
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A rag tag group of misfitting adventurers find a way to work togethor in a desperate attempt to keep the abyss, the hells, the heavens and the physical plane from collapsing on each other in a tale told by the oddest of the group, a confused young man. R&
Dungeons and Dragons - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,073 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 8/8/2007 - Published: 8/3/2007
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