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Hey everybody! Long time no see! Lol...ok so I have a few stories that I'm working on right a Jonas Brothers on for Check it out! It's called forgotten and the username is SuperJonasFan27. Anyways, I have major writer's block and can't think of anything for any of my stories! Yikes huh? Anywho I hope to post something up before I move to Korea if not after. Toodles!

I would like to thank Goobie Fan, Kilbur Robinson- MTR Addict, doodlegirll, and the Robinson Webstory for reviewing!! Thanks Ya'll!!

Okay so I rewrote Robinson's, Meet Jessica and I will re-post it soon. I didn't change much so it's still the same but I did improve it by fixing some things. Anyways, it's not any different than before. I will also rewrite the other stories but that won't take long. I'm also working on a new story! -YAY!- Yeah I know finally right? Well it turns out that I was super busy during the summer and so yeah. This year I am also busy but I have more time to actually write. Except this Saturday. I have a Chuck Norris party to go to. I can't wait for that.

About JessieMTRFan:

Name: Jessie
Location: 2037
Fave Books: THE BIBLE, Artemis Fowl series, The Left Behind: The Kids, Red Rock Mysteries, Christy Miller, Hoot, and many more
Fave Movies: Meet the Robinsons, Ratatoulle, Everyones Hero, Nancy Drew, Night at the Museum, Space Jam, etc...
Fave Bands: Jonas Brothers (Nick is totally cute!), Everlife, BarlowGirl, Switchfoot, KJ-52, Toby Mac, etc..
Fave TV Shows: Totally Spies, Smallville, Suite Life, Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, etc...

Fave Quotes:

"That is an exellent question." -Wilbur, Meet the Robinsons-

"Lollipops!" -Artemis Fowl-

"We...are...crazy..." -Me-

"Dude, why'd you have to kiddnap me? I mean kiddnapping? That is low, dude, low." -Jessica- (Somewhere in one of my stories you will find this line.)

"Nullum magnum ingeniun sine mixtura dementiae fuit." - A Latin Phrase (Translation: There has not been any great talent without and element of maddness.) Isn't that true!

"Rident stolidi verba Latina."- A Latin Phrase (Translation: Fools laugh at the Latin language.) Laugh at Latin then Jessica will attack you.

"Just for the record, I didn't do that." -Me-

"Wilbur Robinson never fails!" -Wilbur, Meet the Robinsons-

"Sweet Mama! Its the Jonas Brothers!" -Hannah Montana

"That is not one of the Jonas Brothers." -Me watching the part where my friend saw one of the Jonas brothers on HSM2

"We are assistacants doin some assistacatin." -Laura (JonasFan4Everyday)

"Around here, however, we don't look in the past very long. We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." -Walt Disney-

"It's a big...blueish-green man. I'm guessing that's signifficant." -Riley, National Treasure-

About Jessica:

Name: Jessica Anderson
Age: 14
Location: 2037
Appearance: Blonde curly hair, piercing blue eyes
Outfits: Blue Jeans, Light blue or Dark blue shirt, lab coat, blue Converse shoes, blue jeans skirt or plaid skirt, white, black, or dark blue tights, ankle boots, hair bows, choker w/bell, charm bracelet.
Hobbies: Inventing, Playing Guitar, Singing, Pranking Wilbur, Getting Wilbur out of trouble.

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